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10 Dream Of Running From Someone Meanings

You may be wondering what the dream meaning of being chased and escaping from someone is. First of all, you should know that these types of dreams are very common.

For your peace of mind, you should know that these dreams do not materialize in waking life. The most common is that they are reflecting some behavior in your life or are the reflection of emotions and feelings that you have not yet fully deciphered.

Remember that our subconscious mind uses the language of dreams in the dream world to show us aspects of our life that we do not know or that we do not want to recognize.

Pay attention and read carefully all the possible meanings in this article, to have a better understanding of the meaning of your dreams.

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10 Spiritual Meanings When Dream About Running From Someone

1. Avoid problems and responsibilities

One of the most common interpretations of this dream refers to the fact that you are avoiding or escaping from the responsibilities of your real life.

Such dreams show the lack of seriousness in your life and the little maturity with which you are acting lately. You likely need to grow and assume your responsibilities in your everyday life.

Stop running and face your insecurities and difficulties with maturity and integrity.

2. You feel insecure or stressed

If in your dreams you are escaping from someone and feeling overwhelmed, it is the representation that a certain personal situation is causing you anxieties and worries.

You don’t know how to deal with the problem or you feel overwhelmed by it and that’s why you run in your dreams. You must take a breath, and be aware of yourself, to be able to face the complicated situations of life.

Obstacles will always be present and avoiding stress is impossible, but what you can do is train yourself to act intelligently in the face of problems.

3. You’re having a closed mind

This is a warning for you dreamer! You are closing your mind to other possibilities. In life, we will hardly find people who always agree with us and we will hardly be right 100% of the time.

But some people have a hard time accepting other opinions, even if those opinions or suggestions are better than their own.

Many times pride does not allow us to recognize that others have a better criterion or a better solution to our problems. As a result, we close ourselves to all possibilities and solutions that have not come from us.

This only shows fear and insecurity. A person who is self-confident and has clear ideas will not be afraid to open up to new possibilities and explore new solutions. On the other hand, those who are short-minded and only have an idea of how to do things, feel insecure and cling to their idea as if it were the only one in the world.

Open your mind and accept the suggestions of those around you, since you will probably find better solutions the more you expand your horizons.

4. Not accepting yourself

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It may be that you have just moved or changed jobs and are going through the difficult process of adapting to another social group. In general, this is a process that for some can mean a problem since they do not easily get used to changes and as part of the process, they find it difficult to show themselves as they are towards other people.

That is why they hide their true personality or suppress parts of their behavior, as they deem it necessary to fit into the group as soon as possible.

If this is happening to you, it is because you have not yet formed a solid concept of yourself and have not become aware of who you are.

These types of people may be still in a process of discovering themselves and knowing who they are before the world.

5. You feel threatened

If in your dreams you are running away from someone you do not know, this indicates that in waking life you feel threatened by something. However, it is usually something that you are not clear about.

You may feel a sudden fear or anxiety from one moment to the next. Something in your life is causing you this stress and you don’t know what it is.

It is important that you make a pause in your life so that you can analyze in what circumstances you feel threatened and why. You are not taking enough time to process the events that affect you in life. You are only escaping from your fears but not being able to face them since you have not taken enough time to know what the root of the problem is.

If you are not able to know what is the origin of your fear or of what you feel threatened by, it will be impossible for you to know how to solve it in the near future.

6. Scared about specific traits in people

If you dream that a friend, relative, or acquaintance is chasing you, then you should pay close attention to the characteristics of the person who is chasing you in real life.

You must do this since these kinds of dreams are telling you that you do not like some particular feature of the person who persecutes you or you find it intolerable.

You probably don’t have to deal with that person in your daily life, but with that person’s character traits.

If, for example, you dreamed of your mother chasing you and she is a very controlling person, it is possible that you are feeling that someone in your daily life controls you. It could be your partner, your boss, or some authority figure in your life.

7. Ability to overcome any difficulty

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Dreaming that a monster or creature is your pursuer is a good sign and refers to the ability you have to overcome obstacles in life.

You are a person with great resources and a developed emotional maturity that allows you to see things from different perspectives and no matter how complicated the situation is, you do not despair.

It is a great indicator that you have what it takes to pursue dreams and goals. If you have these kinds of dreams, rejoice, because even if the road brings difficulties, you can always overcome them.

8. You want to change old habits

Dreaming that someone is chasing you is also related to our old habits and bad habits. It is the reflection of a strong need to change attitudes or behavior patterns.

If you have been avoiding dealing with toxic behaviors or finding it very difficult to change your ways, dreams of being persecuted are telling you that you need to take drastic measures to change your behavior.

If you don’t fight your bad habits, the chase dreams will continue to occur, because the subconscious will continue to warn you that something is wrong in your life.

Take these dreams as a loving warning and have the courage to take action on it.

9. Problems in your love relationships

Dreaming that a zombie or a monster from outer space is chasing you is one of the craziest nightmares there can be. When something that does not exist and is part of science fiction is chasing you, it is one of the clues to know that the love relationship you are thinking of starting will not have good results.

You may not be objectively seeing that person you are in love with and therefore you are idealizing her, without being able to see her flaws or how little you share in common.

Give yourself some time to get to know that person a little more before making any decisions. If it is true love, it would have been worth the wait.

10. Desire to grow

Many times we feel in dreams that something evil is chasing us and wants to harm us, but we cannot move or make any kind of sound.

These dreams refer to our desire to grow as people. We are aware that we need to grow in various aspects of our lives. It is possible that we feel physically weak or emotionally fragile and the need arises in us to become stronger shortly so as not to fall prey to our fears.

Although this dream is traumatic and the feeling is unpleasant, it announced the desire to grow and indicates that you are reaching maturity in your life and you are increasingly aware of who you are and what you need to be a better person.

Take it as a friendly reminder of what you have left to do and put all your effort into becoming a better version of yourself every day.


If you have dreamed of being chased and running away from someone, you should know that the language of dreams is diverse and every detail counts when interpreting dreams.

Some of these dreams can bring confusion and are the manifestation of unconscious fears, but they are not only loaded with negative connotations, but they can also be the reflection of an important evolution in your life.

Some dreams about being persecuted tell you that you are growing and maturing and that you will start a renaissance in your life. Despite the obstacles and difficulties, you will be successful and victorious over any problem that life presents to you.

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Monday 30th of January 2023

What does it mean when you have 2 intruders braking into your home form the front door? I had a nightmare where it started with one intruder breaking in from my from door while I was asleep. I knew his intestines and it was a form of harm I have experience. (Keep in mind, I could clearly see both figures but I didnt recognize them. Both unarmed. Light from outside from what I thought was a car but is the opposite of the driveway.) The man successful made his way down stairs and I'm able to get my partner awake to chase him out of the house to protects me. My sister and lover are making sure I'm okay and he is gone. The second intruder, female and more aggressive, not really knowing her intentions, tries to break in from the same way. I can clearly see her trying to break the glass door to get to me. I turn around for help and My family and lover disappear and i hear a door open from a room in the basement behind me. Im facing the open darkness of the basement door and I wake up. Can you help me understand this? Am I relying on my family to much for my problems? Am I avoiding problem and having my family fix it for me? Am I going to face problems in the future and It will have to be me to face it? Or am I hiding from the truth of myself? I'm just so confused because it scared me awake with a pounding heart. A little help will be very grateful.