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10 Dream of Clowns Meanings

It is not unusual to dream about clowns; they often appear in our dreams after watching a scary movie or maybe seeing a circus. However, the interpretation of clown dreams can be contradictory and ambiguous and mainly depends on the dreamer’s perception of clowns.

Some people associate clowns with a happy childhood and careless fun, while others may be terrified of them. In fact, it is common for children and adults to have a fear or phobia of clowns, known as coulrophobia.

Therefore, dreaming about clowns can be related to your negative experience or trauma. On the other hand, it can be a sign of optimism and cheerfulness, although dream experts claim that most clown dreams might denote something negative.

In addition, many movies or series portray clowns as evil killers, such as the ever-popular Pennywise from the horror/thriller “It.”

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Dream About Clowns

1. You Are Surrounded by Dishonest People

As we all know, a clown is a comic entertainer, jester, or trickster who wears costumes and exaggerated makeup. They often play tricks and put on a mask for the audience, which can be spiritually interpreted as deception, insincerity, and dishonesty.

If you had a dream about a clown, who made you feel uneasy and confused, that might be a warning; your subconscious mind is trying to alert you to this situation from your real life.

Maybe you recently became good friends with someone who is two-faced, but you are not aware of it. But, on the other hand, you could be surrounded by many insincere and deceitful people who do not have your best interest at heart.

Therefore, if you had this dream, think about your closest friends and whether you feel that one of them is deceiving or lying to you.

2. You Need Guidance

This dream has numerous scenarios, and it happens pretty often that people see someone in their dream wearing clown makeup or themselves. So what does this dream mean? It usually connects to your patience, confidence, and lack of guidance.

Dreams often reflect our experiences from real life, so clown makeup shows your true feeling about yourself and the direction in which your life is currently going. It can be interpreted as a bad sign that you are on the wrong path.

The issue might stem from your habits and your particular traits, but it can also be a consequence of numerous negative experiences and other doing. There is a reason why you have low self-esteem and value others’ opinions more than your own.

3. You Fear Embarrassment

For some people, being a clown and performing is seen as embarrassing, and many believe that the clown’s job is to make a fool out of himself. Adhering to this perception, your dream of clowns might signify your fear of losing the image or respect.

It might also mean that you fear embarrassment; if you had a dream about an evil clown laughing at you, that might be the correct interpretation.

Although it might sound foolish, many people have trouble getting over the embarrassment, which is usually connected with their poor self-image. So, how to deal with this problem? First, it is important that you are kind to yourself, take a deep breath, laugh it off and practice self-compassion.

4. You Are Pretending to Be Someone Else

As mentioned, clowns are often associated with deception and lies, and seeing a clown mask or an evil mask in a dream might be a sign that you are also wearing a ‘mask’ during your waking life. However, it does not have to mean that you purposely deceive people necessarily.

It might imply that you do not like the real you, so you put on this mask and pretend to be someone else because you do not like yourself or think that your social group might not accept you.

Living with this kind of secret can be tiring, and ignoring your true feelings is never a good idea. Your particular fear of being true to yourself or showing your true colors stems from bad experiences and low self-confidence.

10 Dream of Clowns Meanings2

5. You Will Overcome a Tough Situation

Although the majority of clown dreams can be interpreted negatively, some people dream about good clowns, and this dream is considered a good sign. It means that you will face a tough situation or challenge and manage to overcome it with a smile on your face.

For some, seeing clowns in their dreams represents a cheerful disposition, happiness, and joyfulness. Even though lately, you might have been feeling overwhelmed or tired, take this dream as a sign of optimism.

You probably like clowns and have happy memories; therefore, seeing it in the dream did not upset you but instead took you back to your happy childhood.

6. You Have Unresolved Anger

Dreaming about a clown who wants to kill you can provide plenty of information about your subconscious mind. Although many might interpret this dream as the dreamer’s phobia of clowns or a negative experience, it can have a dual meaning.

Some people hate clowns and having a killer clown chase you represent the dreamer’s aggression or need for a transgression. Instead, it speaks to some aspect or part of the dreamer’s life or personality.

Your unresolved anger stems from a series of negative experiences and unfortunate situations. The hatred you feel is consuming you and might cause you to do something irreparable.

7. You Are Hiding Your Seductive Power

If you are a woman and had a dream about a woman clown, that dream is related to your sexuality, inhibition, and libido. It is a sign that you are repressing your desires for different reasons. You might feel that they are unusual or might be perceived as odd.

On the other hand, you might fear what others will think of you and whether you will be labeled promiscuous. However, if you are a man and experience this dream of seeing a female clown, it represents a seemingly ridiculous appearance and tender person.

As stated, if your perception of clowns is negative, the dream will inhibit that sentiment. For example, you might fear a female clown or see it as weird and confusing.

8. You Had a Bad Experience

Having dreams about clowns fraught with negative feelings can be a consequence of your previous unpleasant experience with a clown at a circus or a birthday party.

A clown can be very unsettling and overwhelming for children-their disturbing makeup, ridiculous costume, and blank countenance. Their ambiguous role also contributes to their image- they might give you a balloon or squirt you with water.

Similarly, you might have a phobia, which is generally very hard to overcome. Therefore, you need to think about that experience and why clowns unsettle you.

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9. It’s a Sign of Fraud

Dreaming about clowns can be interpreted as a sign of potential business fraud, depending on the context. People often dream of seeing themselves as clowns and other people laughing at them.

You may have made new acquaintances and plans to start some projects with them. Our subconscious mind can detect various signs, gestures, and behavior.

You might have seen some of those, but you did not register that consciously. So this dream is a warning; although you may have good intentions, it may not be the case with the opposite side.

10. Something Lacks in Your Life

If you had a dream about a clown’s costume or saw a clown with incomplete makeup, it is an expression of a need from your waking life. It usually implies that you have unresolved problems and suppressed issues.

You may not have the right set of skills for life or your current job; in any case, you are not satisfied with your life’s direction. However, there is something that you feel is missing from your life, and if you could find it, it would make everything better.

Interestingly, many people get stuck looking for something that is the perfect solution for everything, and when they acquire it, it usually brings disappointment. Sometimes the things we want in life are not suitable for us, but we cannot see them.

We work towards a goal and later learn that there is always something to aspire to become and attain.


Dreaming about clowns is generally interpreted as a bad dream or a nightmare, primarily rooted in the negative portrayals of clowns found in pop culture. Therefore, most dreams about clowns are generally uncomfortable and unnerving.

Suppose you have a fear of clowns and generally dislike them. In that case, the dream can symbolize your need for guidance, expression, unresolved anger, sexual frustration, fear of embarrassment, and the presence of dishonest people around you.

On the other hand, if you associate happy thoughts and events with clowns, the dream can be seen as a cheerful disposition, a good sign that you will overcome a problem.

Therefore, the dream’s significance and interpretation depend on your life experience and perception of clowns. Di you experience this dream? How did it make you feel? Share your experience with us, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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