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11 Dream of Pooping Your Pants Meanings

Accidents happen – we all know that. But that still doesn’t take away the shame, anxiety, and absolute embarrassment we can feel when something goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Dreaming about pooping your pants is as humiliating as it gets. When you wake from such a dream, it’s only natural to feel uneasy. As adults, this sort of thing should never happen to us.

And yet, dreaming of this is your subconscious sending you a critical message. One that we can learn a great deal from if we can keep an open mind about things.

Today, we’ll explore what this confusing dream means in your life. We’ll also investigate the positive and negative things you can draw from this dream and if you can actually turn a mess into future success.

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What Does it Mean When You Dream about Pooping Your Pants?

The most common emotions stemming from these dreams are shame and despair. And if you’re upset in the dream, this signals that your subconscious is sending you a warning.

1. Exposed in public

Pooping your pants in a dream can be a potent symbol that you are currently feeling exposed. You are robbed of protection and privacy right now. The most intimate action is met with scrutiny from family and peers alike.

Perhaps you’re feeling stressed about what other people think of you. Or you’re afraid of being exposed as something that you’re not. You can’t help but feel paranoid.

A dream where you poop your pants could be a warning to care less about the opinions of others. Although it is an intensely embarrassing act to be caught doing, maybe it’s high time people mind their own business.

This dream can also foretell that one of your secrets might be coming to light. Be on your guard and prepare yourself accordingly.

2. Vulnerability to peers

The act of defecation is a vulnerable time for anyone. In the wild, it’s when animals feel most defenseless from a predator’s attacks. Perhaps this dream symbolizes your feeling of vulnerability. Are you under threat?

To make more sense of this interpretation, examine closely where your dream takes place. If it’s located at work, you are under threat by your job. If it’s in a public restroom, this points to you feeling stuck in life and going through the motions.

This dream can also symbolize how you feel about yourself. You might think of yourself as a burden – a liability. What if something goes wrong? This mess you’re in right now feels like an inconvenience, right? Well, perhaps it’s time you cut yourself some slack.

3. Worry & isolation

Naturally, this dream can be very worrying for you to experience. Your subconscious may be tapping into some deeply personal thoughts and anxieties you’re going through in your waking life.

Human feces is very noticeable, and it draws immense attention. But does it point to something physically wrong with you? After all, you may be suffering greatly without even realizing it.

Soiling yourself can be a symbol of your state of mind. Perhaps you’re developing depression and are stuck in your own self-deprecating thoughts. The bad habits that you’ve developed lately need to stop.

Open your heart to more stability and let people in – they might not be as critical of you as you think. They may be a source of good energy you can draw from. Although you’re prone to making a ‘mess’ of things, friends can help you clean up afterward.

Worry & isolation

4. Childhood

Children often poop in their underpants– it is a part of growing up. When we revisit this experience as adults, it can make us realize we’ve been holding off on something.

Life as a child is often much simpler and more enjoyable. Perhaps you’re missing some fun and innocence in your life. You could be experiencing jealousy over someone else who seems to be having more fun than you.

That doesn’t mean you must throw away all your responsibilities. But a balance needs to be met to create harmony in your life. A playful side can reward you in more than one way.

5. Individuality

Poop is often a source of frustration and anger in life. Dog poop on the street can mess up our day. Bird poop is often a sign of bad luck.

A dream of poop can also echo stubbornness and disagreement in our lives. After all, without a toilet bowl, you soiling your pants is an act of defiance. But this act is met with ridicule and seen as a disgusting habit.

Perhaps the dream symbolizes your objection to social norms. You disagree with the status quo and are being punished for it. It’s quite the dilemma you’re faced with – wanting to be an individual in certain instances causes us pain and suffering. Only you will know if the ends justices the means.

If you suffer from constipation during your dream, this is further evidence you’re dragging your heels over something. The dream points you to make some changes to live more fulfilling in your real life.

6. Fertility and family planning

Drawing on the feeling of childhood and innocence, perhaps the sensation of pooping your plants is invoking your need for family. Diapers and dreams of baby poop can especially represent the need for children.

Maybe you’re in the process of starting a family? Or are you expecting your first child? This dream is a reassurance that everyone will be OK. Don’t worry.

Although you might feel out of your depth and inconvenience, like a dream – this feeling will end, too. And while it’s a messy way to convey, it is undoubtedly effective.

7. Prosperity

You may be happy to know popping your pants can signify prosperity, good luck, and an upcoming windfall. No, really, it can!

Why? Well, if we look at the significance of poop in history – we can see that manure has always been a welcomed resource in agriculture as a fertilizer. Horse poop, in particular, was seen as a good omen of wealth and fortune.

This idea of turning a mess into success makes popping your pants a potentially powerful sign of good fortune. You may be able to transform a bad event into a huge opportunity and celebrate brand new achievements soon. All you need is some creative thinking and the right positive attitude.

As the saying goes, there’s a time and place for everything. But where your dream takes place can have added significance for how you feel and interpret your dream.


8. In public

The most common scenario is also the most humiliating – pooping your pants unexpectedly in public. This is a very vulnerable location for the dream and robs you of any support or hiding.

As you’re exposed, you feel the full wrath of negative emotions. Your only course of action is to grin and bear the shame. Perhaps this setting is teaching you the act of perseverance – you will survive the stigma.

9. Your bathroom

Your bathroom is a source of protection in this dream. It is in your home and private to only you. No one needs to know what happens inside.

For that reason, if the dream occurs here, it may suggest that you’ve got some deep, inner thoughts that you’re afraid to share with people. Perhaps you need to open up more, even if you risk embarrassment.

10. Public restroom

A public restroom offers at least some privacy and seclusion to the dream. And although you don’t quite make it, you can at least rest easy that you weren’t fully exposed. This can symbolize that you’re harboring a deep secret and must come to terms that someone might learn about the true you someday.

11. Wilderness

Popping is a natural thing. We all do it. And if your dream takes place in the wild, it may suggest you’re an over-thinker. When a problem manifests itself, you tend to spend too much time worrying about it to take decisive action. Pooping in the wild brings us back to our primitive animal roots, where the only course of action was direct.


For many people, dreams are sources of joy and amusement. We often want to discuss them with friends and work out what they mean for our near future.

But dreaming about fecal matter often brings negative feelings of humiliation to the forefront – ones we don’t want to share openly. But as we’ve learned, dreams can be complex. So does poop mean something to you?

Most often, this dream highlights some insecurity in life that needs addressing. Listen to the dream carefully and reflect. Only through embarrassment can we find clarity and change things for the better.

And who knows – maybe the mess we’ve made of things isn’t so bad after all?

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