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6 Dream of Sinking Ship Meanings

A ship is any large vessel that is used to traverse deep seas and oceans, carrying passengers, cargo, or performing specialized missions. Thanks to ships that transported food resources between Europe and America, after the 15th century, the world population rose significantly.

Most people use the terms “ship” and “boat” interchangeably. However, there are several differences between these two water vessels. Some of the most important ones are the size, capacity for people or cargo, and safety. Ships have many more design aspects centered around safety to avoid sinking compared to boats.

But what happens if a ship sinks? This is a very rare phenomenon, and there are plenty of additional security measures to avoid damage to passengers and crew. Still, it is a horrifying thought that often leads you to dream about sinking ships.

In this article, we’ll explore the symbolic meanings of dreams about sinking ships and what they could indicate for your future. Keep on reading to learn more about sinking ship symbolism!

Dream of Sinking Ship 1

Dream About Sinking Ship

An important thing to realize is that dreams are just unique events and images that our subconscious mind uses to interpret events in our waking life. Therefore, you don’t need to have been in a ship accident to dream about it sinking. In fact, you don’t even have to have been on a ship before!

Your brain could utilize imagery from the news, movies, or stories, such as the sinking of the Titanic, to paint the picture of a sinking vessel. Also, dreams are very personal and can have a very subjective interpretation. Naturally, there are some general meanings for sinking ships, but your dream could signify something completely different, depending on your relationship with ships.

In general, a ship is a symbol of life. Therefore, if you are on a sinking ship in your dreams, it could indicate that you have many worries and burdens in your waking life. So much so that you are losing control of your life, and it is drifting away. However, if you manage to come out of the ship wreckage alive, it is a good omen that you will find a way to overcome your difficulties.

The sinking ship might also be parallel to your mental and emotional condition. If your dream about sinking ships makes you suddenly wake up in fear, it could be a deeply emotional issue. You may feel like your life is “sinking”, but don’t worry, as you will find a way to survive.

Now that we’ve discussed some general interpretations of dreams about sinking ships, here are the most common dream scenarios that involve sinking ships:

1. Being On A Sinking Cruise Ship

Since cruise ships are enormous, a dream that includes them can affect your life in the long run and the lives of others around you. If you are experiencing a relaxing cruise and the ship suddenly starts to sink, it could indicate troubled times to come. You need to arm yourself with patience to overcome them.

A cruise ship flipping over is a very rare and peculiar phenomenon that doesn’t often happen due to the ship’s additional security measures. Thus, if your cruise ship flips over, you are confused about something terrible happening in your life. You don’t know how you got there and have issues dealing with it.

If you are witnessing a cruise ship sinking or flipping over from afar, then one of your endeavors will end unsuccessfully. It could be a large deal you were trying to clinch in your work or a meaningful relationship with another person. In any case, it will most likely lead to a bad ending which seems unavoidable.

2. Sinking In Water

Dream of Sinking Ship 2

If you were on a ship and are now sinking in the water, it is a sign that you have significant emotional instabilities. Dreams about water are almost exclusively related to the emotional aspects of your life. If you are drowning in water, it often means that you are “drowning” emotionally, feeling overwhelmed by your own thoughts and emotions.

It could also be related to your thoughts about how others perceive you. If you care a lot about how other people see you, especially while being emotionally fragile, it can be a devastating emotion that can leave you feeling “drowned”. Different interpretations of sinking in water can relate to irreparable financial damage, although they are rarer.

If your ship is leaking water and you can’t fix the damage, it means that your emotions are leaking away, and you are losing control over them. Take a deep breath and try to figure out where the “leak” comes from, so you can stop it. Regain control of your emotions and your life and move forward.

3. Ship Exploding Or Catching Fire

If a part of your cruise ship explodes or catches fire, it usually means that big calamities are coming into your life soon. This is a very rare and tragic dream that denotes catastrophic events in the future. These could be fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Depending on the size of the explosion or the fire, these disastrous events could affect more people than you. If the disaster is medium-sized, it could only affect people close to you, like your best friends or family members. If it is an enormous fire, it can even affect people in your community like your neighbors.

If you witness the explosion of a ship from afar, it usually indicates that your actions will end badly. If you are thinking about buying something expensive like a house or plan on investing some money, you might want to reconsider. Your dreams might be trying to tell you that it is a bad idea.

4. Drowning From A Sinking Ship

If you are on a ship that has taken damage and is sinking, the most natural thing is to reach for the life rafts to try and survive. However, if you find yourself trapped and drowning in a sinking ship, it could signify a couple of things about you. One of those interpretations could be a fear of drowning in water.

This is a very primal but effective explanation of a dream about drowning in a sinking ship. After all, everyone has their fears, and yours could be a fear of water. This fear could originate from a traumatic experience you had as a child. Maybe you were close to drowning when you were little. You could also be fearful of water if you don’t know how to swim very well.

Another indication of drowning in a ship that is sinking is a lack of success. Perhaps your latest endeavors in your waking life have failed, which has caused you to feel miserable and lacking. This could happen due to your incompetence or your inefficiency, but it could also be bad luck.

Also, remember that this failure could be in your imagination if you lack the self-confidence and self-esteem to move along with your plans. It could even be a fear of failure that is “drowning” you and not allowing you to carry on with your dreams and ambitions.

5. Surviving From A Sinking Ship

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As we mentioned above, a sinking ship signifies upcoming misfortunes. However, if you manage to survive the shipwreck, it is a sign that you will eventually put those dire circumstances behind you and come out stronger.

Nevertheless, there is another interpretation for being rescued from a sinking ship. If someone else saves you from the shipwreck, it could signify troubled times in your home. There are many confrontations between you and your family members that are overwhelming you.

Thankfully, the fact that you are being rescued is a good sign, as it indicates that this turmoil will eventually come to an end. Family members always stick together and work things out no matter how hard things get.

6. Different Size Ships

The size of the ship in your dreams can also be important. If you are on a small boat that is sinking, it usually indicates that you have some small issues that are bothering your subconscious mind. These issues could be on a personal level or in your work environment.

Larger ships are traditionally a sign of wealth, prosperity, and ambition. But, if you dream of a huge ship like the Titanic sinking, it means that you have set the bar too high, and you are in danger of failure. You need to curb your ambition to a more realistic level to avoid “sinking” in real life.


All in all, most people would love to be on a large ship traveling through the oceans, but almost no one would like for that ship to sink. Being on a sinking ship can be terrifying, which is why dreams about sinking ships fill us with fear and anxiety.

These dreams can have several interpretations, so try to remember as much as you can from your dream to get a better read on it. Follow this guide on the symbolism of a sinking ship to learn more about what your dream could mean for your future!

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