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10 Cockroach Crawls on You Spiritual Meanings

The cockroach is perhaps one of nature’s most misunderstood insects. Their appearance in our lives is often met with disdain and disgust, and we view them as dirty things that only come when our life or home is in turmoil.

Sadly, the reputation of cockroaches does not give them enough justice. These insects are some of the oldest creatures on earth and have had little reason to change over millions of years.

The cockroach is a significant spiritual animal to appear in your life. If you can detach yourself from preconceived ideas, they are an animal totem of immense power that can be helpful in several areas of your life.

Today we’ll explore just how significant the unassuming cockroach can be and what spiritual message they may bring you.

Cockroach Crawls on You Spiritual Meanings 1

10 meanings to a cockroach crawling on you:

1. You’re going to have a long life

Cockroaches are infamous for their hardiness and survival instincts. Over millennia, they have adapted and endured to survive. Their ancestors date back as far as the Carboniferous period, over 350 million years ago.

For that reason, they are old souls and are potent signs of long-lasting life, good fortune, and prosperity. The cockroach has a stable and secure place on this earth, meeting and seeing them is a good omen that you, too, are stable and secure in your life.

The fact you’ve experienced a cockroach crawl on you may seem incredibly scary at the time, and no doubt frightened you. But trust in this strong sign of vitality – you are in good health, and it should stay that way for a long time.

2. You will undergo a change

Although cockroaches are survivors, they are also heralds of resilience and adaptability. When times get tough, they endure and acclimatize. After all, there are over 4,500 known species found in most, if not all, environments worldwide, including the Artic.

If a cockroach crawls on you, this can signal there might be trying times ahead of you’ obstacles that may throw you off course. But don’t panic – you should draw strength from the cockroach’s visit. Like them, you can endure anything thrown at you.

3. You may need companionship

Certain species of cockroach are incredibly social, and if they crawl on you, it can be a strong sign that your community is an incredibly important part of your life.

You value friendship and enjoy being in the company of people who understand you. Like the cockroach, you appreciate people who don’t judge just by appearances but understand you on a deeper level.

You’re also more likely to develop incredibly deep and long-lasting bonds with people. The German cockroach, for example, has elaborate social structures, including sharing information, recognizing family, and building communal shelters. They live in harmony with one another.

If more than one cockroach visits you, and you have a cockroach infestation on your hands – don’t be alarmed. Perhaps you need to be open to making new connections in your everyday life. It also suggests you’ve been neglecting some friends and must reconnect with them as soon as possible.

4. You’re hiding something deep inside yourself

Cockroach Crawls on You Spiritual Meanings 3

Cockroaches live in the shadows. They are at home in the darkness. That’s why we often only see them scuttling about in garbage cans, closets, a cupboard, or the basement.

When they appear in broad daylight, it can be a potent warning for something hidden that will soon become public knowledge. If a cockroach crawls on you, this often means you have a deep secret that you may have no control over who will learn about it.

But if the cockroach crawls back into the shadows, or you are in darkness when this all happens, this can mean you’re about to receive clarity over something monumental in your life.

5. A symbol of parenting

Insects are often a symbol of fertility, parenting, and family planning. The cockroach is no exception and is one of the more caring and effective parents in the insect world.

Some species, like American cockroaches, are also potent metaphors for single parenting, as they can reproduce through parthenogenesis, i.e., without a male. For this reason, the cockroach crawling on you can be a potent symbol of guidance for single mothers to draw strength from.

Cockroaches can lay their eggs anywhere and are resourceful when mating. If you’re at the beginning stages of family planning, a cockroach crawling on you could signify that you’re ready and capable. After all, the only reason there are so many cockroaches in our world today is that they are just that successful at parenting!

6. Be careful of the quiet life

We must also examine the life of the cockroach and the physicality of crawling. These occurrences symbolize a quiet, tranquil, and ultimately slow existence.

The cockroach is quiet in life. Unlike other bugs like flies, bees, and wasps, who make noise and attract attention by nature, cockroaches can remain undetected indefinitely.

They are subtle, slow, and peaceful. Because crawling is a slight motion, the two combined can signify your desire to keep a low profile in life.

Perhaps you need some solitude in your life right now. Like the cockroach, you might get to your destination by taking the slower, more quiet route than making a loud fuss.

The danger here is you’re always under threat of being overlooked by people or underestimated. And just like the cockroach, you may be misunderstood and judged without cause.

7. You’re helpful to those in need

One of the unique things about a cockroach is when one is injured or killed, they release a pheromone that attracts nearby cockroaches to investigate. To other animals, this smell is stale and unpleasant.

But to the other cockroaches, it is an invitation. When the cockroach crawls on you, it symbolizes you enjoy the company of like-minded people. You’re also considered a true friend by many.

But similarly, if you’re feeling isolated or alone, the cockroach’s appearance signals that you need to develop connections with people on a similar wavelength. You must take a chance, get outside, and find your kin.

8. You’re happy in your own skin. Avoid change!

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Cockroaches go through an incomplete metamorphosis process and only have 3 stages to their life cycle. They are insects that like to keep things simple, with little changes throughout their nymph and adult stages.

Although some insects represent change and rebirth, the cockroach likes to keep things consistent and expected. You undoubtedly enjoy when things go to plan and find thinking creativity on the spot difficult. You like being in your own skin and don’t enjoy it when people put a spotlight on you or expect you to change your values.

Sudden in life are met with great resistance to you. Try to keep things simple and predictable – sure, that’s not the most exciting attitude, but it works!

9. You’ll enjoy good health and well-being

Even today, some cultures use them for cooking highly nutritious foods. As such, a visit from a cockroach can be a sign of abundance in your life. Like the cockroach, you might receive many blessings in different areas of your life.

Although we often think of cockroaches as dirty pests, throughout history, they had significant medicinal properties, with many cultures using them to treat wounds or to cure indigestion.

10. Specific blessings to body parts

One of the biggest things about an insect crawling on you is where. Sometimes, these tiny creatures can herald specific blessings to whatever body part they cross.

Pay close attention to where the cockroach passes. Most likely, they will be in the lower parts of your body, as cockroaches often use their wings to glide instead of flying high. If they pass your feet, this can suggest you’ll be safe on future travel. A cockroach that crawls up your arm means inner strength and security.

If the cockroach crawls near your head, you’ll have clarity over a problem. Be patient – answers are on their way.


Although cockroaches are often met with disgust and horror, we must remember that these strong, resourceful creatures have immense power as spirit guides. Do not underestimate them.

Though small, the spiritual significance is enormous when a cockroach crawls on you. They bring with them small blessings of longevity, perseverance, and adaptability. However, unassuming creatures are some of the happiest insects to appear in your life.

Ultimately, by reflecting on the spiritual meaning of cockroaches, you can realize that sometimes the quiet path is the best one to travel down. The only danger is that, like the cockroach, you risk being misunderstood and demonized without people getting to know the real you.

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