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8 A Stray Cat Follows You Spiritual Meanings

Unlike dogs, cats are naturally known for being aloof and independent. Thus, it might be surprising to see your cat or someone’s cat following you around. Dogs are known for having a very strong social association with humans and, in the long run, become a part of their family. Cats, on the other hand, prefer to stay on their own and reminisce about their world.

When you notice that a cat is following you, you begin to raise many questions. You wonder if they are trying to show you that they love you or if they are seeking attention. You might even wonder if there is any spiritual undertone to their action.

8 A Stray Cat Follows You Spiritual Meanings 1

Cats are sociable too

Stray cats aren’t entirely anti-social, unlike feral cats. This is because they have lived and related with people in times past. Still, having a cat follow you all the way home might be strange or scary. So don’t be surprised as this is a common occurrence. A lost cat might choose to follow you because of hunger and hoping to get a good meal from you.

It might also be because the cat has lost its home and is hoping you will welcome it with open arms into your home. A stray cat desperately needs shelter, so if you might be following you around to see where you live. It might be hard to point out why cats are following us about. But after having studied these creatures, we’ve compiled reasons why they might be following you around and also what you can do in such a situation.

Why does a stray cat follow you?

Let’s see common reasons why a stray cat won’t stop following you:

1. Food

One of the most important reasons why a stray cat follows you is because it might be hungry and is hoping that you will feed them. If you are fond of feeding a cat, whether yours or not, they will always come around you whenever they sight you. They will return to you with the hope of getting more food.

You need to note that a cat following you always for food doesn’t mean it is not being fed elsewhere. The whole neighborhood might feed a single cat. Hence, if you notice a cat with a collar and a tag or with a healthy look, don’t feed it when it follows you. Please take it to a clinic instead.

Most of these adult cats have a home and are always very fed. Some cats might also be on specific diets, so feeding them with just any kind of food can be pretty harmful.

2. Curiosity

Although very quiet, cats are curious animals with keen eyes. A stray cat might be following you because they are curious about where you are going. Cats naturally have nosey nature, but some breeds can be more curious than others.

It is only natural that community cats will want to explore what they see as their territory. Cats in your neighborhood may naturally follow you home to learn more about where you live and what you do there. If this is the case, you have nothing to fear; the cat wants to see what you are up to.

If a cat follows you into your neighborhood but turns back on its way because it got distracted by other people or things, it is likely they are just trying to find out what you are doing.

3. Need for shelter

If you notice a stray cat following you, it might be because they need shelter. They might need a place to stay because they can’t find their way back home anymore or because of bad weather. A stray cat might also follow you for shelter because they are locked outside their home while their owner travels or works.

As stray cats sleep around, they might follow you because they need a permanent home. Naturally, stray cats follow you because they know that humans are a source of food and shelter. They will follow you around and want to come into your house if you give them a positive response.

4. Attention

Are you someone who loves holding, cuddling, and stroking their hair when they follow you home? Sometimes, cats follow you home because they want all the attention, they can get from you.

Cats that are adequately socialized, such as kittens, are always very friendly with strangers, their families, and anyone that offers them the attention they need. Also, some cat breeds are naturally more social than others, so they will always want to spend time.

These cats prefer attention to food and will do everything to get it. So, giving them attention will make them keep coming back and following you about when they want some more. Even if you notice that a cat is from a well-fed home because they look healthy and have a collar and tag. Still, give them some more attention.

What can you do when a stray cat follows you?

8 A Stray Cat Follows You Spiritual Meanings 2

The following will come in handy if a stray cat follows you:

1. Care for it

If you are a lover of cats, you might feel tempted to take a stray cat in. And if you despise cats, you want to do everything possible to get them off your back. If you belong to the latter, don’t do anything funny. Inquire about the kitty; gently send them back.

Should you love cats? Don’t just assume that all a stray cat needs are food and start giving it food. Start by checking if the cat is healthy and if it has a collar and tag on. Most of these cats have a home and may develop health issues if they overeat.

On the other hand, if a stray cat follows you home and you notice it looks distressed, malnourished, and sick, you can decide to provide a shelter for them outside your house or in your yard and at the same time make food available for them.

2. Take it to a Vet

Also, check whether you’ve shown kindness and generosity towards such ca before. This is because most kittens won’t just come into your house; it would have taken a lot of time to build such a level of trust and confidence in them.

After establishing such trust, take the cat to a vet for a general health check and ensure the cat doesn’t carry any microchip.

3. Take it back to its owner

If a cat has a microchip, try to reunite it with the pet owner. You can check social media or local veterinarians to check if the cat is being advertised as missing anywhere.

Check for a collar or band tag for easy identification and find its owner’s contact details. If the cat is not missing and it does not carry any microchip, you can look at keeping it.

You can also use Facebook as an easy means way to find its owner. Ensure to take the dog back so its owner so it doesn’t suffer separation anxiety.

4. Adopt it

Most of the stray cat that follows you want you to adopt them. They are following you with adoption in mind. If you don’t want to adopt them, you can contact the local shelter and ask for their help.

If you have decided to keep the cat, talk to a veterinarian about it to check if they may need a specific vaccine or injections for feline leukemia parasites, fleas, or other health problems they might have picked up. This might be costly, depending on the situation. So, ensure you are fully ready before committing to keeping a new cat.

Other things to do if a stray cat follows you

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In addition, don’t try to get every cat that follows you home to a vet. This can cause them lots of panic and distress. Instead, take time to build the level of trust needed. If you realize the cat is reluctant about coming into your home, create a warm and safe shelter for them in your house.

If you are not a big fan of feline cats but you notice that a stray cat is following you, the best thing you can do is to ignore it and keep moving. Once the cat realizes you are paying little or no attention, it will turn back. Keep on walking until it leaves you alone.

If you are far away from home, the best thing you can do is give the cat food if it appears hungry. But, if you are close to your house but don’t want the cat hanging around you, then ignore it entirely and don’t give it food. Ignoring the cat might be the best option in this situation.


There are a lot of factors that contribute to why a cat follows you. If you notice a stray cat following you, don’t panic, as this is not uncommon. You have the liberty to either take it home to feed and provide shelter for it or completely ignore it.

In addition, the fact that a cat follows your home doesn’t mean they don’t have a caring and loving family already. Whether you are a male or female, pet cats or stray cats might be your spirit animal, acting as your spiritual guide sent by your guardian angel to pass a message across to you. While many people believe that stray cats have a spiritual undertone, others believe that they are just animals.

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