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13 Dream of Flowers Meanings

Culturally speaking, flowers have a lot of positive and negative meanings. Most often associated with romance, getting a bouquet of flowers can indicate a new love interest or more.

In the dream realm, there are a lot of dreams about flowers that you could have. Whether it’s a bouquet or finding a field of flowers, it’s time to take a closer look at what that dream could mean for you and your future.

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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Flowers?

1. The general meaning of seeing flowers in a dream is that you should expect joy, friendship, and love in life

Flowers are, overall, a good omen. How much of a good omen they are tends to be up to the personal interpreter. The truth is that there are several main interpretations of the generic meaning of seeing flowers in a dream:

  • You will have abundance.
  • You’re in harmony with the people around you.
  • You have what it takes to tackle challenges and minor grievances with a smile.
  • Good things may come your way, romantically or financially.
  • You are surrounded by friends and a good support network.

However, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye…

2. Receiving a bouquet of red flowers can either signify romance or sadness

What’s more romantic than getting a bouquet of red roses? Not much! A bouquet of roses, particularly red or pink ones, tends to be indicative of passion and romance up ahead. Expect good luck in love or even a new relationship in the making.

Truth be told, a dream of red flowers of any sort tends to be a sign of love coming your way. If your personal life has been faltering, it can also be an indication that things may work themselves out.

This dream, among unmarried women, tends to indicate that they have multiple suitors. If you are in a love triangle, you might also dream of being gifted multiple bouquets. Just be careful! You don’t want to end up in a tangle you can’t get out of.

3. Dreaming of walking through a flower garden is a great omen of success

Did you recently dream of walking through a massive garden? If you are a business person, this is a truly wonderful omen. This is a dream of abundance and profits soaring. If you are a gardener, it’s also a sign of a great harvest.

Growing flowers in a field is also an indication of simplicity that goes beyond physical beauty. Your life is going to be beautiful because it has the right people in it, and you will be channeling the best side of your personality while you do it.

4. Dreams of yellow flowers tend to be a good sign

Yellow flowers and orange flowers both have a similar meaning. This is an indicator that you need to take a little more gratitude in your daily life. These flowers symbolize a mood more than an actual event.

Marigolds, in particular, are a good omen for people who want to earn more money or make more cash. Sunflowers can also be a sign that tough times are going to end, letting more space for the sunshine to come in.

The only yellow flower that tends to have a negative connotation in dreams is the daffodil, also known as the narcissus. This can indicate that you may have a form of self-obsession or narcissism that needs to be addressed.

5. Green flowers can indicate that you are going to do well health-wise and financially

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but green flowers can suggest that you will do well in business. Green is the color of money and it’s also a color associated with health. If you have been sick, seeing green flowers can mean that you’re going to be on the mend soon enough.

Like many other “green themes” in dreams, this is a sign that good fortune is on its way to you. As long as you show appreciation for it, it’ll continue to blossom in your favor.

6. Dreaming of someone cutting flowers or pulling flowers apart is a warning sign

The world of spirituality shows flowers as a symbol of joy and happiness. If someone’s pulling petals off flowers you own or cutting them up, you need to be careful of that person. This is a sign that they are trying to undercut you, betray you, or take your joy away.

If you dream that you’re pulling apart flowers, then this could be a sign that you are self-sabotaging yourself. This is doubly true if you tend to focus on perfection rather than just making things good.

7. Flowerpots can often indicate that you may be overworked as a creative

Flowerpots are gorgeous and can liven up almost any place they’re at. However, those pots can only look beautiful if you put in some work on designing the arrangements. This could be a sign that you’re overworking yourself creatively.

Take a break. You don’t need to burn yourself out!

8. If you watch petals falling, be careful

Petals tumbling to the floor may be sexy or even just a pretty sight, but it’s not always a good omen. In dreams, this tends to be an announcement that you will have a broken heart in the near future.

When you see petals falling to the floor in a dream, this indicates that you will have a breakup. It’s often a breakup that comes as a total shock, too. The petals symbolize your tears falling to the floor.

9. Dreams of dead flowers tend to have deeply negative meanings

For most people, a dream about dead flowers tends to come with connotations of decay, funeral homes, grief, and loss. If you’re holding the dead flowers, it may mean that you’re grieving something in your life that fell apart after too many issues.

Giving dead flowers to others may also mean that you are brave enough to hold people accountable for the wrongs they did to you. In other words, it’s your dream self telling them, “It’s your problem now.”

10. Dreaming about a flower in full bloom is a good sign for your waking life

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Many people have seen a specific flower blooming in their dreams. Regardless of the flower it is, it’s a sign that the dreamer is finally going to come into their own. This means you’ve gotten to the point where you can balance compassion with personal boundaries.

If you have been working your way up the corporate ladder or working on a career move, then you are going to be happy to hear that this is a good omen. You’re going to finally come out on top after all those crazy struggles.

11. Dreaming of blue flowers is a sign of rebirth

Blue flowers have been linked to rebirth and renewal since the times of ancient Egypt. Unsurprisingly, this reputation for being a spiritual sign and gift still remains pretty intact today due to blue’s intuition-heavy symbolism.

If you dream of blue flowers, particularly blue lotuses, you are very likely going through a major transition as a person. You might be experiencing a spiritual rebirth, or a major awakening. Meditating can help this process along.

12. Dreaming of receiving a bouquet of white flowers is a sign of purity or grief

Red flowers, as we mentioned, tend to be associated with passion, especially when in a bouquet. White flowers are a bit different.

In most cases, white flowers tend to be associated with innocence and purity. However, dreaming of being gifted them is something that usually only happens after the passing of a family member.

Unfortunately, this means that a dream of white flowers can indicate a loss, or even a funeral. This is especially true of a white lily. You may actually get sympathy or condolences from others as a result of the loss that you have in your waking life.

13. Dreaming of flowers in a home means that you have a lot more skill than you think you do

Flowers are often a sign of encouragement when they’re in your home. If you dream about a bouquet of flowers in a vase at home, it means that you have enough skills and smarts to handle the problems you’re facing right now.

If someone brings flowers to your house in a dream but doesn’t set the flowers down, you may end up getting additional help from a friend. They might be able to set your house in order, so to speak.

Last Words

A dream involving a floral theme is rarely just a pretty sight. It could mean serious omens and fortunes along the way. Did you have a flowery dream? Don’t hesitate to tell us about it in the comments below.

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