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8 Dream Comes True Spiritual Meanings

Dreams are some of the most powerful and mysterious things we can experience. They often feel so real that you can easily mistake them for reality. Only when we awaken do we fully realize it was just our imagination at work.

But what if the dreams you’ve been having actually came through?

No need to pinch yourself – sometimes, what we dream of is our subconscious mind sending us direct messages—premonitions, foretellings, or perhaps warnings, that directly impact us in life.

Today, we’ll explore the science behind a dream that becomes real and what spiritual meaning you can extract from it.

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Déjà rêvé and premontions

Firstly, let’s briefly examine how the phenomenon of dreams coming true is understood in both the scientific and spiritual worlds.

Every night, we enter various stages of sleep. The deepest stage, known as rapid eye movement (or REM sleep for short), sees a spike in our brain’s activity. We process many memories and emotions, often through vivid images and scenarios during this time.

When we wake up, sometimes we can recall these events as dreams.

Prophetic dreams are often referred to as déjà rêvé. This French term translates to ‘already dreamed’ and describes how we may feel like we’ve seen or experienced current events of our life in the dream world.

Scientifically, this feeling is incredibly common, with research suggesting up to 95% of us have already experienced precognitive dreaming at some stage.

On a spiritual level, these dreams have immense power and significance in our lives. It demonstrates the power of our subconscious mind and our ability to manifest our goals in our waking life.

8 meanings of a dream coming true

1. You need to trust your intuition more

Dreams are often our subconscious minds trying to make sense of our everyday life. But dreams can also reveal our deepest passions and life goals; some we may not even be aware of in the waking world.

When a dream you’ve had comes true, this is a strong indication that you should trust your intuition more. Something your subconscious mind is so strong it wills your dreams into reality.

Right now, you have much potential and much greater capabilities than you give yourself credit. Indulge in dreaming more. Trust your gut instincts, don’t treat them as fantasies or mere coincidences.

2. You are beginning to understand yourself better

Dreams often come as messages from our subconscious about life events, worries, aspirations,  and more. A repeated dream, or one that has come true, can symbolize that you have begun to, or have, accepted yourself.

Depending on the dream’s nature, this can be difficult to overcome. Sometimes we experience dreams that represent a private thought or insecurity. If one of these dreams comes true, and our fear manifests in the waking world, we can become insecure and afraid. Promotions don’t always bring good news, after all.

That said, there are positives to experiencing these dreams. You are beginning to come to terms with yourself – including your faults. When a bad dream comes to light, it asks you to address a situation holding you back.

If the dream is a positive one, this very much represents you’re grounded in life. You’re aware of where you are, what you are doing, and who you are. Life is good, and you know what direction you’re supposed to go in. Keep pressing on.

3. You need to take more risks

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A dream coming true can be a concrete sign that you must take more risks. Something in your conscious mind has presented itself in reality, and you must take advantage of the opportunity.

Many people have work-related dreams where they are promoted or recognized for something. These can be significant signs that you must take a leap of faith and put yourself out there.

You have the power to manifest your dreams into reality right now. Be courageous and proactive – make it happen.

4. Half dreams mean you need to work on yourself

Sometimes, our dreams may only ‘half’ come true. Sometimes, they come with conditions or rules that we didn’t expect.

Could you meet the man of your dreams, but he’s already married? Does your dream job mean you’ll have to work longer hours or give up your free time?

When these dreams come true, we can face a lot of disappointment. They aren’t what we thought they’d be.

If your recent dream has come true and you aren’t exactly happy with the outcome, this can suggest your life is in flux. We don’t know exactly what it is we want. And if you don’t know what you want, it’s hard to know what will make you happy.

In this instance, you need to concentrate on where your life is going. What is it your aspiring to be and to have? Only when you’ve set goals can you make your dreams a reality. A half dream can point to something missing in your life – you need to meditate on it and find out what the “other half” should feel like.

5. You need to be more ambitious

A dream coming true might beckon you to become more ambitious in life. Especially if we have a lucid dream where we can actively control the situation, our subconscious asks us to expect more of ourselves.

If you take direct control in a dream, you should be doing so in your waking life too. After all, with the right attitude and perspective on things, we can manifest our dreams into reality.

Are you dreaming about getting married to someone other than your partner? Did you dream of a promotion to a job you’ve never thought of before? Perhaps it’s time to expand your horizons and think of ways you can change your life.

Sometimes when our dreams feel almost too good to be true, it’s not that we’re thinking too big – we aren’t thinking enough of ourselves and our capabilities.

6. You need to be open to different interpretations

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Although dreams are often grounded in our experiences, they are open to broad interpretations. You don’t have to think of them literally.

An excellent example of this could be dreaming about death. No, this does not mean you’re going to die soon. Don’t be afraid. Instead, it can be understood to symbolize the ‘death’ of a part of you.

A recurring dream of someone in your life dying could signify a change in your relationship. Death is a beacon of change and transition and often represents our being reborn into something new.

Similarly, dreaming about winning the lottery doesn’t necessarily mean you will. In reality, this is quite an impossible thing to do. However, the dream may signal that you’re about to come into a good fortune – maybe not money, but health, love, knowledge, or security.

Dreams can feel abstract. Sometimes we don’t fully recognize their significance until an event comes to life. For this reason, many people use a dream journal to record dreams and use it as a way to reflect on potential metaphors being sent by their subconscious.

7. You need guidance from friends and family

When our dreams come true, we can feel invincible, like everything is within our grasp. Think of something, and it will happen.

Similarly, bad dreams might make us feel powerless. E.g., you may dream that you will fail an upcoming examination. This can knock your self-confidence, and you won’t try to study. Ultimately, the dream becomes a reality as it has influenced your behavior. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When a dream becomes true, it’s crucial to assess the situation objectively by asking close friends and family for their honest opinions. They often have a unique perspective that helps separate fantasy from what’s practical.

Did the dream come to light because of fate? Or was your behavior changed in some way? Figuring out the root cause of this can help you gain some perspective on the changes in your life.

8. You need to start making new dreams

When one of our dreams comes through, it can be a very cathartic and enriching experience. We’ve got what we wanted. We should be happy.

But don’t rest on your laurels just yet. Because of the heightened senses of your unconscious mind, you should use this time wisely and find brand new aspirations to follow. Spending time channeling your psychic abilities into the contents of your dreams will allow you to achieve even more of your goals.

A recurring dream of something that has happened can suggest you’re feeling stuck in life right now. It feels repetitive—you’re following a script. Everything is predictable.

If you’re unhappy with how things have panned out, perhaps it’s time to try your hand at something unexpected.


It can feel euphoric when our dreams come true. Like some sort of divine intervention has blessed us. But often, we forget that we have manifested our dreams into realities by our behavior.

Our subconscious mind has given us a glimpse of future events, but ultimately, we have made them a reality. And yet, dreams continue to remain a mystery to spiritual people, scientists, and everyone in between.

In any case, trust in your capabilities and potential. Keep an open mind on the broad interpretations the dreams might be signaling to you.

But ultimately, your experiences prove that some dreams do come true.

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Friday 31st of March 2023

Thank you for explaining this subject in a easy way to understand. My dreams usually come true, specially disasters, accidents, acquaintances, friends and family. I saved my ex life when I dream that he was drowning fifteen minutes before the accident. I dream a week before about the Tsunami of 2004 in the Indian ocean and so many others. Today I woke up crying from this dream about the human race confronting a horrific outcome of this disease that doctors did not know or understand what it was causing it. I will not say more because the visuals of my dream ware terrible! Just letting you know.