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12 Dream Of Cat Attacking And Biting Me Meanings

To many, cats are beloved pets. To others, they are despised creatures that represent negativity and should be avoided. Regardless of how you feel about cats, it’s undeniable that these animals have been intriguing human beings for thousands of years.

Therefore, it’s far from insignificant when cats are visitors in your dreams. Moreover, the dream’s meaning will depend specifically on what kind of interaction is had.

In this article, we are going to do some dream analysis and focus specifically on cat attacks and cat bites. Whether you’re one of the millions of cat lovers or someone who dislikes them, you could have these specific dreams, and if so your subconscious mind may be trying to get through to you.

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What Kind of Cat Is Attacking You?

The kind of cat that’s attacking you in a dream is significant. Of course, there are a wide variety of cats out there, so we’ll cover some of the common types you may encounter below:

1. Domestic Cat

If you have a run-in with a domestic cat, this could indicate that you are too accepting, which often leaves you vulnerable. Domestic cats are supposed to be cute and cuddly, so if one attacks you, especially if it’s out of nowhere, this could be a sign that there’s betrayal in your near future.

Provoking an aggressive cat in a dream could indicate that you are about to make a mistake, one that you’ll think is minor at first but realize the significance later on.

2. Wild Cat

Getting attacked by a wild cat in a dream could indicate a range of things. If you were attacked by a lion, tiger, or cheetah, this could indicate that you are fearful of an upcoming obstacle and currently without the capabilities to overcome it. What you would need in this case is confidence.

Being pursued and then mauled by a wild cat can indicate that you are running from problems that you need to face. You could also be running from internal aggression. Surviving a wild cat biting you could indicate you’ve narrowly avoided danger in the past, perhaps without even knowing this at the time.

3. Black Cat

Of course, the black cat has long been associated with bad luck, which means if you get attacked by one of these in a dream, this could be a bad sign that bad luck is just around the corner.

And it’s not just the domestic black cat lurking in the shadow that you need to be aware of; you could also get attacked by a puma or the rare black jaguar. Seeing a black cat in a dream may also indicate that you are fearful about the future, sensing a lack of direction, and carrying a lot of anxiety.

4. White Cat

Since white cats are supposed to be associated with gentleness and beauty, getting attacked by one of these is rare in a dream but significant nonetheless. It could indicate that you are not thinking of others and recklessly pursuing your self-interests. Your intuition may also be lacking.

Especially if the cat attacks you after provocation, this could indicate that you are harming innocent or weaker individuals in your life, and this must cease immediately.

What Does It Mean if You Witness a Cat Attack in a Dream?

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Witnessing a cat attack in a dream is different than when you’re the one being attacked. It also matters whether or not you can do anything to stop the attack. If you witness a cat attack and you can’t do anything about it, this could indicate that you’re struggling with flexibility and it’s inhibiting your creativity.

Such a dream could also be a sign that you’ve abandoned a friend recently. Being away from the attack but feeling the pain as if you’re going through it can indicate that you’re overcome with guilt; perhaps you didn’t see a friend as much as you should’ve when they were struggling with an illness which they eventually succumbed.

If you know the person who’s getting attacked, this could be a sign that you have unresolved issues with friends or family members. If it’s a complete stranger being attacked, on the other hand, this may mean you are experiencing a degree of social anxiety.

How to Interpret a Dream Where You’re Running From a Cat

Good luck trying to outrun a cat! Even a small house cat will probably catch up to you. So if you have a dream where you’re being chased by a cat, this could be an indication that you’re refusing to take ownership and trying to run away from problems that you can’t run away from.

You may also be trying to overachieve, in which case you need to dial things back or risk collapsing altogether. If you’re being chased by a large cat (as opposed to a small one), this could signify you’re feeling a sense of impending doom.

You Have Cat Scratches but You Didn’t See How You Got Them

Having a dream about claw wounds—and not knowing where they came from—could be an omen that you have unresolved issues in important relationships. It could also mean that somebody is plotting against you without your knowledge.

Keep in mind that cat scratches often look minor, but they can lead to serious problems like infections. Therefore, if a cat scratches you in your dream, this could be a sign that you’re underestimating a current problem.

You Can Hear a Cat Attack but You Can’t See It

Dreaming of a cat attack that you cannot see is also significant. Cats are elusive animals that usually take their wounded (or dead) prey to a secluded location before feasting on it. Therefore, having a dream about a cat attack you can’t see may indicate pending danger.

What do These Dreams mean for Men and Women?

A woman having a cat-related dream could be a sign that she’s momentarily in touch with her feminine sexuality. It could also mean that she feels her inner female instincts are being challenged.

When men dream of cats, different conclusions are drawn from such dreams. For example, it’s thought that a man dreaming of cat attacks indicates he is going to achieve success in the near term and be appreciated for it.

It could also be a sign that you’ll need to be hyper-vigilant, letting nothing slip by your watchful eyes and ears. Moreover, if you’re in a position of power, a cat attack dream could indicate that you are going to win a contest against a fierce competitor, in a business sense most likely.

What if a Rabid Cat Is Attacking You?

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Getting attacked by a cat with rabies is the stuff of nightmares. If you’re having such a dream, this could indicate that you’re about to run into a problematic situation in the real world, and the players in this situation will be individuals who you thought were normal but turned out to be far from what you assumed.

If you manage to fight off the cat in this kind of dream, this should be taken as a sign that you are going to overcome a near-term struggle, even though the odds are stacked against you in the beginning.

You’re Attacked by a Cat but Fight Back

Struggling with a cat, especially a ferocious wild one, in a dream could signal that you’re going to come out of an important contest victorious. It’ll seem like you’re fighting for your life, but after the struggle concludes it’ll be smooth sailing for a while.

Specifically, you may overcome a challenge that somebody presents at your job and then reap a substantial reward for doing so. You could also be successful in defending a current position of power.

Remember that a fight with a big cat requires not just strength but skill. Therefore, you may need to utilize the skills you’ve cultivated to achieve victory.

How the Ancient Egyptians Interpreted Cat Dreams

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that cats were messengers of the dead. So if a cat came to you in a dream, it was thought that a dead person was speaking to you. Some also believed they were protectors and guides.

The ancient Egyptians appreciated that cats were self-reliant and dignified. They were often compared to jackals, which were seen as aggressive, ravaging beasts. To be in good favor with these messengers, pharaohs kept them around and adorned them with jewelry.


In the end, having a dream about cat attacks and bites could mean you’re feeling negative emotions, that success is around the corner, that you need to embrace your curiosity, or that you’re going to experience unmistakable misfortune.

Females and males alike have these dreams, and usually, they come before important news and events. Therefore, the next time you have one of these dreams—pay close attention!

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