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10 Dream of Purse Meanings

Dreams have a lot to tell us. They may be gifts from God, but sometimes, people fail to realize the meaning of these divine messages & prefer to ignore them.

The biblical meaning of purse in a dream represents your sense of identity. Although the dream interpretation wholly depends on the dream symbols, dreaming about a purse usually indicates power and can be interpreted as both positive and negative.

To understand your dream’s meaning, you must make sure that you note down all the details when you wake up. You’d be surprised by the blessings your dream bestows upon you to guide you in your real life. It truly is a gift, just as Jesus said in the Bible.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Purses?

Your dream could mean many things, and only by paying close attention to the details will you be able to interpret its true meaning. So when you wake up, note down all the little details so you can understand all the hidden cues your mind is trying to tell you.

Remember that even though the meanings could tell you what you don’t want to hear, they are signs that your mind is trying to bring your attention to certain things.

1. You Are Not Introspective

One of the most common reasons for seeing a purse in your dream is that you need to start looking within to unlock the mysteries that are present in your own mind. Although this can feel scary and daunting, it’s essential for emotional prosperity that you understand yourself.

Perhaps you get overwhelmed easily and find it difficult to tell whether you’re angry or sad. One needs to be in tune with their inner emotions. It’s a symbol of good mental and physical health.

2. You Are Trying to Keep a Secret

If you dream of holding a wallet and clutching it to protect its assets (perhaps it contains coins or essential documents), you’re stressed out because you feel the need to keep a secret. Whatever reason you have for keeping this secret is weighing down on your emotions.

Maybe you’ve wronged a friend, or no longer have feelings of affection for a loved one.

The best thing you can do in this case is to ask yourself what you’re trying to hide from the world. It may be something small and personal, and you may not even realize how much it is weighing on you.

3. You Need to Have a More Careful Approach to Life

Despite what it seems, having a dream about an empty wallet or purse is not actually about financial loss. What it’s really about is you needing to be more careful and give yourself the same care you give to others.

Show yourself the same passion and compassion that you extend to others and, while doing so, make sure you’re working on your self-confidence. If you’re in trouble, ask for help. It’s also crucial for you to show some kind of curiosity about new people in your life so that you can build better relationships with them.

This is likely a sign that you’re isolating yourself. An empty wallet could mean you no longer have the will to honor your friendships and no longer want to put in the effort.

Consider reaching out to your friends, schedule a hangout, and you’ll realize how easy it is to connect with someone by putting a little effort into communication.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Purses

4. You Feel Vulnerable and Alone

Looking for a stolen wallet in your dream signifies vulnerability and loneliness. People who lead unsatisfactory lives despite having a large amount of money often experience these types of dreams.

Dreams about empty purses mean you could be going through a difficult loss. It is common for people to have this dream when they have recently lost a loved one or are undergoing an enormous change.

It can be as simple as keeping a secret or finding yourself in an emotionally challenging situation, such as losing a loved one.

You’re barely scratching the surface if you experience these dreams and assume you’re about to lose your fortune. Use it as a reminder in your waking life, and try finding a deeper understanding.

5. You Are Exhausted

If you see a dream in which your purse or handbag is filled with various things, it means that you may feel like you have too much on your plate and are exhausted. This is common amongst people who have made too many commitments.

Maybe you have taken on too many projects at your company, or it’s not the best time to try for a child because you’re not financially well off.

If you have this dream, it means you are burning out, and it’s in your best interest to make sure that you don’t take on any more commitments. It is common for people who overburdened themselves with responsibilities to head towards serious illness.

Maybe you’re an empath, and you think it’s your responsibility to take on other people’s problems. While it is an excellent trait to possess, you must not get too consumed in their problems and allow them to burden you. Thus, you must remember that you can help others with their issues without letting them get to you.

6. Future Changes

If you find yourself buying a new purse, wallet, or handbag in a dream, it signifies that you may be experiencing some permanent life changes. This can either be a good omen or an evil one. But either way, you should prepare for significant changes.

Your future can always change for the better, and this does not necessarily mean monetarily. It could be undergoing a dramatic personality change for the better or just finding a new career path that excites you.

The alternative could be a negative change that could indicate that your future will have some hardships. But remember that these hardships will be temporary. If you take them on with a positive attitude, you will get through them easily and quickly.

7. Someone May Be Trying to Take Advantage of You

If you dream of a stolen wallet, someone may be after you. This could be in terms of manipulation, using you, or just taking advantage of you. These are all very distressing signs of betrayal.

So if you’ve had this dream, you should rethink some relationships and friendships in your life to make sure that you’re not being taken advantage of. If you’re someone who gives in to others’ requests easily, even if you don’t want to, you’ll find yourself experiencing these dreams often.

Your subconsciousness is sending a message that you need to develop healthy boundaries. If someone violates them, no matter how close they may be, it is time to cut off ties with them.

Someone May Be Trying to Take Advantage of You

8. You Have Romance in Your Future

If you have a dream of a red purse, it means that your future holds an intense romance filled with love and passion. It’s easy for us to shun any potential suitors because we have been betrayed and hurt in the past.

The dream is asking you to give people the benefit of the doubt and love with your entire heart so that you can experience a very fulfilling relationship.

If you have this dream, it is also possible that you are giving your relationship too much importance and not looking at your real-life obligations with the seriousness they deserve. It’s not uncommon for us to lose our identity to a new relationship. This dream is your sign to come back to the real world.

9. You Value Your Privacy and Have Many Secrets

If you consider yourself highly secretive, you’ll likely dream of a black wallet.

This dream signifies that you should start opening up to people and revealing some of your secrets. Privacy is essential, but not at the cost of meaningful relationships with people. You should hence, start sharing with people and not isolate yourself.

Even though privacy is crucial, you can take this step by step to get used to this new and uncomfortable situation. It may feel strange and unique at first but trust me, you will start feeling much better after sharing your pain and secrets with others.

10. Loss of Identity

If you have a dream where you have lost your wallet, you may be experiencing some major changes in your life and feel like you are losing a part of your identity. This is a distressing thing to be aware of, but it is the first step to finding yourself again.

If you are having this dream, remember that even though change is terrifying and overwhelming, you must invite change rather than being afraid of it so that you can embrace your new life and the joys it will bring.

This dream may seem bleak, but it is a sign that you may receive some positive news soon.

Final Thoughts

We hope that now it is clear all the various implications of seeing a purse in your dreams.

You need to pay attention to the details of your dream to guide yourself in your waking life.

Have you had any strange dreams that involve a purse that we have not mentioned? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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