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10 Dream of Losing Purse Meanings

Losing your precious wallet, either in a dream or in real life, can be daunting! And if it’s about a dream lost purse, then its meaning could be more complex than you think, depending on the situation you are in and other key factors.

But no worries as we list down all the dream meanings that may be helpful in handling different circumstances of your waking life. Before that, let’s unravel the relevance of a purse in a dream.

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What does a purse mean in a dream?

A purse or a wallet is more than just a fashion accessory. It stores some of your belongings and valuables like bills, coins, credit cards, keys, and phones. And when it comes to dream interpretation, a dream of a purse conveys your wealth in general. It could also represent power or own identity.

What does it mean to dream of losing a purse?

What does it mean to dream of losing a purse

In general, losing a purse in a dream represents an inner weakness of an aspect of your life. It may also symbolize a warning of your vulnerability and recklessness. To further comprehend the dream, here are some possible meanings:

1. You lost an important part of your life.

You may dream of losing an expensive purse because there is a void in your waking life. It could be that you lose something valuable in your life that eventually led to immense sadness, triggering your subconscious mind to create stories during your sleep.

While a loss is something that is hard to understand, acceptance is important for you to heal. Physical, emotional, and mental healing may vary from one person to another. Therefore, don’t focus on the progress of others. Set your sight on your own development and learn to love yourself even more.

Healing may not be a walk in the park, but it’s okay. Follow your own healing timeline and do things that you love. In time, this loss would become your pillar so you can handle even more challenging trials.

2. You need to be heedful about your spending.

Dreaming of losing your purse may also mean that you need to be careful with your financial spending. Be more responsible in dealing with your money, from planning your finances to creating a budget limit. This can help you prepare for the ambiguous future.

Being financially literate is crucial, especially with the uncertainties in life. You’ll never know what happens next―you might run into some adversities like business failures or unforeseen accidents. Thus, financial planning is vital so you can efficiently handle your personal possessions and your fortune.

On the other hand, this dream may be associated with your loss of self-identity. If in your waking life, you are anxious because of the dramatic changes that seem so difficult to keep track of, use this as a reminder to slow down and know your self-worth.

3. You are worried about your reputation and power.

In case the purse is stolen in your dream, it signifies that your character and influence may be at risk. There could be someone plotting to taint your reputation, so be careful. Or it could be that you are guilty of something you have done in the past.

Hence, you are afraid you’ll lose credibility with the people who believe in you. You are also worried that you get blamed for the outcomes related to your doings. Because of these tribulations, you are bound by restlessness, which might affect your daily tasks.

Dreaming of a stolen purse is also interpreted as anxiety due to the decline of your own attractiveness. While physical attributes are special, it all boils down to having your own perspective. Insecurity is lethal, so try to highlight your sense of self and learn to be thankful for what you have.

4. You should be careful with the people you trust.

Sometimes, there are friends that are toxic and irresponsible. And if you dreamt of your coin purse being stolen, it may connect to disloyalty or even betrayal within your circle of friends. It may also be possible problems with a family member.

Therefore, you have to be careful with who you trust and who you let into your life. Don’t be too open with your financial undertakings and learn how to live privately. Otherwise, this may cause you immense disappointment and would possibly affect your well-being.

5. You should keep an eye on new opportunities so you won’t miss them!

You should keep an eye on new opportunities so you won’t miss them!

When your dream is about losing a new wallet, it relates to a new opportunity that may possibly slip if you become too impulsive. Being hasty when making decisions could negatively impact your financial status. And when there is a significant loss of control in the financial aspect of your life, it spiral downs.

Thus, be very careful and assess opportunities in detail. Don’t be overexcited and overconfident. You need to exert extra effort to keep these newfound gains―whether it’s a new job or a promotion. Make sure that you know how to weigh things accordingly so you are on the track with everything.

6. Your financial worries are just a learning curve for a bright future.

How about if you lose an empty purse? Although it could be a sign of your financial worries, this dream also serves as a positive indication that good things are about to come. But before all the blessings, you are bound to lose some things, which you may have considered to be important at some point.

And while your failure may cause confusion and negative feelings, this can actually help you along the way. Your struggles are a learning curve for greater success. So, don’t get disappointed easily and transform your worries into actions. In time, you’ll benefit from all your sacrifices―just be patient.

This interpretation is also similar if you dream of buying a new purse or a handbag. Your purchase could signify a significant change in your life that would bring a positive impact to your life.

7. Your setbacks are your stepping stones to success.

In your dream, you lose your purse―but then you find it again. The interpretation of this dream links to a loss in your life that is eventually recompensed. For example, you are financially unstable at a certain time in your life. But with hard work and patience, this will be compensated with something bigger.

Therefore, you shouldn’t lose faith when you come across some tribulation that may affect you financially. Have a positive mindset and learn to use your impediments as a stepping stone to finding success. The process itself may be exhausting but just trust the process.

On the other side, you can actually prevent loss of financial stability if you plan your finances properly. That is why it’s important to budget your money and prioritize your needs over your wants. Living within your means is one of the key elements to becoming financially independent.

8. You need to grow as a person.

There are times in your life when you lose important people or significant opportunities. But don’t worry because as cliché as it may seem, everything happens for a reason. Losing something may be pivotal for your growth as a person. You’ll never know your capabilities if you are too dependent.

So, if you dream of losing some of your valuables inside your purse, consider it a positive sign. Perhaps losing these things is important so you get to know more about your worth and you can fully improve yourself for the better.

9. You might come across a significant change in your life―either positive or negative.

Another possible meaning of dreaming of a lost purse is a life-changing event that could happen in real life. It may be related to drastic events that affected how you perceive or value yourself.

This change, however, may be a pleasant surprise or a tough challenge. Therefore, you always have to expect the unexpected, whether it’s a change in your professional life or a slump in your personal pursuits. You need to be ready at all times.

10. You are experiencing a specific emotion in your waking life.

To further understand your dream, you have to take into account the color of the purse in your dream. For example, if you lose a black purse, you are clothed with repressed desires, which you need to let go of for you to move on.

A dream of losing a red purse, on contrary, is about your raging passion. It may be related to your quest for love or companionship. Also, it could be considered a sign of danger, wherein something valuable to you is at risk of losing.

When you dream of losing a golden purse, it’s connected with the possible loss of your financial resources. Therefore, you should be wary when investing or handling large transactions. Meanwhile, this dream could also be related to losing your happiness and self-identity.


Dreams are often metaphorical connections of your waking life. In fact, some of these may be a continuation of the current life happenings. While these are relatively associated with your real life, you should learn how to distinguish them from reality. Don’t stay a dreamer, but instead be an achiever!

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