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8 Dream of My Ex Every Night Meanings

Dreaming about your ex is not an extraordinary dream. That person was someone who was once in our life, so it is quite normal that we dream of them.

But what if we start dreaming about them regularly? Naturally, you will ask the question, “Why do I dream about my ex every night?”. If you do not know the answer to this question and the dream repeats itself after a while, it can become a nightmare.

But you have come to the right place to find that answer. Whether you dream about your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, or spouse, we got you covered.

8 Dream of My Ex Every Night Meanings1

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Ex Every Night

1. Your Current Partner Reminds You Of Your Ex Too Much

Many people get into a relationship with someone who reminds them of their ex. Most people do it unconsciously, but some do it intentionally.

After all, each person is attracted by certain qualities, characteristics, and traits, and there is more than one person who possesses them, so it should not be surprising that sometimes our current partner shares some of them with our ex.

But the problem is when your current partner is too similar to your former one, or even worse, looks like its copy. Almost every movement they make or word they say reminds you of your ex.

Even if you do not want it, you start thinking about your ex during your waking hours. Then those thoughts move into your dreams, and you begin to dream about them every night. Simply, your current relationship looks a lot like your past relationship. Every day is like a deja vu.

2. You Do Not Know What Future Relationships Bring

Even though your ex is an ex, they have one advantage over a future partner: they are a known commodity. Of course, some people will see this as a flaw, but most people are scared of the unknown.

Either way, we know what our ex brings to the table, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they are like as a person.

When we add to all this the love and connection that we felt or still might feel toward them, it is not difficult to understand why many people will turn a blind eye to disappointment, cheating, and betrayal.

But for some people, this familiarity has an additional effect since it discourages them from embarking on romantic adventures with someone new and unknown.

Even if someone expresses romantic interest in them, the fear of the unknown is just too big for them. All of this results in them starting to have dreams in which their ex plays the leading role every night.

3. You Do Not Respect Yourself

Being visited by your ex in your dreams every night can signify that you do not respect yourself. Some people may be slightly offended by this, thinking that the minimum everyone can and should and should do for themselves is to respect themselves.

But you would be surprised to see the number of people for whom this is not true.

Whether you are there for some underlying psychological disorders or games is not so important now – the fact is that a lot of people have low self-esteem. It especially applies to people in relationships where they had to deal with a manipulative or abusive ex.

After they get out of the relationship, they can not get over that ex and often look for the culprit in themselves for all the problems.

Even though that person did a million bad things to them and caused so much frustration, trauma, and negative feelings, they still forgive them. To makes things worse, they know they should not forgive them, but they do it anyway.

8 Dream of My Ex Every Night Meanings2

4. It Has Not Been Long Since You Broke Up

Many dreams have a deeper meaning and require a special analysis, but sometimes you should not complicate things and look for what is not there. Sometimes the meaning is clear as a day. And if you recently broke up with your ex, it is pretty straightforward to figure out why you dream about them every night.

Just until yesterday, you were together, spending hours with each other, and now suddenly, they are gone. We are creatures of habit and do not like anyone to interfere with our habits. But sometimes, they must be changed or completely removed from our lives.

However, when you look for reasons why you dream of them, you tell yourself that it is about some unresolved feelings or a desire for a different closure, but the truth is that you are currently not used to real life without them. Do not worry; your recent ex will become an old and distant ex because time heals all wounds.

5. Your Mind Reminds You To Take Lessons From That Relationship

The vast majority of relationships are over for good once they are over.

Some people look positively at those relationships, while others want to forget them as soon as possible. But what most people do not do is look back on the relationship and try to learn from it.

Many people think that just because something failed, nothing can be learned from it. But is this really true?

Well, you probably do not want to learn from it how to maintain a relationship alive because that lesson is not included in the course.

But what about the beginning of the relationship? What about the stuff you learned from your ex? Or improvements you made as a person? You do not want to throw all of that away.

And this is what your subconscious mind is trying to point out to you with your ex-partner, who appears in your dreams every night. Whether it was a trauma or resentment-filled relationship or a relationship full of affection and love, there is always something to be learned from the past (relationship).

6. You Want To Go Back

Even if a relationship ends with a mutual agreement, the parties involved will never feel identical about the breakup. After all, they are two different people, so it is impossible for them to feel identical.

The same thing happened to you too, but the difference between what you and your ex think about your past relationship is pretty big – while they are moving on, you are thinking of getting back with them.

You believe the breakup was a mistake, and your waking life is filled with thoughts about them and the relationship, which results in you starting to dream about them every night. It is like an obsession.

Thoroughly analyze your relationship before you decide to call them or send them a message. There may be a valid reason why it finished.

8 Dream of My Ex Every Night Meanings3

7. There Is A Void In Your Life That Needs To Be Filled

When people decide to break up with someone, they mainly focus (as they should) on the negative aspects that probably led them to that decision. They think their lives will change for the better as soon as they get rid of all that negativity. And they are right!

But many forget to consider the positive aspects that the person who was in your life until recently brought. One of those is that it was a person with whom we spent a lot of time doing stuff such as walking, cooking, traveling, talking, sitting in silence comfortably, watching movies, and having sex…

You only became aware of all this after the breakup, and now you feel emptiness because you are not used to doing so many things alone or being alone for so long. So, naturally, dreams of your ex start happening every night.

8. You Want Someone New

Dreaming about your ex every night can mean that you are ready for a new relationship or want at least a new person to enter your life.

In your current life, everything is fine regarding work, finances, health, friendships, and family relationships, but nothing is happening on the love and sexual front. You feel that you lack certain emotions and sensations. You long for flame, passion, kisses, and touches.

Do not be surprised to see your ex every night in your dreams. They are just a symbol of the person with whom you will be able to achieve your desires. Your subconscious mind knows that your ex used to be that person.


Now you know the possible meanings of a recurring dream about your ex.

For example, this dream could mean that our present partner reminds us of the former one too much, that the break happened recently, or that we want to get back with them.

It can also be a sign that we want someone new in our lives, a reminder to learn something from our past relationship(s), or a symbol of the emptiness we feel after the ex departs from our lives.

Finally, dreaming about our ex every night can indicate a lack of self-respect or fear of future relationships.

All those who have something to say or would like to get clarification or additional information on this topic can do so by using the comments!

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