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8 Dream Of Bears Meanings

Dreaming of bears at night’s rest can be difficult to interpret as bears represent various things and can be taken as good luck for your waking life or have a negative connotation for your near future.

Bears have been taken as totemic animals in different cultures and represent wisdom, courage, personal strength, simplicity, protection, and independence.

But this spirit animal also makes itself present in your dreams when your subconscious mind wants to warn you of something. Possibly you are going to face obstacles and opponents before achieving all your goals, so the dream is telling you to be patient.

It may also refer to negative emotions such as aggressiveness and irritation in the face of certain circumstances in your real life. It will depend a lot on how you feel during the dream, and if the bear had a positive or negative attitude. The species of bear also influence the dream.

Keep reading this article to find out everything that dreaming about bears wants to convey to you.

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Spiritual meanings of bear dreams

1. You must be strong and motherly

Bears symbolize a lot of dualities since they are strong and aggressive creatures, but at the same time, they are calm and prudent. This dream is telling you that it is necessary for you to obtain that duality of the bears.

It pushes you to be a symbol of strength and exercise authority over the different aspects of your life, but at the same time practice patience and affection with those around you.

Only by finding the middle point of things and without letting ourselves be carried away by extremes will we reach the wisdom we need to achieve all our goals.

2. Connection with yourself

Such dreams bring positive energy to your life and are the answer to so many hours of meditation and personal growth. It is believed that dreaming of bears connects you with your inner being and gives you a light of wisdom for your life.

It is possible that you have undertaken or are about to undertake soul searching. If you have already started on this path, then the dream tells you that everything is going well, to move on and go deeper into your thoughts and emotions.

And if you are about to undertake this process, trust that everything will be fine and it is just what you need for your life. Remember bears are powerful symbols in the dream world and the spiritual realm. This totem animal guarantees you success in your goals and aspirations.

3. Hard work time

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Remember first of all that one of the main characteristics of bears is duality, so you should take this dream as an incentive to work hard to meet your goals and objectives. But at the same time without ceasing to be fun and enjoy life.

You are going to need a lot of strength and determination, days of hard work will come, but you should not let the obligations overwhelm you. Maintain a brotherly and friendly spirit to find the prosperity you crave.

4. Powerful enemies

If you dream of an aggressive bear, it may be the representation of powerful enemies in your life. Someone with a lot of influence and power wants to see you fail or wants to take your position.

To defend what belongs to you or what you have earned, you must remain calm, with a purity of spirit, but with authority and determination.

5. Intuition and confidence in yourself

The meaning of a bear in your dreams is closely related to your intuition and how you face certain difficulties in life.

These dreams have to do with the confidence that you must have in yourself, which must be one of your strongest traits when facing problems.

If you have been doubting your decisions or your good judgment, the dream tells you not to be afraid to do what your heart feels. Trust your instincts and don’t doubt your inner power.

6. Connect with your inner child

Dreaming of bears is also related to our childhood and to the desires and aspirations we had as children. The obligations of adult life are erasing those desires and aspirations of childhood, but we are not aware of their importance in our lives.

This dream is an incentive for you to reconnect with the innocence of childhood. Take some time for yourself and analyze the different aspects of your life. Are there any that are not aligned with your childhood wishes?

It may be that you are taking a path that your inner child does not like and you are simply letting yourself be carried away by the parameters of the world by what society requires of you.

It is important to be aware of our inner child since our youth is when we are most connected with our true emotions and desires. Don’t lose that connection, or if you already lost it, give yourself some time to reconnect with your inner child.

7. Leave the isolation and loneliness

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Not all bear dreams have positive meanings. Sometimes it can reflect our loneliness from the rest of the people around us.

It is a notice from your soul that asks for friendship and love for your environment. If you have isolated yourself due to some inner conflict or because you have suffered a loss, the dream warns you that there has been enough time alone.

Now you need the company of your friends and family to solve your problems. You need to feel loved and wanted. So look for your loved ones. Arrange to have a meeting at home or a family dinner and stop facing your problems alone.

It’s good to process things and take time for yourself, but just as important to socialize and count on friends and family to get you through tough times.

Look for your friends, that they and the love they have for you are the answer to your problems.

8. New Beginnings

Bears in dreams can also represent a great struggle to get out of difficult or emotionally draining situations.

You feel exhausted and you think that you can’t take that painful situation anymore. Do not worry, because dreams with bears tell you that soon your sorrows will end and you will get out of those undesirable situations.

You just need a little more resilience, the light on the other side of the tunnel is about to appear. You will experience a rebirth of spirit and new doors open for you.

Life has many new surprises and positive changes prepared for you.

Dreaming with different types of bears

The bear is a very dual symbol by tradition and its dreams represent many things, usually opposing values or traits trying to balance to find a middle ground.

But when we talk about bears, there are several species and one of them may be represented in your dreams. The meaning of your dreams can change dramatically depending on which bear shows up. Here we leave you a summary of the different types of bears and their meaning.

  • Polar Bear: This bear is a symbol of spiritual growth and the awakening of your conscience. It also represents people who easily adapt to the changes that life presents to them and retain their humility and kindness.
  • Grizzly Bear: These bears are a symbol of brutality and fierceness. If the bear behaves aggressively towards you, then it is a warning as you may be the victim of someone’s grudge or it may be you who is behaving aggressively. It also symbolizes a protective and proud spirit.
  • Panda Bear: These adorable bears are a symbol of prosperity and good luck. They also represent the determination to keep going no matter what obstacles come your way.
  • Sloth Bear: These bears move little and very slowly due to their slow metabolism. In dreams they also represent slowness, but to take a breath, connect with yourself, and learn to enjoy the simple things in life. If you have been living in an accelerated way, put the brake on and give yourself some time to better assimilate everything that is happening in your life.
  • Koala Bear: These bears appear in your dreams when you need encouragement in your life. They also represent self-care and remind you to treat yourself well, treat yourself once in a while, and not be so harsh in judging yourself.


The symbology of the bears in your dreams will change according to the attitude of the bear and the kind of situation in which you find yourself. If you dream of aggressive encounters with bears, you already know that you should be careful because aggressive people are surrounding you or you may be the one who has aggressive patterns with your environment.

Instead, the friendly bears in your dreams represent characteristics such as simplicity, adaptability, courage, balance, and wisdom.

Take into account what your feelings and sensations are during your dream so that you can have a better judgment when interpreting them and let yourself be carried away by your intuition, which is always better connected with your subconscious.

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