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6 Dream of Someone Breaking in Meanings

Burglaries are some of the most common crimes in the world. In most countries, breaking into a house is considered illegal, even if it is not accompanied by any further crime like stealing or murdering someone. Robberies have occurred since the dawn of civilization, with several written passages about them in the Bible.

Police stations around the United States have provided statistics to prove that burglary numbers are still very high despite the increased security measures. Thankfully, if you do not live in an area with a high crime rate, you probably won’t have to worry about them. But what about a dream about someone breaking in?

In this article, we’ll examine the different meanings of a dream about someone breaking into a house and what it indicates to your subconscious mind. Keep on reading to learn more about the meaning of burglaries in your dreams!

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Dream About Someone Breaking In

Dreaming about someone breaking into your house is a very common dream theme since it is a normal fear that most people have. After all, most dreams are a way for our sub-conscience to express themselves. Therefore, if you have a phobia about someone breaking into your home, you are more likely to have dreams like this frequently.

The best thing you can do about this issue is to try and maintain the security of your house to a high standard. This way, you will prevent the majority of robberies from occurring. Also, if you regularly dream of an intruder, consider the dream’s circumstances and try to interpret them.

Dreams about intrusion in someone’s home predominantly relate to that person’s sense of security about their personal space and boundaries. When people dream of intruders trying to physically break into their homes, it usually indicates that there are one or more people trying to “break into” their consciousness.

Another interpretation of a dream about the burglary is your lack of trust in people. You constantly fear that people are out to get you, and you rarely let others deep into your life. You probably have a hard time forming meaningful connections with others. While finding the right people can be challenging, it is necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Finally, some people might even be affected positively by a dream about an intruder breaking in. They could take this as a positive opportunity to make significant changes in their lives, like moving to a new house or even a new town.

Now that we’ve mentioned some general dream interpretations about breaking in, here are a few specific scenarios about this dream that you should consider:

1. Do You Know The Person Trying To Break In?

As we mentioned above, when someone tries to break into your house, it is usually a sign of something trying to invade your personal space. If you manage to see the person’s face, and it is someone you know from your everyday life, they could be the ones trying to sabotage you.

Where it gets complicated is if the intruder is a very close person like a family member or your boyfriend or girlfriend. In this case, you need to devote more time to yourself and not let anyone take that time away from you as you need it. If this person keeps demanding more of your time or intruding on your personal affairs, you must tell them to stop.

If the person in your dream is yourself, or a disfigured version of yourself, it could indicate a specific part of your personality that you dislike. Perhaps this part of you keeps creeping into your life and is messing with it. Your subconscious treats this intrusion of your personal space as a house intrusion and tries to warn you about it.

Dream About Someone Breaking In

2. Does The Intruder Try To Break In From The Front Door?

The place where the intrusion happens can also be significant in the interpretation of dreams. If the intruder breaks in from the front door, it is usually a sign that you will face a huge change that you don’t enjoy. Sometimes, we need to change a few of the worst aspects of our character in order to be able to walk our desired life path.

Perhaps you have been in an unacceptable decline for a while, and you worry that some of your traits or behaviors might be holding you back. Nevertheless, you don’t welcome change, as you are afraid of what it might bring soon.

Remember that change is a very important matter that needs to constantly happen if you want to reach your true ideals in life. Stay strong and true to yourself no matter what happens. If you ever feel lost, look back on your core beliefs and views for stability when trying to change.

3. Does The Intruder Try To Break In From The Window?

Since windows represent light and vision, the fact that someone tries to break into your house from the window could indicate that they want to skew your vision. Perhaps there’s a person who has been significantly interfering with your life goals.

They could be trying to sabotage your growth or gaslighting you into believing things that are not true. You need to remove this person from your life as soon as possible, as they can cause you great harm.

If it’s you who is trying to break in from the window, it could be that a rational part of your waking brain is trying to tell you something. Perhaps you have seen things the wrong way for a while, blinded by people or circumstances. It’s time to reconsider some of your views and try to alter them if necessary.

4. Is The Burglar Armed?

An armed burglary can be a terrifying situation that would be difficult for anyone to handle. If you see a dream about someone breaking in while being armed, it could have a few symbolic meanings.

If the intruder is armed with a knife, it symbolizes that the intrusion has an aggressive nature. The knife can forcefully sever something from the person dreaming. Also, according to some experts, the knife also symbolizes painful removal, so your loss won’t be painless.

If the intruder has a gun, it indicates that the dreamer could possibly get hurt physically or emotionally soon. It also shows an inner conflict. This could be a conflict with your inner psychological figure or a person from your inner circle. In any case, it will be painful and leave you scarred for a while.

Does The Intruder Try To Attack You

5. Does The Intruder Try To Attack You?

If the intruder in your house confronts you or tries to attack you, it usually indicates an imminent conflict. This conflict usually originates from family members or people close to you. If it is a family matter, it is most often arranged by one member of the family who spreads lies about everyone to turn them against each other.

Unfortunately for you, their efforts will most likely be successful, and you will have a fight with your family. However, family ties are very strong, and you will eventually make amends and get back to how things used to be.

You should also consider that dreams stem from our deepest fears. Therefore, if someone breaks into your house and attacks you, it could simply be a deeply-rooted fear you have regarding this event. If you feel that your home’s security can be breached, you can always tighten it to make it safer.

6. Do You Try To Prevent Intrusion Or Hide?

If you fought against intruders in your house, it is usually a positive sign. It means that whatever conflict arises in your life, you are ready to face it head-on and overcome it. This is a handy trait to have, as it means tense situations do not quickly phase you, and you have solid foundational beliefs.

If you managed to fight off intruders together with your family, it is an indication that you share strong family bonds. In a case of emergency, you stuck together and prevailed against the “intrusion” that happened in your life.

If you find yourself trying to hide and avoid intruders, it shows your tendency to avoid situations that make you uncomfortable. While no one likes stressful conditions, they are almost always necessary when making important changes. If you want to move forward and not stagnate, making uncomfortable changes is part of the journey.


All in all, dreams about someone breaking in are very common, as many people have fears about this event. While the majority of these dreams signify intrusion into your personal space or conflict with loved ones, there are instances where they could be a good sign for you.

This situation can often indicate an imminent change in some necessary parts of your life. If you welcome changes in your life, you will most likely not have any issues with them. If you avoid alterations and prefer your routine life, this dream could still be a negative omen for your future.

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Wednesday 19th of April 2023

I have dreams of people breaking in and recently I had one. So I looked out the window & I seen someone’s face I knew and like six more people. Dressed in all one color ( i can’t remember ) walked near my house then my dream transferred to my window in my room. Me and sister were trying to figure out when to leave and it finally felt like they were coming in…so we jumped out window onto a roof then jumped down. We ran past the basketball court (there were 3 boys I think there) totally ignored us, Then ran up the stairs and ran into a ladies house. I started to wake up when I realized they were coming to her house…But they didn’t I just didn’t like the feeling.

I had a dream where this dude was outside my Room Door and my sister was in the shower and she came out and said “why are u here” or something like that. Then he whispers but I don’t remember exactly what he said. Before I called my mom and she said I’ll call the cops which her door is right next to mines…but she said it so calm. Then he had a clown mask on and an axe and hit my sister! Then I woke up.