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10 Dream Of Being Abused Meanings

A dream about being abused is definitely terrifying. And when you come across these visions one of these days, you may be wondering if there are certain connections in your waking life. Actually, dreams like these are quite alarming. Many experts believe that these visualizations are a reflection of inner conflict.

These may also serve as a reminder or a warning from your subconscious mind. Thus, it’s important to have an idea of its possible interpretations. For your guidance, we’ve curated the most pivotal meanings that you can use as reference in your daily life.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Abused?

1. You are in an abusive relationship.

Unfortunately, dreams like these are often an extension of reality. Therefore, if you are highly mistreated in real life, there’s a high tendency for you to get this kind of dream. Domestic violence is a growing problem that continues to shackle the entire world.

Aside from the physical hurt, it brings to the victims, it has a significant impact on a person’s mental health. People in abusive relationships are bounded by mental issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Some also turn to drugs due to feelings of powerlessness.

And despite wanting to get out of the chain, they still found themselves living in the same pattern out of control and in fear. So, if you found yourself in a similar situation, you need to be brave, not just for yourself but also for the people who truly value you.

Gather up your strength and seek professional assistance. It may be a long and difficult process, but remember that your well-being is your priority. Get the therapy that you need for the healing of your physical and emotional wounds.

2. Pent-up frustrations are piling up.

Aside from physical violence, this dream is also a possible indication of frustration in a certain area of your life. And regrettably, these emotions are continuously being pushed down, which can lead to a lot of negative repercussions. Repressed emotions generally cause stress, anxiety, and even substance abuse.

That is why you need to regulate your emotions properly to understand yourself better. Don’t be afraid to embrace what you truly feel. It’s important for humans to be capable of feeling different emotions, including happiness, grief, hostility, and everything in between.

Never limit yourself to just a specific emotion. Likewise, you need to learn how to identify triggers so you to reduce them as much as possible. Take time to listen to yourself and make a decision that is based on a proper judgment. Lastly, try to seek a therapist for further help.

3. You are filled with unruly thoughts.

In relation to the above meaning, this dream also takes on how messy your life is at the moment. You are occupied with negative thoughts that may significantly affect your decisions in life. This negativity may be caused by a series of factors, from job problems to relationship issues.

Thus, if you are in a messy situation right now, you need to slow down. Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself enough time to breathe. Also, it’s significant not to dwell too much on your past actions. Instead, focus on the present while also planning out your immediate future.

4. Sexual assault has happened in real life.

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Victims of sexual harassment and rape are generally trapped with dreams of getting abused. Aside from having these visions, most victims experience serious mental illnesses like depression and PTSD. They have a hard time going back to their normal life because of shame and helplessness.

And if you are a victim of this very unfortunate circumstance, you need to pay close attention to your thoughts and actions. Likewise, it’s crucial to have a solid support system to back you up. to. Having people around helps in overcoming your traumas and alleviating your feelings of distress.

Therapy is also a credible way to cope with your feelings and manage your stress so you won’t fall into the dark side. Three of the most beneficial treatments are Cognitive behavioral therapy, Supportive therapy, and EMDR.

5. It’s an expression of your utmost care for your children.

Meanwhile, if the dream is about your child being abused, it signifies your immense love for your kids and that you don’t want them to be in danger. The vision itself is a simple reminder to keep your children all safe and healthy. As a parent, you are tasked to nurture them and lead them to the right path.

Hence, you should set the right example and be a good role model. Avoid abusive language at all times because children often mimic their parents. If abusive language and curses are existent in the family, it won’t be long before your kids copy them.

Moreover, you should always make time for your kids, especially during their childhood. Be proud of their achievements because a lack of appreciation can negatively impact their self-confidence. And of course, you need to be consistent with your rules.

6. Your relationship with your family is on the rocks.

Another possible interpretation relates to your current personal relationships, specifically with your family. There could be issues with your spouse, parents, or family members that have been brewing for quite some time.

Family conflicts are natural, but these should be solved as soon as possible to avoid regret. In doing so, there should be respect for one another. Being calm is very crucial when discussing these problems. Thus, you need to put emotions aside and don’t interrupt someone while they are talking.

During the conversation, make sure that you are actively listening. Ask questions if there are things that you need to clarify and tell your side of the story―honestly. It’s important that you don’t alter the truth to fit your narrative. And if you’ve done mistakes, ask for forgiveness and show remorse.

7. Misfortunes are bound to happen.

Experiencing dreams about abuse can also imply that there may be problems with your personal affairs. And more often than not, it’s associated with your money. It could be a possible failure in your business or issues with your financial status in general.

So, you may use this dream as a warning to evaluate your current choices. Have you been very persistent in a start-up that is bound to fail? Or have you made investments with no extensive research? Financial decisions are very crucial, and that is why you need to be careful with your decisions.

You also need to know the people around you. Don’t just trust someone out of kindness. You should build a network that can support you with your undertakings. If you have a solid web of connections, it’s time to plan out your market thoroughly and create a business model that is realistic.

8. New opportunities are coming.

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Although dreams about abuse are mostly on the negative side, there are some interpretations that are modified because of the factors of the dream. For example, a dream of being ill-treated at your work is considered good luck. It means that there are amazing opportunities coming your way.

Therefore, you need to be ready because your sacrifices will soon turn into accomplishments. Get hold of your dreams and strive for excellence and progress. Don’t just stop because of one win. You need to continue doing your best and plan for the things that you want to achieve.

This is where planning kicks in. Having a sound and practical plan is imperative to attain your goals smoothly and within your timeline. You also need to take into account different factors, depending on the situation.

9. Stay true to your principles.

Alternately, these dreams may also refer to the possibility of someone trying to alter your perceptions. But don’t worry because no matter how hard they try, as long as you trust in your inner core, they can’t change you.

This is the main reason why having a strong grasp of your mentality is important. It keeps you grounded and adept with your emotions. So, if you believe that there is someone trying to change your principles, try to revisit your inner self. This gives you better clarity of the main purpose in your life.

10. Handle things with caution.

On the other hand, if the abuser in your dream is equipped with a weapon, it’s a representation of your need to approach things systematically. Don’t act rashly for the sake of completing a task. You should create a detailed strategy for your actions as well as prepare a backup plan in case of detours.

When working on crucial things, it’s also vital to be surrounded by people whom you value and trust. Don’t easily believe people with intentions that are too good to be true. It always pays off to be picky in terms of choosing the people within your circle.

Remember to only let know important people know about the huge decisions in your life. This gives you a better grasp of the entire situation.


Despite dreams about being abused generally being negative, you need to remember that these are just a product of your mind. Therefore, the choice is yours. Focus on what you can do in reality and simply make use of dreams as an accessory to help you.

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