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13 Dream Of Someone Getting Married Meanings

A dream with the colors and festivities associated with marriage can be pretty exciting; however, while you would expect dreams of this nature to be straightforward, beware, marriage dreams do not always mean wedding bells are around the corner.

Dreams about getting married can denote unity and harmony, new beginnings, fear and anxiety, fulfillment, committed relationships, unresolved differences, or pressure.

Dreams like these are best interpreted while considering the circumstances around you. This dream can be a good sign and sometimes have a different meaning from what you would expect. Read on to learn the possible interpretations of your dream.

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Symbolic Meanings Attached to Wedding Dreams

Most dreams have a more general meaning, especially when they lack specific detailing. Dreams about marriages are more common than you would expect and here are the most likely interpretations of such dreams.

1. Unity and Harmony

The concept of marriage itself symbolizes unity. Two separate bodies join together to exist as one big family. Usually, this dream in this context does not mean a marriage will happen; it just shows unity in a particular setting.

You may have experienced problems with several people in your waking life, probably at your job, hence this dream signifies an end to such issues and lets you know that you will be united with these people once again.

Additionally, dreams like this can prepare you for new challenges in different aspects of your life. Your personal and career life will likely be connected soon, and this dream tries to prepare you for this coming harmony.

2. New Beginning

A wedding dream can signify the possibility of a change heading your way. This type of change is mostly a good one since marriages are happy occurrences. Dreams like these can help to prepare you for the transitions you are about to experience.

If you do not plan on getting married soon, it means your life is headed towards a positive side and with the chances of getting married one day. For a married dreamer, it can denote motivation, especially regarding the start of a new family life.

After all, marriages come with changes and the possibility of a new life once you are prepared. This dream signifies that your subconscious mind is ready for the changes associated with married life.

3. Fear and Anxiety

When you have spent considerable time alone without a partner, you’ll likely feel afraid because you think you might spend the rest of your life alone. This thought leads to fear and anxiety, causing you to dream about someone getting married.

You may also have pressure from your family and friends to get married. They remind you how lonely it is to be alone and this fuels your frustrations and causes fear and sadness, making you dream more about possible marriages.

4. Fulfillment

Many people consider getting married a life-long achievement and a fulfilling endeavor and most times, it is, especially for dreamers who find happiness in the promises of the good luck that marriage will bring.

Most times, this fulfillment is not about getting married itself. It serves as a symbolic representation of other aspects of your life. You can liken it to your aspirations in real life; this dream motivates you to reach this purpose.

You may have a lot in your waking life to attend to, like deadlines at your job or a prior commitment. You tend to dream about someone getting married because it matches the feeling of fulfillment that you currently feel.

5. Committed Relationship

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Dreams about someone getting married can denote your desire to be in a committed relationship. It shows that you are interested in a more permanent relationship than before.

If you are currently in a relationship, this dream means you are ready to move on to the next step. You are probably waiting for your partner to pop the question so you can start planning for your big day.

This dream shows your anticipation to have a more defined relationship with your partner. If you are single, this dream can be your subconscious mind trying to make you aware of your true feelings, which involves finding a partner in the near future.

6. Unresolved Differences

Whether it is an issue between a romantic partner or your friends, dreams about getting married can symbolize your mind trying to resolve issues with those dear to you.

If the dreams relate to your spouse, it can be interpreted as the need for your partner to propose to you. It is possible you have been waiting on your spouse to do so for a while, and this hesitation has caused bad blood.

When you dream about someone marrying, it can point to such differences and usually leads to such issues being resolved. Dreams like these make you work on your issues and clear the air whenever you have differences with the people closest to you.

7. Pressure

For a single person, your parents may hound you about getting married, and this usually causes pressure making you have dreams about someone getting married. You tend to see a lot of dreams involving a wedding if you are under this pressure.

This is more common when the dreamer is a woman since pressure is more on the female gender to get married, especially when friends and other people close to the woman are married or preparing for a wedding.

This dream is a way for the subconscious mind to help you resist this pressure and not make a decision to get married to the wrong person because it is what is required of you at that moment.

6 Specific Wedding Dreams and their Meanings

Depending on the type of dream that you have, there are some specific details in your dream that help to determine the original interpretation of such dreams. This difference may depend on the person getting married or who you are getting married to in the dream.

1. Getting Married to Your Current Spouse

When you dream about getting married to your current partner again, you may be questioning and reviewing your current relationship with that partner. It means there are circumstances surrounding your marriage that will determine the future.

Additionally, this dream can also be a way of solidifying your commitment to your partner as a married person. It suggests that you are so in love with them that you can consider marrying them again.

2. Getting Married to Your Ex

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A dream about getting married to your ex can either be a good omen or a bad one. On a brighter note, it is likely you are finally over the emotions involved with your ex, especially if there was so much negativity when you were together.

It is also possible that instead of moving on from your former relationship, you keep comparing what you had with your ex with what you have with your current partner; these comparisons can lead to dreams like marrying an ex.

3. A Family Member Getting Married

Whenever you dream of a wedding where a member of your family gets married, it shows there is no chance of you getting married anytime soon. This is not to say that a wedding is not in the books for you, but you should not expect it in the near future.

Chances are, a good number of your family members will get married before you do your own wedding and this dream helps you prepare for this event.

Dreams about getting married to a family member hold a different meaning. There are likely behaviors you would like your partner to possess or not that a family member possesses.

4. Attending a Wedding as a Guest

This scenario is one interpretation that is not necessarily related to the wedding ceremony. This dream implies great vision and insight into matters that concern your life; all you can do is observe and watch it happen.

It is also possible that in this dream, you view the person getting married as selfish because they are always at the center of attention, leaving you sidelined and rarely noticed.

5. A Wedding Dream where you are the Groom

A dream about being the groom can be interpreted as a negative sign. This dream implies that because of events from your past, you will face rejection from those around you that you believe can’t reject you.

This act may depress you, especially after you lose the support of those closest to you, but you need to be patient and optimistic so you can pull through.

6. Wedding Dream where you are the Bride

This interpretation is subject to how the bride feels in the dream. If you dream of a blushing bride, you are optimistic about the events in your waking life. It denotes happiness and fulfillment in your life.

When a bride does not appear as excited in a wedding dream, it implies fear, especially of commitment. Many times, it means you are not prepared for a level of commitment not only in your relationships but in other aspects of your life.

Final Thoughts

Whether as a bride walking down the aisle or a groom waiting at the altar with the priest, the idea of getting married is exciting. However, the interpretation is sometimes less direct than expected when you dream about getting married.

Remember that there are certain details in your dream that can determine its true interpretation. Some of these are:

  • Who is getting married
  • Who are you getting married to
  • The circumstances of the wedding

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