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11 Dream of Dinosaurs Meanings

Some dream meanings are clear as day and have been a part of the human experience for millennia. Others, not so much. For example, our society has only known about dinosaurs for about 250 years or so. 

Dreaming about dinosaurs suggests that you may have a lot on your plate. But, what does it mean? While there are no spiritual signs that are traditionally ascribed to this dream type, we can still offer a look into what the presence of a dinosaur in dreams can mean…

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What Does A Dinosaur Dream Mean?

1. If you recently had taken a trip to a museum or have a kid who loves dinos, it could just be your waking life impacting your dreams.

Sometimes we look too deeply into the meanings of dreams. If you have a kid who loves dinosaur fossils or watches TV shows with dinosaur characters, then it could just be that you’re really steeped in dino stuff. 

Our dreams often reflect what we see around us in real life. If you have a lot of dino stuff in your life, then it makes sense that such dreams would happen to you. 

2. In many cases, a dream about dinosaurs can also signal an inferiority complex.

Dinosaurs are massive. Their large size makes them bigger and more powerful than any animals that we currently have on this planet. When you compare yourself to a dinosaur, you’re going to feel really small. (Like, really small!)

If you find yourself dreaming about being much smaller than a dinosaur, it could mean that you feel inferior to the people around you. This is a particularly poignant dream if you’re the “new kid on the block” in a career. 

This might be a sign that your instincts are making you feel threatened by the “big players” in your world. You may want to work on setting aside past issues and cultivating good self-esteem. 

3. Dreaming about a small dinosaur might mean that you’re getting new opportunities. 

A dream about a small dinosaur is often interpreted as a good omen. Interpreters generally agree that a smaller dinosaur means that you will have new opportunities or a sudden blessing come into your life. 

If you recently set out to do something, it can also be an indicator that your goal will be reached within a reasonable period of time. 

4. Being attacked by a dinosaur suggests that you feel swamped by negativity. 

Did you recently dream of being chased by a dinosaur? Being attacked by these intimidating creatures is often an allegory for how the dreamer is feeling about their lives. Do you feel overwhelmed by people tearing you down?

If you recently faced an obstacle, this suggests that the negative emotions you experience may be affecting your health. Pay attention to the size of the dinosaur. A very large dinosaur is a sign that you’ll see great difficulties in the near future. 

On a similar note, this can also be a sign that you need to cut old habits out of your life.  This is doubly true for anger. Rage could be causing you to miss out on lots of opportunities. If there was ever a time to curb your temper, now would be the time!

5. Dreams of seeing dinosaurs eat are a positive omen. 

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Generally speaking, any time you see creatures chowing down on food in a dream is a good thing. This belief has been extended to dinosaur dreams too. A lot of people see this as a sign that you will get a lot of opportunities in the near future. 

This is particularly good if you have been dealing with a need for more affection or romance. You may find someone who is a lot more suited to you than past partners. With that said, new job opportunities may also pop up. Yay!

6. Dinosaur dreams can also come up when you are unsure what to do with your life.

If you find yourself being chased or attacked by dinosaurs with little room to hide, then you may also have another interpretation to consider. This is a dream that can come up when you feel “frozen” in decision making.

Do you find yourself questioning the validity of the first decision you make? A lot of people who are petrified of making the wrong decision tend to choose to do nothing at all. This doesn’t actually help them get a better future. It’s actually a way to self-sabotage.

People who tend to question themselves may feel like they’re constantly running away from past times, old decisions, and past shame. They don’t feel sure of themselves enough to actually have the courage to stand up for themselves. 

If you’re at a major crossroads or just feel “frozen,” now would be a good time to channel your inner strength to stand up. 

7. You might also be haunted by a rather traumatic past.

Think about how dinosaurs went extinct. One day, they were thriving. The next, a giant meteor hit the earth and wiped most of them out. That’s terrifying and it also meant that our planet’s evolution had a major upheaval. 

If you see dinosaurs (or even dinosaur bones) in your dreams, it could be that you fell stuck in the past. You are left looking at what was lost, or maybe even feel stuck to continue to make the same mistakes you made before. 

This is your subconscious’s way of saying that the past is dead. It’s gone. It’s time to move on and maybe even get a little bit of help for overcoming that trauma. Those bones are a sign that the past is no longer meant to influence you. 

8. Dreaming about collecting dinosaur bones can be a good sign or a bad omen, depending on the connotation. 

If you dream of stumbling across a bunch of dinosaur bones, interpreters say that this could mean your luck in love is going to change for the better. If you have been single for a long time, expect your romance to kick up a notch.

Watch out, though! There is also a negative interpretation of this dream you have to watch out for. If you find yourself picking up a lot of bones in the dream, this could signify that you will lose a close friend in the near future.

If you feel a sense of loss during the dream, then this is probably what’s going to happen. On the other hand, if you feel a sense of wonder looking at the bones, you probably will see romance in your upcoming days. 

9. Walking through a museum of dinosaur bones could mean that you’re rehashing your past.

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If you find yourself looking at dino bones in a dream, it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Seeing dinosaurs in a museum setting may indicate that you went through a lot of stuff and are just looking at how things used to be. 

This is a dream that people might have if they are finally taking a holistic look at what happened, where they were, and where they are now. One might even say that they are marveling at their own histories.

10. Being afraid of a dinosaur may suggest that your anxiety is starting to become difficult to manage.

Anxiety can show up in dreams in a wide range of different ways, including seeing a scary raptor or being startled by a brontosaurus. If you feel a palpable amount of fear in your dreams, then the dinosaur probably represents your worries. 

Now, this can actually have several deeper meanings. Sometimes, dinosaurs can indicate a very specific problem that you might be running away from—such as pressure from your family members. 

Other times, the dinosaur represents a generalized anxiety that you’re experiencing for the time being. If you have been struggling with your mental health as a result of the state of the world, now would be the time to ask for some help. 

11. If you dream of playing with toy dinosaurs, you might just miss your childhood. 

Most of us have gone through a “dinosaur phase” when we were young kids. If you dream about playing with stuffed dinosaurs or reading children’s books about dinos, then this could be a dream displaying the nostalgia you feel. 

Watching shows like Barney is a cherished memory of childhood for many of us. It was a time when things just made sense. If you’re dreaming about it, you could be yearning for simpler times when you felt safe and protected from the negativity of the world. 

Last Words

Dinosaur dreams are very unique in the sense that their interpretations can be very flexible. What kind of dino dream did you have? Tell us your story in the comments section below!

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