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10 Dream of Being On A Boat Meanings

Dreams are powerful ways for our subconscious mind to get our attention. Often, they hold secret messages that can help us learn more about ourselves and prepare for any of life’s obstacles.

Boat dreams, in particular, are a common dream to experience and often beckon significant changes in our lives. The boat’s condition, type, and speed can tell us a great deal about ourselves and the future we are heading toward.

This article will help explore what exactly a boat dream means. We will highlight common scenarios and how they can apply to your life to help you on this exciting voyage.

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Ten meanings when you dream of a boat

1. You will enjoy good luck and happiness

One of the main symbols of being on a boat is that you are in a good place. Whether a short or long trip, boats offer us unmatched safety and comfort, gently guiding us toward our destination. They also signify prosperity, promising fish, treasure, and exploration.

If you are relaxed and enjoying yourself on the boat, your dream tells you that everything is “smooth sailing” right now—time to relax, unwind and put any fears and anxieties aside.

This is especially true if the boat you dream about is a cruise ship or ferry; enjoy your vacation in this dream, as you’ve earned it.

2. You may need to slow down

As one of the slowest modes of transport, boats are often a message from our subconscious mind to slow down in life. Especially if the boat in your dream is at a standstill, this dream reminds you to destress and prioritize your personal needs for a change.

Some boats, like sailboats, need the wind to push themselves forward. If you’re on one of these, and there’s no active wind, your dream tells you to stand still, rest, and recuperate. Clock off early at work, and delegate your responsibilities more. The wind will pick back up eventually – so use this time to relax.

3. You need a new direction in life

Boats move in one direction and, as such, are potent symbols of where you are headed in life. Pay close attention to where exactly your boat is traveling and how.

If you follow navigation tools like a map, compass, or guide, you’re on the right path. You follow advice and instructions and will reach your destination in one piece. Time to put your foot down and sail full steam ahead!

If you’re feeling lost and the map is wrong or confusing, this can indicate you’re not ambitious enough in life and have no goals. Especially if you’re in a boat that requires physical strength, like a kayak or canoe, this lack of direction can feel exhausting.

Time to sit down and set yourself some life goals to refocus your energy. Only then can your boat finally make progress forward.

Ten meanings when you dream of a boat

4. You need to be wary of danger

As peaceful as water might seem, it can also be home to dangerous things that can sink a boat. If you dream about your boat becoming damaged, this can be a bad sign that something in your life threatens you.

This is most likely a person at work or a friend in your inner circle. Someone in your waking life is harboring negative emotions towards you. As harmonious and peaceful as your boat trip may seem, a difficult period may be looming, one which will include disappointment and instability.

Especially if the boat has a crew, you must tread carefully with people. One wrong move can create lots of hardships. Be vigilant with whom you trust. They may not have your best interests at heart.

5. You need to let go of the past

Sinking boats are a powerful symbol in dreams, representing our inability to move on from the past. Especially if you don’t want to get off the boat or cannot escape in time, this dream suggests you must find closure over a past event. It is ruining your present and future.

Perhaps you keep thinking about a fight with a friend or family member. Or, you’re bitter over something said a long time ago. Like the sinking boat, your tendency to stew over emotional baggage and cargo is holding you back. Time to offload.

It’s not productive or helpful. Reflect on what’s upsetting you in your life journey, and find ways to achieve a resolution.

6. You need to give someone a second chance

Following on from our previous meaning, one of the essential features of any ship is its lifeboat. In times of crisis, they help save lives and bring us to safety. But this can have a more significant meaning in the dream world, especially in our relationships.

If you are saving other people and bringing them on board, this is a tell-tale sign that you need to get someone from your past a second chance. The lifeboat is an olive branch, asking you to reach out and form a new relationship with this person.

However, if you are being saved, you can expect someone from your past to reenter your life. You will get closure over a past wrong, allowing you both to move on.

Be careful when making big life decisions

7. Be careful when making big life decisions

Large ships are a powerful metaphor for choice and opportunity. They can move in any direction, including backward, and react almost immediately to changes in the weather.

Sometimes, seeing or being onboard a boat can signify periods where we need to decide something monumental. Like the boat, you have several choices laid out in front of you.

If your boat is sailing against a fast current or in stormy waters, you must be quick with your decisions, and stalling for time may cost you gravely.

If sailing in calm waters, you need to be patient. Only make a decision when you have all the facts.

8. Be careful of a financial disaster

Because of their long history in commerce, boasts can be a symbol of commerce, trade, and savings. Especially if you dream of fishing boats, trawlers, and the open sea, you might receive a message about your money.

Examine the condition of the boat for a deeper meaning. Brand new boats with no marks or damage represent a big financial improvement in your near future. Profitable decisions will lead to wise investments, and you can spend a little extra on yourself in the coming weeks.

If you dream of a small boat damaged, battered, or missing parts, this is a major warning to reign in your spending. Something big in your life, like your car, might break down soon and cost you greatly to fix. Prepare for this uncertainty to limit any fiscal damage.

9. You need more control in your life

If you dream of being the captain of a boat, this can reflect how much control you have in your life.

If you can handle the boat quickly, and it is smooth sailing, then your dream is to recognize you’re a capable person. Especially if it’s high-powered, like a speedboat or motorboat, that is moving quickly and demands high skill.

You undoubtedly have huge self-confidence and are excelling in several areas of life. You have much control, whether at work, with friends, or over your emotions.

That said, if you find it difficult (or even impossible) to steer the boat, it can signify that you feel helpless. It would be best if you become more assertive in life. Make your voice known to others, and stick to your guns.

10. You have a great friendship

Seeing other boats in your dream is a positive sign of the quality and condition of your friendships in real life, especially if they are all heading in the same direction.

Especially if your close friend is in a helpful ship like a tugboat, they are there to help you in difficult times or to simply help push you along. It indicates you both share a stable relationship and mutual understanding.

If your dream takes place in a particularly picturesque setting, this indicates you may be developing a brand new romantic relationship with this person.


As you can see, boats enjoy a rich diversity of meanings in the dream world. They signify a greater period of happiness, stability, and prosperity.

But like many dreams, examining the finer details can tell you more about your future. In particular, pay attention to the type of boat, its condition, and whether or not other sailors are near you.

With enough reflection, you can prepare for anything the open seas can throw at you. And by discovering what this dream means, you’ll have a bon voyage!

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