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7 Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You Meanings

Although snakes come in different beautiful colors and skin types, the first word that comes to mind for almost everyone when they think about these creatures is fear. You might have dreamt about a snake bite and were unsure what it meant and what to do.

A snake biting you in real life is a cause for alarm; similarly, if you dream of a snake biting and attacking you, you should also take it seriously as it is a sign to take action quickly.

Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You Meanings

The Symbolism of Snake

With how common snakes are, it is no surprise that people belonging to different religious, spiritual, and cultural groups hold different meanings to snakes. Every Religion and culture has its purpose attached to snakes.

Some might think of the animal as a representation of transformation, healing, rebirth, and renewal because of its ability to shed and do away with its old skin.

The medical community also uses the symbol of two snakes entwined around a rod with wings behind them to symbolize healing. It is called Caduceus and is closely similar to the Rod of Asclepius, which only has a snake entwined around it.

The reason for this symbol can be dated back to the Bible when the Israelites were inflicted with diseases and had to look at the snake upon a rod so that they could be healed.

Some cultures associate snakes with hidden desires, passionate sex, secrecy, and intimacy.  The Snake demon, also known as the serpent God, represents fertility in many cultures and their mythologies.

In Hinduism and Christianity, the animal is linked to danger, unforeseen and unwanted circumstances, plain evil, temptation, and misfortune.

This could be linked to how deadly the snake venom is, and also, in the Bible, the serpent had been the one to tempt Adam and Eve into sinning against God. While in Greek and Islam, the snake represents strength, victory, and wisdom.

Because the snake’s anatomy makes it move so close to the ground, it can sometimes be considered a nurturer of the earth and even the netherworld.

Snake Bite Dream Meaning

Snake Bite Dream Meaning

A dream of a snake bite could mean different things, depending on your appearance. Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, while speaking to, stated that a snake biting you in your dream could be linked to health issues.

It is usually a sign that although you have been suffering from a particular illness or emotional wound for a while, you are getting better and healing. It could also mean you are at the receiving end of someone’s hurtful words and remarks.

A snake biting your loved one could also mean that they are the one getting healed and restored, or it could mean that you are probably hurting that person with your harsh remarks.

You could also have a dream about a snake biting your enemy. In this situation, it means that you have the urge and desire to hurt this person back with your own words.

A snake bite dream means that you should pay more attention to your present and stop worrying about what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future.

In this case, you should figure out if you have been ignoring the present because you are caught up in the past or future. The Snake biting you is trying to tell you the consequences you will have to face if you don’t start paying more attention to ‘the now.’

According to, if you dream of a snake biting and attacking you, the meaning depends on where the snake had bitten you. Let’s look at possible places where the snake can bite you and their purposes.

1. Dream Of Snake Bite In The Back Of Your Neck

if you dream of a snake biting at the back of your neck or trying to bite you there, you should be very vigilant as this could mean you are about to be sabotaged.

A snake biting you at that part of your body symbolizes deceit and sabotage, so you must watch out for a backstabber. You don’t necessarily need to go on a hunt for this person as, in time, their true nature will be revealed. All you have to do is be cautious and vigilant.

2. Dream Of Snake Biting Your Left Hand

If you were to dream of a snake biting your left hand, it is a sign that you are constantly underestimating yourself and your capabilities. You have a lot of inner strength and gifts, yet you are refusing to put them to good use.

Maybe you are scared of failing or not meeting up to standard, but whatever it is, you refuse to take responsibility and so are letting your gifts go to waste. This is a wake-up call to sit up and begin to put your skills to good use.

3. Dream Of Snake Biting Your Right Hand

Now, a dream about a snake biting your right-hand means that you should be careful of your tendency to become prideful.

In this case, you know your gifts and are putting them to good use, which is excellent; however, you might be heading towards the road of overconfidence and pride.

The line between self-confidence and overconfidence is vague, so you need to step back and peer deep into your life to figure out if you are indeed crossing that line.

You can figure this out by determining if you have been arrogant, apathetic, judgemental, and impatient with others.

4. Dream Of Snake Biting Your Face

When you dream of a snake biting your face, it signifies that you are becoming vain in your dealings. You are taking on a rather judgemental behavior as you become more concerned about your appearance and that of others.

You are focusing more on vain things, like how others look rather than their character, which is, in fact, more critical. This vain behavior is also affecting your spiritual journey and personal growth.

If this is you, then you need to remember that things like looks and appearance are mostly vanity and what matters the most is how you think and act.

5. Dream Of Snake Bite In The Throat Area

A dream about a snake biting you in this part of your body means that you are so afraid of being rejected that you refuse to speak your mind and keep your emotions locked in.

You have probably gone through rejection before; maybe someone turned you down after you told them how you feel emotionally, and since it hurt so much, you have lost confidence and cannot speak your mind.

This is a sign that if you don’t work on this, it would only cause others to walk over you. You can start by working on your communication skills and how you table out your feelings to others.

6. Dream Of Snake Bite On Your Lips

A dream about a snake biting your lips can mean two things. First, it can mean that you have suspicions about your partner’s infidelity. It is a sign of betrayal.

When you have such a dream, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is unfaithful, so you should look out for the signs that they are.

The second meaning of this type of dream is that you have become slanderous and rude. You might have taken to lying and being untruthful, whereas that is not your authentic self. In reality, you are truthful, so you need to take a step back and figure out how to embrace your true self.

7. Dream Of Snake Biting Your Eye

Being beaten in the eye in your dream seems weird, but it isn’t impossible.

The eyes symbolize your inner intuition and sixth sense, so when you dream that a snake bites you in your left eye, it is a sign that you have been ignoring your instinct, and you should begin to listen to your inner knowledge.

If the bite is to your right eye, you ignore a situation because you don’t want to face it. Stop turning a blind eye to the obvious and listen to your gut.

8. Dream Of Snake Bite On Your Arm

The arm symbolizes giving and generosity. When you dream of a snake biting and attacking your arm, you are most likely the generous type, and you like to give a lot; however, someone is beginning or will still start to take advantage of this trait of yours.

It would be best to be careful and watchful even as you remain generous.

9. Dream Of Snake Bite On Your Elbow Or Knees

If one dreams that a snake bit them on their elbow or knee, it is a sign that the dreamer is holding tightly onto something, and they should just let go and be free.

They may lack in the area of flexibility, and they need to loosen up and try their best to go with the flow.

Other Dreams Involving Snakes

Other Dreams Involving Snakes

A dream about a snake biting and attacking you or your loved one is not the only kind of dream you can have with a snake in it. A snake can appear in your plan in different forms while partaking in other actions.

When Loewenberg spoke, she gave some forms in which you can dream of a snake and what that dream means. Before we look into that, let’s look at two main categories of dreaming about snakes.

Terror-induced Snake Dream

The first is having a nightmare about a snake. If you dream of a snake and it leaves you scared and out of it, then it is a sign that you are close to a very toxic person. That poisonous person can be anyone, and they serve as an immediate threat to you.

You might have known this person for a long time, but their toxic trait has only worsened, and your subconscious knows it. This is a sign to cut that person off before they hurt you.

Snake In A Pleasant Dream

If you, however, dream of a snake and the dream is pleasant, there is no need to panic. It is a sign of healing and good health. It could also be a sign that while you have a relationship with a toxic person, their toxicity is not yet on a red alert.

Interpretations of Other Snake Dreams

Interpretations of Other Snake Dreams

While deciphering what a snake in your dream means, you should consider what that snake was doing, how many snakes were there, and even the type of snake it was. Here are some meanings of snakes in your dream.

1. Dream Of A Snake In A Sensual Way

Most times, a snake is a representation of a man’s sexual energy, and so sensually dreaming of a snake could mean that you are sexually attracted to a man.

2. Dream Of A Boa Constrictor

Remember that snakes represent people in your waking life. A Boa Constrictor is a predator that kills its prey by squeezing them to death. So seeing a Boa Constrictor in your dream could represent someone who makes you feel suffocated and drained.

Someone in your life drains you in more ways than one, and you should look for that person. If you already know this person, you should put some space between you and the person.

3. Dream Of A Harmless Snake

This type of dream, which could also be in the form of a non-venomous snake bite, could mean that you were conscious of someone around you, but they are, in fact, harmless.

Maybe you have figured out that they can cause no harm; perhaps you have not; either way, the dream is a sign that they are harmless.

4. Dream Of A Rattlesnake

In the wild, before the rattlesnake attacks a potential threat, it rattles off a warning, so they stay far away.

In the same way, the rattlesnake appearing in your dream is a warning that someone is toxic in your life, and you should pay close attention to their signs so you can stay away from them.

5. Many Snakes Appearing In Your Dream

This is a sign that too many toxic people surround you or you are experiencing too many health issues in your life.

6. Dream Of Snake In Your House

This type of dream could mean two things. First, it could tell someone with a toxic trait living in the same house as you. Staying away from this person might be more challenging, but you should find a way to sort this out as soon as possible.

It could also mean that you face a lot of toxicity outside your house and bring that negative energy home.

7. Snake Outside Your House

Dreaming of a snake outside your house means that you are aware of someone toxic in your life, but you are yet to call them out on their behavior. That dream is a sign of speaking up against whoever that person is.

Final Words

When you dream about a snake biting and attacking you, it is not necessarily a bad omen; it could be a good omen depending on how you look at it. In the same way, any dream at all about the snake is not always bad.

It could be a sign of healing and transformation, and it could also be a sign to take action before things go south. Whichever one it is, remember to examine yourself to figure out which meaning fits you best. Please comment with any questions you may have!

Dream of Snake Biting and Attacking You Meanings