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12 Dream of Big Fish Meanings

Have you woken from your dream about big fish, curious as to what it all means? Why fish, and what is it meant to represent? It can seem a little confusing but thankfully, we can interpret your dream depending on what else happened in it.

Dreaming of fish is usually a great sign that positive opportunities are coming your way. That being said, there are times when it can be a warning sign. Read on to find out what your dream means!

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What Does It Mean To Dream about Big Fish?

The meaning of your dream can depend on factors such as the size of the fish, if you were catching it, and if you were eating it. So let’s take a deep dive into the world of fish dreams.

1. Great News Is On Its Way

Getting a big fish, in general, is usually a sign that some great news is on its way. Fish can signify prosperity, and seeing them in any context in your dream is rarely a bad omen, with a few exceptions.

A big fish usually tells you that you’ll soon get some significant news, which will change your life for the better. This good news isn’t contained in one area of your life, which means it could be about your work, relationships, or anything else.

Examples of this could be getting a promotion at work, finding a new relationship, or your child getting the grades they need at school. While the good news is coming, it won’t always fall into your lap. Sometimes you’ll need to put in a little hard work to make those dreams come true.

2. A Great New Opportunity

If you are dreaming about catching a big fish, then this is a metaphor that you’re just about to catch a big opportunity. You may create this opportunity yourself but it’s likely to be given to you by someone close.

As with our first meaning, this doesn’t mean that it will come easy. You will need to fight for what you’re worth. A lot of the time, this can mean working with someone else. Perhaps a new business opportunity is coming with your partner.

You don’t need to go it alone. While new opportunities may be on the horizon, don’t be scared to ask for a helping hand.

3. Success Comes From Hard Work

For those that see an enormous fish in their dreams, this is another sign of prosperity. Rather than being about relationships or friendships, this is more to do with financial success.

Examples here would be your new business venture taking off, the increase in sales that you were looking for, or a job offer that you never expected. It changes for different people, but a better financial future is on its way.

While mostly to do with money, dreaming of a huge fish can also be related to health. If you’ve been struggling recently, then you’ll soon start feeling better.

4. Time to Free Yourself

There are other dreams about big fish when you see them in an aquarium. Sadly this is one of the more negative dreams you can have about big fish.

An aquarium isn’t a fish’s natural habitat, and likewise, you may be feeling a little trapped by your emotions. You’re not quite feeling yourself and have an overwhelming urge to break free and finally show the world who you are.

Perhaps you have a job where promotion seems impossible, a relationship that offers you no support, or a business idea that no one seems to believe in. Now is the time to trust your instincts and break free. While it may feel scary, you don’t need to be trapped anymore.

What Does It Mean To Dream about Big Fish

5. You Don’t Need To Struggle

Another negative dream interpretation of big fish is if you see one out of water. This is another where the metaphor relates to the dream meaning.

We’d say someone is a fish out of the water if they are awkward, unhappy, or uncomfortable in their environment. Likewise, if you see a fish out of the water, then it’s a sign that you don’t feel as though you belong.

You may be feeling a little lonely or distant. You need to either take proactive steps to improve your environment or move away from it.

6. A Professional Success

We’ve talked about catching a big fish, but what if you’re just dreaming about fishing for a big fish? Perhaps you’re talking to someone in your dream, and the actual catching of a fish isn’t the main focus of it.

Other big fish dreams can be signs of wealth or new relationships, but this one is more focused on your professional life. More pointedly, it means you’re just about to achieve success, whatever that means in your field.

It could be a new breakthrough, a teacher’s class getting top marks, getting more sales than anyone else, or getting a big new client on board. This success will be something that elevates you to the next level and gets positive attention from your bosses.

7. The Hard Work Hasn’t been Finished

It’s important to know exactly what happened in your dreams. We’ve looked at catching a fish, fishing in general, but what about having difficulty catching a big fish but never quite managing it? This can be a frustrating dream that leaves you unfulfilled.

The meaning here is one of encouragement. You’re working hard and it doesn’t seem like it’s paying off right now. But you need to keep on working hard. If you don’t give up, then you’ll get able to get (catch) everything that you want. Make sure you don’t let that proverbial big fish go!

8. Don’t Forget the Risks

One of the more concerning dreams about big fish is if you see a dead one. This isn’t in terms of fish being on a plate but more if you come across a rotting fish or see a dead fish in a tank, for example.

This is a warning. There may be good opportunities coming your way, but you need to be careful with them. There will be a risk involved, and you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Don’t agree to anything before you’ve given it careful consideration.

Don’t Forget the Risks

9. Love Is on the Horizon

Many people are surprised at just how big goldfish can get. In a small goldfish bowl, their growth will be stunted. When they are given new life in a large pond, they can often get to nearly 15” long.

If you see a large goldfish in your dream, then it means it has lived a happy and free life. Equally, this means that your life is going to be filled with happiness, and you’ll soon be content.

This freedom can strongly apply to relationships too. If you’re in love right now, then the goldfish symbolizes that it’s going to last. If you’re not in love right now, then it’s a sign that’ll soon change.

10. Don’t the Moment Slip Away

Have you ever tried to hold on to a live fish? Anyone that has will know they can be slippery! You’ve made the big catch but before you have time to take a picture of your achievements, it’s wriggled away out of your grasp.

Even if you don’t like or agree with fishing, this is a strong metaphor. It means that an opportunity is in your hands. Unless you’re careful, it will soon slip away. Don’t be distracted, and pay attention to any lucky breaks that you get.

11. You Need To Refocus

Sometimes we have dreams that seem like a positive omen but are actually something else. One such dream is if you see lots of big fish. This may look like a symbol of prosperity, but it actually means something else.

All these fish represent what’s going on in your life, and in your brain. Having too many things going on at the same time can make you stressed and lose sight of your priorities. If you dream of lots of fish, take it as a sign that you need to focus on what’s important and block out any outside noise.

12. Better Times or Dangerous Times?

Eating a fish, or being eaten by a fish, can have very different meanings. Firstly, eating a fish has good omens about better financial times being on their way. Your profits are going to increase, or you’re going to come into money some other way. Either way, your financial troubles will soon be over.

Dreaming about being eaten by a fish will have a much darker meaning. Here it’s about someone going behind your back and plotting against you. They’ll try and deceive you, and therefore you need to be more vigilant about those who may not have your best interests at heart.


There are many different meanings of big fish dreams, and we hope that yours was a positive one. Remember, if opportunities come your way, then don’t get complacent. Now is your time to work hard to turn your dreams into reality.

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Friday 20th of October 2023

I dreamed about seeing two big fish or rather two monster looking fish. They were together like a couple. One of them seems like a male so I assumed the other is a female. Don’t know which is which. They can change shape as in grow bigger, larger, and longer and can shrink back. One of them has chinese dragon like tail instead of standard fish tail. They both have large mouths.

I saw them under the ocean near a rock coral. One moment I was fully equipped with scuba diving gears. The next I was just freediving down there under the water because I had to constantly went back to the surface to breath and dive down. There was someone kept pointing to the fish. I cannot remember who. In my dream I took precaustion not to get too close to the fish because they were about my size. I did not want to provok them or want them to attack me.

The place I dived down had normal coral and rocks but the rest of the surrounding looked like a house - this era house - not ancient, sinking underwater. It was NOT an aquarium. It was an open sea. I knew that because the event after was an opened water surface - ocean.