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12 Dream of Fish In Water Meanings

Fish has no other habitat than water, so seeing it in any body of water is not strange. However, have you ever dreamt about fish in water and wondered what it meant? You are not alone if you have had this dream, but you can rest assured because it is typically a good sign.

The dream may represent the abundance of unique ideas in your subconscious mind. You may be unaware of these ideas, but the universe uses the dream to inform you so you can act on them. It may also mean clarity or complexity, depending on the type of water in the dream.

Every dreamer has unique circumstances and situations that may influence their dream. So, you must consider the dream scenarios for proper interpretation, as explained in this article.

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Spiritual Meanings of a Dream About Fish in Water

Let’s look at the general meanings and dream symbols of dreaming of fish in water:

1. Harnessing Your Spiritual Strength

Dreaming of fish in water may indicate a connection or link to the spiritual and a requirement to harness its potential and power. You have a sharp intuition and superior wisdom, even if unaware of these qualities. However, it is time to connect to your higher self and make the most of it.

You must organize your life to accommodate this new phase. Remove negative energy and cleanse your aura, replacing negative emotions with positive ones. Keeping yourself pure and clean will help you to harness your power for the good of the people around you.

2. Rejoicing in Your Fertility

Another possible interpretation or meaning of a dream about fish in the water is high fertility. This is especially true if the fish lays eggs, which means there are young ones on the way. Primarily, it means you will conceive and have children, although fertility can impact other areas of your life.

If you have been looking for the fruit of the womb or had difficulty with pregnancy, this dream should be good news. And if the dream recurs, it means the good news is closer than you think.

You must also consider how fertility can affect your capacity to create new things, such as your workplace or business. You have an excellent mind for bringing forth innovative ideas that can boost any business or project, and this dream encourages you to tap into that power.

3. Going with the Flow

You may have a penchant for going against the flow of life, probably because you believe you know better than others. You may also have been hurt in the past, so you would rather go your own way than follow the natural path of life.

However, this step may not always be in your favor because, many times, life offers you the best options. Therefore, this dream is a wake-up call to align your feelings, instincts, and thoughts to specific paths so you can succeed. Flow with life the same way fish naturally flows with the tide when in water.

4. Taking Advantage of Opportunities for Growth

Dreaming of fish in water may be your unconscious mind’s way of alerting you to the endless opportunities for growth around you. You may be unaware of what you have within or around you; the universe does you a favor by calling your attention to it.

On the flip side, the dream may remind you of what you already know but are not using. So you may need the mental boost with the knowledge that you will have good fortune and success if you harness the opportunities around you.

If you will go down that path, be prepared to persevere and work hard. Your determination will open new horizons for you and help you to accomplish all your dreams and goals.

5. Enjoying Prosperity and Good Fortune

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One of the best interpretations of a fish-in-water dream is entering a season of good fortune and prosperity. If you have had a streak of bad luck or misfortune, this dream should make all the difference and encourage you to work harder if you want new beginnings.

It may represent the turn of events soon; the problems in your waking life will end soon enough. You must take advantage of this pre-information to arrange your life and prepare yourself for the wealth and good luck coming your way. Note that this may affect every area of your life.

6. Abundance Is Coming

Since fish is part of many dishes and can provide sustenance for many people, seeing fish in the water in a dream may indicate that abundance is entering your life. Your subconscious interprets fish as a means of survival, so it is not far-fetched to see it.

If that is the case and this interpretation applies to your real life, you should consider helping as many people as possible. However, you must realize that the abundance is not for you or your immediate family members alone; open your hands to help others and plan for investments.

Remember to remain humble and appreciate what you have; it is the way to retain the coming abundance. Never shy away from helping with a genuine need because you will keep getting more that way.

7. Experiencing Duality

Dreaming of a fish in a body of water may represent duality in your life. For example, you may struggle with negative and positive energy or good and evil, opposite forces in real life. These experiences may manifest in your work life or relationships, but you must pay careful attention to them.

Otherwise, they may mar your life journey; some can be significant enough to alter specific situations. On the other hand, your dream may portray something significantly good that can transform your life. However, be prepared to use the opportunities that come your way for good.

8. Transformation in Your Life

Fishes in water may represent transformation or changes; just like water moves and changes things, you should expect something to change in your life. It could be anything, but it will affect your personal growth.

The transformation can be positive or negative, as water can bring good or bad. Seeing fish in the water can portend destruction, especially if the dream scenario includes many fish or a large fish in a large body of water.

Therefore, expect anything to happen in the near future. If you are expecting something, such as a new career, it may happen sooner than you expect. The good news is that this dream puts you ahead for proper preparation, whatever the transformation may be.

Dreaming About Fish in Water: Possible Scenarios

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There are many scenarios where you can see fish in the water in a dream. It can be in a large or small body of water, there may be plenty of fish or it may be few, or the fish may be swimming. In some cases, the fish may be jumping in the water.

1. Seeing Fish Jumping in Water

If you dream of fish jumping in the water, it may signify instability in your life. There may be issues that portray uncertainty, and you do not know how to handle them. Such matters can overwhelm you, bringing fear, depression, and anxiety.

You can seek professional help to solve the problems. If you are still determining where the issues will take you, handling them alone is not ideal. Instead, disclose everything to a therapist or counselor, and see how you can proceed to a successful end.

2. Seeing Fish in Murky Water

You cannot do anything with murky or muddy water, and most fishes cannot survive in such a body of water. In the same way, you cannot see into the murky water, so that it may represent your lack of clarity or perception.

The dream may also indicate that your emotions are unstable and in turmoil. A more bleak meaning of the dream is an illness; you or someone you love may be ill without knowing it. You must consider which of these possible interpretations and how they affect your life.

3. Seeing Fish in Clear Water

It is beautiful to see clear water with fish swimming. For the water to be so clear, it means it is clean and unpolluted. Dreaming of fish in clear water means you have clarity and a sure perspective. You know what you are doing, which typically translates to success.

This dream scenario may also represent clarity of purpose, wealth, financial success, promotion, and power. If that is the case, it is good luck, and you must create the right environment to receive what is coming.

4. Seeing Fish in an Aquarium

Fish in an aquarium or a fish tank typically represents unfulfilled wishes and desires. You may have goals and aspirations confined in your mind, but you are too afraid to leave your comfort zone. This dream encourages you to leave that zone and dare to fulfill your desires.


Every fish dream has a meaning and is symbolic of something in the spiritual realm. In truth, such dreams are simply reflections of our subconscious or unconscious minds. Fortunately, it is usually a good sign, and you should be happy to have a fish-in-water dream.

You may be on the verge of getting prosperous or entering a season of wealth. The dream’s meaning may also be that you are in a season of fertility and can get pregnant at any time. You must watch your emotions and feelings, especially if you dream of fish in murky water. The bottom line is that the fine dream details determine the correct interpretation.

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