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12 Dream of Insects Meanings

Dreaming about insects can be a confusing experience for many of us. Usually, they’re small, feeble, and insignificant, and we don’t notice them much.

But it’s important to recognize that in dreams, insects represent something your subconscious mind feels is incredibly important.

This article will explore the deep, rich symbolism of insects in dreams. We’ll highlight several of the most common interpretations and how you can apply their appearances to your waking hours.

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12 meanings to insects in your dreams

1. You will go through a change in life

First and foremost, insects are beacons of change and transformation. Many, like butterflies, go through a complete metamorphosis, changing their entire body into something brand new, fresh, and vibrant.

Dreaming of insects suggests that your life will change in some major way. It could be a new job, a new relationship, or simply a new attitude toward something in front of you.

You must be open to this change, as it will bring new opportunities and experiences to your life. But you must be patient – just as the caterpillar slowly builds their cocoon, you must prepare for the coming time.

2. Make the most of life

Life is fleeting and as widespread as insects are, they have one core weakness – their lifespan. They don’t last very, sometimes for only a season. As such, dreaming about insects is a potent reminder to make every moment count.

Especially if you dream about dragonflies, who only live a few short days, your dream tells you to start appreciating life. Make every day count, and set goals you are constantly working to achieve.

Insect dreams also teach us to be grateful. Stop focusing on what you don’t have, and appreciate what you do. Life is precious, after all.

3. You have a strong community behind you

An often overlooked meaning behind insect dreams is they’re often a metaphor for community and relationships. Pay close attention to the type of insect that appears in your dream and if more than one appears.

Insects like bees, ants, and even termites can symbolize a wealth of friends and family by your side. These insects are potent reminders that you have a great support system and are around like-minded people. Enjoy this period of harmony to the fullest.

That said, sometimes too many insects can cause an infestation, which causes massive damage, spreads disease, and can cause anxiety. If you’re overwhelmed in the dream by the sheer number of insects, your dream warns you to separate yourself from others and try to find some alone time. Become independent and free yourself from the demands of the many.

12 meanings to insects in your dreams

4. You are holding on to a deep secret that’s holding you back

Creepy crawlies are often found in dark places. They like to hide inside cupboards, behind a piece of furniture, or hiding in dark corners. They often give us a fright when seen.

If you dream of an insect hiding, like cockroaches, this is a potent symbol of mystery, the unknown, and something in hiding. The shadows reflect something deeply hidden and secretive in your life, which may be holding you back.

This could be a secret or feelings of guilt that you’ve put to the back of your mind. It’s now time to bring this dark part of your subconscious to the forefront of your life and confront it head-on.

5. You will be blessed with fertility

One of the most common things that all insects share is their symbolism around fertility. Because they often lay numerous eggs, seeing them in your dreams can represent your readiness to become a parent.

Especially if you’re dreaming of hive insects like ants, bees, or wasps, this can represent your inner desire to become a parent to more than one child.

If you’re currently single, dreaming about eggs suggests that you should concentrate on forming romantic relationships; you are ready for the next stage in your life but need someone to share this goal with.

6. Look after yourself in the time ahead

Insects are not always omens of good fortune. Sometimes, they symbolize bad health, illness, and plagues. That’s because, in the waking world, some insects carry diseases that are easy to transmit to humans.

Mosquitoes, ticks, and leeches can often be a warning in the dream world for an underlying illness developing. You may need to take better care of yourself and get checked out to be safe.

If the insects in your dream are dirty, this dream represents your need to lead a cleaner life. Start exercising more, taking care of your body, and stop letting your health problems go unchecked.

7. Your relationship could be in trouble

Some insects and arachnids are strong metaphors for your relationships, particularly your love life. Depending on their species, this can be a good or bad omen.

Dreaming about praying mantis or black widow spiders often indicates that your relationship is in peril. These creatures often kill their mates, symbolizing independence and isolation. Your dream could be asking you to end a relationship and focus on yourself for the time being.

That said, other insects can symbolize strength in your romantic life. Termites, for example, have been shown to have monogamous tendencies and represent that the relationship you’re currently in is sturdy and will last the test of time.

8. You may feel remorse over a past wrong – time to move on

Sometimes, even in dreams, bugs can creep us out. And we may instinctively reach for the newspaper or shoe and kill them on the spot.

There are two primary meanings to killing an insect in a dream. If you do so and feel guilty afterward, this suggests that you regret something which happened in your past. You can only remove guilt and move on with your life by confronting it.

On the other hand, if you kill one or several insects in your dream and are relieved, this is a strong indication that you’ve closure over a past event. You’ve moved on and don’t need to spend more time meditating on it.

9. You will be blessed with prosperity and good fortune

Insects form an integral part of the food cycle, providing easy food for animals and birds and pollinating all our crops and flowers. As such, dreaming about them can be a strong indication of abundance.

Especially if you dream about pollinators like honeybees making honey, pest controls like ladybugs, and nutritious bugs like crickets, your dream is reassuring you that you will get everything you need in life shortly.

you will be blessed with prosperity and good fortune

10. You are adaptable and will survive disasters

Although they may seem small and powerless, insects symbolize tenacity, triumphing over adversity. They are highly adaptable and found in every part of the world.

While other creatures might struggle, the insect can learn to thrive. Dreaming about insects can represent your flexibility and survivability. Insects can survive cold, remote, and dark places with ease.

When you encounter obstacles, trust in your insight and intuition. Especially if you dream of cockroaches, flies, and moths, your dream suggests that you can navigate any dark period of your life so long as you believe in yourself.

11. Cleanse negativity from your life

Despite their bad reputation for disease and dirt, many insects can be potent symbols of purity and cleansing. Particularly if you suffer from low self-esteem and negative thoughts, the insect teaches you to persevere and rid yourself of worries, insecurities, and anxiety.

Maggots, for example, have been used for centuries to help clean and sterilize infections. Though grotesque in appearance, they can help heal even the most severe of wounds.

From this interpretation, you need to start mending wounds in your own life. Change bad habits, and rid yourself of negative feelings.

12. You will become inspired and innovative

Though we don’t admit it often, many insects are beautiful, intricate creatures. Especially species of butterflies, moths, and dragonflies, there can be limitless variations in color and patterns.

Suppose you dream of insects and marvel at their beauty, or they have incredibly unusual designs. In that case, this symbolizes that you will soon enter a period of creativity in your life right now. This will be an exciting time at work, where you’ll think of new solutions to problems and well and truly shine.


It’s safe to say that many people have reservations and negative feelings about insects. We think of them as creepy, dirty, and a sign of problems in our homes. Sometimes, we don’t give a second thought to killing them.

But in the dream world, it’s important to keep an open mind about what they truly represent. Often, insects mean positive things, including family, adaptability, and good luck – if you open yourself to them.

Dreams of insects almost always foretell big changes soon to happen in your life. Prepare yourself and be optimistic – these are opportunities not to be missed!

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