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13 Dream Of Protecting Someone Meanings

Being a protector is both rewarding and challenging. Sometimes you have to stand up and do what is right, even when it’s scary. So what does it mean when you’re having dreams about protecting others?

This is the question this article focuses on. Below, we analyze protection-related dreams and explore why people have these, what these dreams say about how you’re feeling, and what you should do after having such dreams. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s begin!

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What Dreams of Protecting Others Say About How You’re Feeling

While many dreams are random, the same amount is driven by what you’ve been feeling recently. And your subconscious mind also plays a big role in determining what kinds of dreams you have.

In short, if you have dreams where you’re protecting people, these could indicate what you’re feeling:

1. Confident

You could be having protection-related dreams because you’re feeling confident. Perhaps you’ve overcome a significant barrier recently or you’ve vastly exceeded the expectations of others.

If confidence is fueling your protection-related dreams, you may find yourself leading an army, being the boss of a company, or saving the day as just a regular person.

2. Unafraid

Such dreams can also be brought on if you’ve been feeling unafraid recently. Perhaps you’ve stood up to a formidable foe or outlasted difficult times. Now you’re fearless and willing to take others under your wing.

Just remember that being unafraid may lead you into a dangerous scenario, so it’s always best to operate with a certain degree of caution.

3. Knowledgeable

Dreams of protection are often tied to wisdom and guidance. In this case, you’re protecting others from the unknown with your knowledge.

Often, those in academia will have these dreams. While teachers aren’t often thought of as protectors, they are in a sense, as they protect their students from the dangers of ignorance and misinformation.

4. Cooperative

Often, you can’t be a protector if you aren’t cooperative. For example, you may need to convince a group to stay together to ensure everyone is protected, and if you aren’t able to get people on the right path, you may lose people who could’ve been protected.

So if you’re feeling especially cooperative lately, you could have dreams where you’re a firefighter, a police officer, a medical professional, or a soldier—all of these professionals are protectors in many ways, and none of them could do their jobs without cooperation.

5. Unsure

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Even though a protector is usually confident, fearless, and knowledgeable, you could be having dreams of protecting others specifically because you’re feeling unsure. In this sense, you’re dreaming about what you wish you could do—but fear doing it in real life.

When you believe that your protection dream is sparked by anxiety, naivety, distress, or a lack of motivation, it’s at this point you should take action, but more on that later.

Why Do People Dream About Protecting Children?

If you dream about protecting a child, this could mean that you naturally have good intentions, and doing good deeds isn’t a problem. Such dreams are also associated with purity, sincere love, chastity, and other positive qualities. This kind of dream can also indicate that you need to get in touch with your inner child.

When you have to protect an adult in a dream—maybe at the workplace—this could be a sign that you need to shun excuses and bad behaviors and be strong.

And protecting children in a dream doesn’t just mean you want to protect your kids—this could also mean you want to protect your loved ones in general. And having a dream about protecting kids also speaks to the fact that this is a natural inclination most people have.

If you’re a young adult having this dream, such may be a sign that you’re ready to start a family.

What Does It Mean if You’re Protecting a Stranger in a Dream?

Having a dream where you’re protecting a stranger is significant. This could indicate that you’re feeling courageous and willing to put your self-interests behind the best interests of others.

Having such dreams could indicate you’re going to help out a coworker, a neighbor, or somebody you just met on the street. Those who help strangers are seen as benevolent individuals across cultures, and this has been the case for millennia.

Therefore, if you have such dreams, this could speak to the fact that you’re viewed as a good person by many (or you soon will be).

What Does It Mean if You’re Protecting Someone You Know in a Dream?

Having a dream where you protect somebody you know is significant as well, but the meaning here is largely tied to who you’re having the dream about. For example, if you’re protecting one of your loved ones, this could mean that you’re feeling appreciative, nervous, or regretful.

Protecting an older relative, especially a parent, could indicate that you’re feeling strong, confident, and able to overcome even the toughest challenges. It takes a lot to protect those you know, of course, as if you fail to do so you can lose the respect of these individuals forever.

How You’re Protecting Someone Matters

In a dream, you could be protecting an individual in a variety of ways. And the kind of way you’re protecting somebody has a lot to do with how you’re feeling; it can also say a lot about upcoming events.

1. Protection From an Attack

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If you’re protecting somebody from an attack, this can indicate you’re feeling both physically and mentally strong, fearless, skilled, knowledgeable, and resolute. You could be protecting somebody from another human being or an animal.

Especially if you’re protecting them from somebody who’s much larger than you, this can be a sign you’re feeling courageous and willing to take a beating to ensure another’s safety.

2. Protection From a Fall

Protecting somebody from a fall is another common protection-related dream. You could be having this dream because you’re aware that a friend is going down the wrong path and you have the ability to stop them.

Moreover, you could be having this dream because you’re worried that a loved one is in the grips of destructive habits. The good thing about these dreams is that you’re saving the person in them, which could mean time hasn’t run out to protect them in real life.

3. Protection From a Collision

If you save someone from a collision because of natural instincts, this could mean you’re willing to sacrifice. Rarely does someone get saved from a collision without the person who saved them getting injured? Having such a dream could mean you have strong friendships and a deep love for your family members.

4. Protection From a Falling Object

Protecting somebody from a falling object is a lot like protecting them from a fall, and in many ways, it’s like protecting them from a collision. Again, you could be harmed by helping, which means these dreams are also associated with sacrifice.

These dreams also underscore how sometimes split-second decisions are needed when something unforeseen happens suddenly. If you have such a dream, and it results in a good outcome, this could mean that you’re going to be able to think fast on your feet in a real-life situation that requires this.

5. Protection From Non-physical Harm

Protecting somebody doesn’t just mean protecting them from physical harm. In a dream, you could also prevent somebody from experiencing financial harm or psychological harm. In these latter instances, you may be a guiding voice, or it could be that just listening is enough to change somebody’s mind.

In the end, you’re protecting with support, and sometimes this is more valuable than all the shields, armor, and weapons in the world.

What You Should Do Following Protection-Related Dreams

Following a dream where you’re protecting somebody, you should think about the circumstances that brought on this dream and how you reacted to them. If you were being a protector of people you know, then this could mean you will have to support or guide them in real life.

And if you’re protecting a stranger in your dream, such could indicate that you need to be ready for situations that may even require you to save somebody’s life. Again, such dreams can be random, but often they say a lot about what’s to come in the real world.

So if you have a dream where you’re protecting, ponder it for a while and see what conclusions you can come away with.


In the end, protection-related dreams can happen for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, most of the qualities and feelings associated with these dreams are good, so if you have one, you don’t have to be fearful about what’s coming down the road.

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