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9 Dream of Elephants Meanings

Elephant dreams often come with messages of being positive and remaining compassionate. But in some cases, it is viewed as a bad sign – for it could allude to obstacles and financial problems along the way.

As always, interpretations can vary according to context. As such, let’s go ahead and explore all of the possible elephant dream meanings below.

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Dreams of Elephants: General Interpretations

1. You’re Trying to Escape

A dream of an elephant chasing you reflects what you feel in your waking life. You’re being overwhelmed by a lot of things, and you’re trying to escape from them.

A dream of a birthing elephant also suggests that you’re trying to repress your emotions.

Well, nothing will happen if you just run away from your problems. They may disappear for some time, but they’ll surely come back again.

If you want to resolve these problems, you must face (and address) them once and for all.

2. Take a Breather

Repressing the negativities mentioned above will take a considerable toll on your well-being. And, if you leave them unaddressed, they can lead to symbolic dreams – such as that of angry elephants.

Like the aggressive creature, this dream means you’re about to reach your breaking point. So unless you want to crumble under this immense pressure, you need to take a breather ASAP. You deserve some rest and reprieve too!

3. You’ll Encounter Some Obstacles Along the Way

While a happy baby elephant brings some good luck, a sad calf or injured elephant comes with a warning. It means that you’ll encounter some obstacles on your path.

The same can be said if you dream about riding an elephant to war. No matter how minor these disputes may be, there’s no sense in blowing them up.

If you often dream of a dead elephant, you need to be wary of what’s coming. It symbolizes grief and despair, the likes of which you’ll experience in real life.

If you dream of killing elephants, such hurdles will profoundly affect your emotional, mental, and financial health.

As always, you have the power to weather through these problems. As mentioned above, it’s a matter of addressing these issues right away – rather than letting them linger for longer.

Dreams of Elephants General Interpretations

4. Stop Holding on to the Bad Memories

The elephant is a symbol of memory and wisdom. Sadly, a dream about dying elephants means that you remain stuck with these old memories.

While some of them are good, some of them are bad. The latter, unfortunately, is keeping you from moving on.

In a nutshell, you need to let these terrible memories go.

5. Remain Positive

As previously mentioned, an elephant dream means that you’re dwelling on bad memories. So if you dream of killing this creature, it’s a reminder to stay positive amidst all these struggles.

Everything will turn out right, sooner or later.

6. Be Confident

A caged elephant reflects the skills and talents you’ve been repressing. You think you’re just a regular Joe when you’re an extraordinary person.

This dream is a reminder for you to work on your confidence even more. And, if people are telling you otherwise, you need to cut them off from your life.

Remember: you’re a great person, but you need to believe in your capability if you want others to do the same.

7. You’re a Compassionate Person

It’s sad to see an injured elephant. But it’s a promising sign if it seems calm in your dream. It’s your subconscious telling you that you’re a very compassionate person.

You have deep concern and sympathy for others. In fact, you’ll bend over backward for their well-being.

Unfortunately, this type of dream could also mean that you’re easily affected by the people around you. Such is the case if you keep on dreaming about an elephant stampede.

While this is a reminder for you to continue with your compassionate endeavor, it’s also telling you to take great care whenever you help people out.

8. You Have a Great Social Circle

Not a lot of people are blessed with loving relatives and friends. So if you have a dream of a herd of elephants, it means great people surround you.

According to dream interpreters, this means they genuinely care for you. They’ll stick with you through thick and thin, guaranteed!

9. Your Life Will Eventually Change for the Better

If you’re feeding elephants in your dreams, it’s a sign that everything will turn out for the better. Indeed, these changes will elevate your life to greater heights!

The same good news can also be expected if you dream of an elephant drinking water. It means that beautiful days are right around the corner.

FamilyRelationship Interpretations of Elephant Dreams

Family/Relationship Interpretations of Elephant Dreams

1. Give Time to Your Loved Ones

If you often dream of a mother and child, it’s a sign that you need to spend more time with your loved ones.

Perhaps you’re too busy with your work or your studies. They understand your behavior, but it’s taking a toll on your relationship with them. You need to nurture them, for they’re the only ones who can help you during times of struggle.

2. You Have Strong Sexual Desires

A gray elephant, although gentle, can symbolize the sexual urges deep within you. So if the creature is feeling rowdy in your dream, this could point to your unsatisfied desires.

3. You’ll Be Unfaithful

A golden elephant signifies that you’ll be unfaithful to your partner. Your disloyalty will adversely affect your relationship, so be careful should you decide to tread these waters!

4. You Want to End Your Relationship

An elephant head dream means you want to break things off with your partner. Perhaps you’re no longer happy with them. You think you need to move on and find someone new.

5. You’ll Enter a New, Exciting Stage in Life

Elephants represent progress and change. So if you keep dreaming about these gentle giants, it means that you’ll embark on a new journey soon.

If you’re in a relationship, you may soon find yourself walking down the aisle. If you just got married, you’ll soon have a bundle of joy.

All in all, these changes will make your life happy and more fulfilling.

6. You’ll Be a Mother Soon

A dream of female elephants feeding their babies means that you’ll soon be like them – a devoted mother.

Elephant Dreams and Their Career/Financial Meanings

1. Be Careful

If you’re making deals in your job, you need to be more careful when deciding. A wrong move will harm your career – and overall professional image.

2. Be Courageous

A flying elephant – such as that of Dumbo – seems whimsical. But in the context of a dream, this comes with solid messages.

For one, it reminds you to be more courageous.

The same can be said whenever you dream of an elephant tusk. It’s a symbol of power and strength, skills you didn’t know you had.

See, nothing will happen if you stay cooped up in your comfort zone. If you want your professional or financial life to progress, you should be bold enough to take risks.

3. You’ll Be Lucky

In Hinduism, the black elephant is seen as a good omen – instead of a bad one. It means that you’ll be lucky with all your ventures.

This message is also applicable if you, the dreamer, keep on seeing a white elephant. This is also considered lucky, for it portrays the color of Indra, the Lord of the Heavens.

Incidentally, a blue elephant dream could also mean good luck for the days to come!

4. You’re On the Way to the Top

A herd of elephants means you’re on your way to the top.

The same can be said if you dream of elephant feet – or an elephant’s trunk carrying you. You’re being recognized for all your efforts and hard work, and you will be victorious soon.

Sooner or later, you’ll get the promotion you’ve always wanted. Better yet, you’ll finally be able to launch your long-awaited business venture.

5. You’ll Be Powerful

If you’re riding an elephant in your dream, it’s a sign that you’ll be powerful. You’ll gain authority at your place of work or business. Your actions will make you a highly-respected, much-admired individual.

6. You’ll Be Successful

If you keep dreaming of a baby elephant that’s having fun, it means you’ll have a life filled with prosperity and abundance. You’ll enjoy financial stability, whether you’re an employee or a business owner.

7. You’ll Be in a Financial Pickle

If you gun down an elephant in your dream, it’s a sign that you’ll encounter some financial problems. So be careful with your spending, or your savings and properties will be on the line.


As you see, elephant dreams offer a lot of personal interpretations. Likewise, it comes with important messages for your family life, relationships, or career/business venture.

As these can profoundly change your life, make sure to take good note of such meanings. They can guide you towards the right decision and, eventually, a better life.

Do you have other elephant dream scenarios you wish to share? Make sure to post your thoughts and experiences below!

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Joyce Sagna

Monday 11th of September 2023

My mother passed away and I was grieving deeply. I had a dream of a baby elephant which showed up out of no where. It approached me… ears flopping. It seemed very, very happy. It made me feel safe. In my dream, the baby elephant would not let anyone approach me from the side, the back or the front. For the first time in awhile, I felt happy especially knowing how much my mom loved elephants. Can you please provide further insight into this dream??