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17 Dream of Feces Meanings

It seems disgusting to dream of poop. But, according to dream books, this is actually a good sign. It means financial success and immense luck, among many other things.

That said, it could also point to challenging times and looming emotional/social issues.

Without further ado, let’s explore this ‘peculiar’ dream symbol – and what it means for your waking life.

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What does it mean when you dream about Feces?

1. Something Will Happen

If you dream of animal feces – particularly cat poop – then it means something significant will happen.

It could be good, such as finding your one true love or landing the job you’ve always wanted.

It could be devastating, such as being embroiled in financial problems or getting involved in an accident.

Whatever the matter may be, this event will significantly impact your life.

2. Do the Thing You’ve Always Wanted

Unbelievable as it may seem, human excrement is said to symbolize imagination and creativity. So if you keep dreaming about this, it’s time to do what you’ve always wanted.

Perhaps circumstances in life have stopped you from pursuing your one true passion. Or maybe, you didn’t have the money back then to pay for your ambition. This dream shows that now’s the best time to revisit it.

3. New Beginnings Lie Ahead

If you dream of poop smeared on the wall or a public bathroom covered in dirt, you shouldn’t be disgusted. After all, this is a sign that new beginnings lie ahead.

While it may be terrifying to start something new, it often brings great opportunities. In fact, if you see duck poop, this means that extraordinary times are right around the corner.

So go ahead, take that overseas job opportunity or move to the town where you’ve always wanted to live. You just may end up gaining a lover (or new friends) along the way.

4. Good Fortune is Upon You

If you dream of a baby pooping in their diaper, this means you’ll enjoy prosperity in your real life.

Do note that this does not solely refer to material wealth. It could also mean that you’ll succeed in all other aspects of your life – especially if the young child has become dirty in your dream.

However, some dreams explicitly tell of financial gain. Such is the case if you dream of a baby pooping outside or of dirt on your bed.

And, if the baby in your dream remains clean and joyful despite the mess, it shows that your fortune will come from your business or employment.

The same dream interpretation can be gathered if you collect/hold feces or step on the poop itself. It’s a sign that you’ll have good luck with your investments, which will come in handy if you’re thinking twice about taking a business risk.

A dream of feces often symbolizes success and abundance, so be glad if it keeps happening!

Good Fortune is Upon You

5. You’re Lucky

Eating poop sure is a yucky thing. But if this keeps happening in your dream, you shouldn’t worry. You should be thankful, for it means you’ll have tremendous luck!

So if you’re thinking of starting a new business or applying for a new job, then go for it. With your talent and sheer luck, you’ll surely fulfill your achievements.

6. You’ll Get Something Back

Perhaps you lost something – or ended up blowing money over something. The good news is you will get it back if you dream of smelling dung.

You may find the wallet you’ve misplaced for so long, or the person who owes you money will finally pay you back.

7. Do Something With Your Friends

Dog poop represents friendships. These animals are man’s best friends, after all!

In other words, this dream means you need to do something with your friends, for it’ll lead to something good.

So if you often talk about creating a project or starting a new business opportunity, then do it now. Not only will you succeed, but you’ll also have a lot of fun working with them!

8. You’re Working to Purify Your Soul

If you dream of cleaning poop, it represents your desire to eliminate your bad habits. You may be trying to change your ways or cut your addictions. It’s hard, but you’re making a conscious effort. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

9. Your Past Haunts You

We’ve all done something we regret. But if you keep on having human feces dreams – or if you keep seeing one on the road – then it means that you can’t let go of these negative thoughts.

The same goes if you keep on dreaming about eating poop. If you feel disgusted by it, then it reflects how these negative feelings continue to bother you.

You may even try to hide them, especially if you’re actively avoiding excrement in your nightly slumber.

All in all, these dreams serve as a reminder for you to move on. It’s time to forgive yourself. Furthermore, it’s time to ask forgiveness from the person you did wrong.

10. You’re Worried About Someone

If you see someone dirtied with poop, then it means you’re worried about them. They may be experiencing much turmoil – and you feel like they need your help.

Indeed, if a man defecates in your dream, then a male figure needs your help. Expectedly, if a female stars in your dream, then it’s a lady who requires assistance.

And while they may try to refuse your help, don’t just walk away from them. If need be, shower them with all your love and affection. Sometimes, they’re all they need.

11. Be Careful

If you dream of an overflowing toilet, then it’s a sign that you need to be more careful. You need to be on your best behavior, especially at social events.

If you know that you act weird after a couple of drinks, then avoid alcohol. If not, you’ll humiliate yourself in front of strangers – and loved ones too.

These actions could end up jeopardizing your work, so be cautious!

12. It Will Be a Challenging Time For You

If you’re in a closed bathroom and you see poop in a toilet bowl, then it’s a warning sign. It means you’ll have a challenging time ahead of you. Perhaps you’ll be in a bad relationship spat – or you may end up in a difficult place at work.

Sadly, if you see poo in the bath, it’s a sign that there’s nothing much you can do about this troubling event. Remember: this too shall pass.

It Will Be a Challenging Time For You

13. You’re Emotionally Blocked

If you dream of suffering from constipation, it reflects what’s going on in your life. In fact, psychologist Carl Jung believes that this means you’re feeling emotionally blocked in your real life.

Perhaps something – or someone – is stopping you from doing what you need to do. As such, you need to reflect on (and address) these negative emotions ASAP.

14. You Need to Enhance Your Social Skills

If you dream of an outhouse or a public restroom, then it’s a reminder for you to improve your social skills.

For example, this may mean that you have poor communication skills. This inability can get in the way of your relationships, whether romantic or platonic.

That said, you need to work on these skills – as they will help you gain friends. Who knows? Your improved skills may help you land a romantic partner as well!

15. Something/Someone Will Hamper Your Romance

Your poopy dream could also symbolize a dilemma in your love life.

For example, if the stool had something in it, it means something (or someone) would get in the way of your romance.

The same poop dream meaning applies if you end up excreting an odd thing.

Unfortunately, if you can’t stop defecating in your dream, it means that you won’t be able to get rid of this obstacle. You’ll just have to ride it out and toughen yourself up!

16. You’ll Encounter Some Family Problems

If you dream of eating fecal matter – or if you’re unable to use the toilet – you’ll be hounded by family issues. Perhaps you’ll have a disagreement that can lead to a full-on fight.

Despite this pressing issue, you still have to take good care of your family. This is especially the case if they are part of the defecation dream.

17. You’ll Have Some Financial Problems

Most poop dream scenarios symbolize financial success. But if you dream of a clogged toilet, it means the opposite. It’s a sign that you’ll be encountering some monetary issues soon.

If you aren’t careful with your spending, you may burn through your hard-earned money.


What does poop mean in a dream, really?

As you see, it can allude to financial success and good luck. But in some cases, it could mean that your past haunts you – or that you’re worried about someone.

Whether your dream tells of something good – or bad – know that only you have the power to make it so!

Are you confused about your doo-doo dreams? Share them, and we’ll try to explore all the possible interpretations – and more.

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