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10 Dream Of First Love Meanings

Usually, first love is a powerful and lasting experience. It is often said that nobody ever forgets their first love and there is a lot of substance in this saying. When you experience love for the very first time, it has a unique pleasure and everything feels ever so heightened. Most people describe it as a wonderful experience but for some, it becomes a reminiscence of a nightmare they want to forget.

Whatever meaning it may hold in your real life, in the dream realm, usually nobody is craving to get back with their first “ex”. So, why are you then seeing them in your dream? Well, this is what we are going to find out in this mini guide about the dreams of your first love.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About First Love?

One of the most common and often incorrect interpretations of this dream assumes that the ‘dreamer’ perhaps craves to be reunited with their first love. But that is quite far from the truth because there is a strong role of symbolism that appears in your dreams. So let’s dive in.

1. You Are Unable to Let Them Go!

If you are having a passionate dream about your first love and feel a strong longing to reconnect with him/her, it may make you feel weird inside. But this is a very common dream and it indicates that you are not yet ready to forget your first love and this means that every now and then you may have a dream about it.

However, if you are dreaming about your first love, it does not mean that you are craving to be back with your ex. Sometimes, dreams are a way to relive the past and experience that first-ever sensation of love in your dreams.

2. Your Current Relationship Is Boring

If you are dreaming about your first love, it is quite possible that the real-life relationship that you are having currently may not be as fulfilling as your first love was. So, having this dream may be an indication that you are craving a similar experience. Usually, first love experiences are full of joy, spark, and enthusiasm, so this dream indicates that you are craving those giddy feelings once again.

3. You Never Had a Proper Closure

When you are dreaming about your first love, it is often a reminder that your wounds of losing your first love are still unhealed. This is because the relationship may have ended up abruptly or it may have left such a huge gap in your life that it became almost impossible for you to be yourself again. Intimate relationship breakups are very tough and if you ever want to move on with your life, it is important to have a proper closure and grieve the loss of your romantic relationship that ended.

This dream is just a reminder that you still have not addressed this need for proper closure. Perhaps you are waiting for the other person (your first ex) to say something and help you with reaching closure, but it doesn’t work this way. You have to make this journey all by yourself.

4. You’re Still Sailing On Rocky Shores

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Well, nobody said that romantic relationships are smooth. Every intimate relationship is full of twists and turns and you need to be able to deal with all these diversities of being in a romantic relationship. So, with this realization when you reconsider the dream about your first love, it may appear to be an indication of any existing issues in your present love life.

Even if on the surface you cannot pinpoint anything that may be even slightly wrong, it would be worthwhile to do a relationship evaluation. This will give you a fresh perspective on where your romantic relationship is at that moment and how to best handle the existing issues.

5. You’re Feeling Insecure!

This is one of the most common themes and interpretations of this dream because often it is because of deep-seated insecurity that a person starts dreaming about their ex. Usually, it is the innate fear or insecurity about being abandoned that manifests as childhood abandonment anxiety. However, instead of letting your subconscious take over the reins of your mental sanity, it is time that you take control in your hands.

Make sure that you acknowledge that if you have had a difficult past, it does not mean that your present will be an exact replica of that. It is encouraged that you spend some time evaluating your present relationship and how you can improve it further, so it lasts for a lifetime (if that’s what you truly desire!). You should also reflect upon the previous relationships and try to figure out things that went a little off your plans. Then, think about various ways to tackle this situation.

6. You Are Bad at Communication

No matter how strong a relationship you may be sharing with your partner, it stands futile if you and your partner lack on the communication front. Often, dreams about first love are an indication of all the communication-related problems, you may be facing in everyday life.

There may have been times (in your present relationship) when you may have felt literally voiceless or dominated by your partner. So, understanding this hint would mean that you try to talk about this to your partner and resolve this issue amicably.

7. You are longing for a family life

It makes sense because if you are still dreaming about your very first love, it shows a high degree of value and connectedness ability within you. Instead of turning towards a rather narrowed direction of meanings associated with this dream, you may analyze it from the perspective of the ‘family person’ theme. Mostly, such dreams would hint towards your tendency to be a family-oriented, far-sighted person, and you can use these dreamy reminders to do some introspection and check in with your emotional self.

8. You Are Feeling Ignored

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If there is an emotional void in your relationship, it would put your existing relationship on the brink of breakup. This is because seeing your ex from the very first love affair, maybe direct you toward the fact that your present romantic partner is trying to ignore you and hardly ever compliments or acknowledges you.

You are in a way experiencing those innate desires of being loved. Now that you are well aware of quite a few possible interpretations of dreams about your first love, it is about time that you make some evaluations and take a few action steps.

9. You Have a BIG Ambition

This is another common interpretation of dreaming about your first love. Having such a dream is actually a positive sign because it may be an indication of your big goals and ambitions. This theme holds a seriously structured and materialistic feel.

On one hand, it reveals your calculative nature and on the other, it is hinting toward how structured and serious you are about life. It shows your powerful perspective about living your life to the fullest. You can consider it a signal for you to speed up your efforts towards your primary ambition in life.

10. You Have Bottled Up Your Emotions

Dreaming about first love makes you reexperience those magical moments when you used to feel all free and mighty. Having this dream may be an indication that you are bottling up your feelings recently and it is about time that you start expressing yourself openly. First love dreams also represent a desire to enjoy some forbidden emotions that you may have repressed deep inside. This dream is merely a reflection of all the subconscious desires and emotions that you have tried hard to repress.


To summate our discussion on the ever-so-controversial dreams about your very first love, it would suffice to say that our subconscious merely tries to communicate effectively with you. And generally, this communication happens by making comparisons to an outstanding example from your past (in this case, that happens to be your first love).

If you have had a magical first love experience and the present-day romantic relationship isn’t quite touching that standard, such a dream may harbor bad feelings about the whole thing. On the other hand, somebody who has had a wonderful first love experience will find this comparison quite pleasant. The most important thing is that it is just a dream but you need not ignore it completed, take some time to reflect upon yourself. So, don’t wait up!

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