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9 Dream of Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore Meanings

Although many of us perceive dreams as mental imagery that occurs during sleep, dreams can provide plenty of information, advice, guidance, and warnings about our waking life and personality.

So, when someone appears in your dream, it is a huge possibility that the dream has been sparked by something you recently saw or experienced and shows your unique way of dealing with those emotions.

Dreaming about someone you do not talk to anymore can signify the unresolved business, sadness, self-discovery, emotional trauma, and feelings of guilt, among others.

Before we dive into the possible interpretations and scenarios of this dream, it is crucial that you consider your feelings about the person and whether they did something to you. Dreams are generally unique and specific to our particular experiences.

Let’s check out some interpretations of a dream about someone you don’t talk to anymore!

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Dream About Someone You Don’t Talk To Anymore

1. You Need Closure

When we dream about our exes or ex-friends that used to be a vital part of our lives, it usually infers a lack of closure. Think about how you parted ways with that person. It probably was not a pleasant situation, leaving you stressed and angry.

But, often, when we argue with someone or break up, there are always some unresolved issues or unanswered questions which follow us through life and hinder our relationships. Therefore, we need closure to finalize that part of our life, make sense of what happened, and let it go.

Saying it is much easier than doing it. In addition, many believe that finding closure means talking to someone who hurt you previously, but it does not necessarily have to depend on the other person.

If you are adamant about finalizing that part of your life, you can give yourself the closure you need. Start by forgiving yourself, taking full responsibility for your actions, focusing on the positives, and making plans for the immediate future.

2. You Miss Them

Dreaming about someone you do not talk to can signify that you miss them and wish to reconnect with that person. Maybe you had a verbal altercation with some of your family members several years ago and now the years of not speaking with them are bothering you.

Even though we tend to portray or believe that we feel specific ways in our waking life, the actual feeling cannot be hidden from the subconscious mind.

Therefore, you probably experience this dream because you realize that a quarrel is not worth having a ruined relationship with a relative. It happens all the time when we get into an argument, say harsh words we do not mean, and then spend years avoiding each other.

So, if you had a dream about a relative or a childhood friend, which gave you good feelings, maybe you should consider getting in touch with them and burying the hatchet.

3. You Have a Relationship Problem

If you often experience dreams of your ex, that might imply that you are unsatisfied with your current relationship. The presence of exes in our dreams is usually sparked by something; maybe you saw them recently, or someone mentioned them.

We tend to reevaluate our past relationships and try to find reasons and explanations for that breakup. So, ask yourself whether you often compare your ex-lover to your current partner. Is there something in your relationships that needs to be changed?

Also, how your relationship ended can be the key to solving this issue because maybe you never got over that person and still have raw emotions lingering in the back of your head.

4. You Are In the Healing Process

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If you had a positive dream about a person you are no longer on speaking terms with, that can signify that you are going through a healing process. 

Although breaking up with a romantic partner is emotionally painful, losing a friend can also take a heavy toll on us. You probably feel they have hurt you beyond measure and never even thought about reconnecting with that person.

However, this dream is a good sign. It implies that you have found your inner peace and finally learned to let go of that suppressed anger, pain, and resentment. These dreams usually provide information about our emotional state and are rarely about the person you saw in the dream.

5. You Are Neglecting a Part of Yourself

According to one of the most known dream interpreters and experts, Lauri Loewenberg, dreaming about your ex-friend is connected to a forgotten aspect of your life or personality.

Maybe that friend in your dream reminded you of the person you were or your behavior when you socialized with them. For example, they motivated you to follow your dreams or change your perspective significantly.

When you experience these dreams, people and items we see are usually metaphors for something in our real life. So, your friend can represent a particular habit you had but no longer have. It is also a sign of deep self-dissatisfaction.

6. You Have Trouble Making Friends

Why do I see my childhood friend in my dream with whom I do not talk anymore? There are many reasons and causes for their appearance in our dreams.

Some dream experts claim that this dream is a way your subconscious mind reflects your current issues with relationships. It can be a problem or a situation with your ex-friend or partner that left an emotional scar and confusion.

It is not unusual to have trouble making friends, and there are numerous reasons for it. However, your inability to find new friends can be rooted in a previous relationship that changed your mindset and made you fearful, shy, or introverted.

You fear that you might be hurt again or want to avoid the mess, chaos, and intimacy that relationships generally bring into your life.

7. You Are Struggling

Dreaming about someone with that you are not in contact can be a sign that you are currently going through a tough patch, which makes you think about the old times. When we are in a rough period of our lives, we tend to go back to period when everything seemed fine.

You are seeing that person in your dream because you probably experienced a lot of positive memories with them that make you feel happy and nostalgic.

Maybe your subconscious mind is replaying those images to you in your dream because you need support, guidance, and help, or it is your way of dealing with distress and worries from waking life.

8. You Are Feeling Guilty

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As mentioned, these dreams have numerous scenarios; the person you had the dream about can be your ex-partner, ex-friend, or relative. Therefore, if you had a falling out with someone and believed it was your fault, that might be the reason for this dream.

Maybe you did something to them, betrayed them, or behaved poorly towards them, which ultimately caused the rift between you two. That guilt and burden never went away, and you get mixed feelings about them every time you hear their name.

The interpretation of this dream also depends on the context and how you and that person behaved. For example, if you dream of running away or hiding from them, you are experiencing a feeling of guilt.

On the other hand, if you see yourself speaking to them, that can be interpreted as you being nostalgic or wanting to talk to that person.

9. You Are Afraid of New Relationships

Dreaming about an ex-partner you do not talk with can reflect your current emotional and mental state.

For example, if you have been single for a long time and never managed to overcome the fear and trauma that your ex-partner caused, it might symbolize your fear of new relationships, love, or being intimate with someone.

It is also a sign of insecurity and emotional detachment; you do not believe in yourself and your abilities, so you try to prevent yourself from ‘catching feelings’ for someone new. At first, it might sound like a funny problem, but many people struggle with this issue.

For them, staying on the side is easier than risking being hurt by someone.

Suppose you feel the same way, often avoid people and group activities, and have trouble maintaining relationships. In that case, you need to consider why you are unwilling to commit to someone.


As mentioned, dreaming about someone you do not talk to anymore depends on your experience with that person and the role they played in you.

Therefore, before you deal with the interpretation, you need to think about that person and what they represent. Dreaming about an ex-partner can symbolize unfinished business, detachment, emotional trauma, closure, and fear of a new relationship.

On the other hand, if you had a dream about your friend or relative, that dream can symbolize your feelings of guilt, distress, healing, guidance, and clarity.

Dreams can be a handy tool that provides unique insight into our emotional states and help us understand ourselves. Have you ever had this dream? Could you please share it with us? If you have any questions, do not be shy and ask away!

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