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10 Dream of Full Moon Meanings

Had a dream about a full moon? Well, sometimes, we find ourselves remembering vividly what our dream was. There are specific scenarios where we want to continue even when we are already consciously awake just because we like what is happening in our dreams. However, there are also nights when there is a particular scenario or symbol that oddly shows up in our dreams, just like a full moon.

Most of us are into astrology. Hence, whenever we dream about something related to celestial bodies, we tend to be more curious about their meaning. So in your waking life, you will realize that you just had a dream about a full moon makes you want to learn more about its meaning and interpretations.

Dream of Full Moon 1

What is a full moon?

Most people get astounded whenever they stare at a beautiful, lit full moon. It is one of the many moon phases where its entire being is lit up. A full moon only happens when the sun and moon are aligned on the opposing sides of the Earth.

What does a full moon in my dreams mean?

Though there may be a lot of interpretations and significance of dreaming about the full moon, in this part, we are going to talk about the most common interpretation, which is success and prosperity, as well as the transition period and moving forward.

Success and Prosperity

Oftentimes, dreaming about the full moon signifies success and prosperity. The brightness of a full moon insinuates that everything goes well and that there is abundance in all aspects of your life.

Transition Period and Moving forward

Seeing a full moon in our dreams could be a mystery; sometimes, this happens whenever there are significant adjustments in our lives. It usually means that we are transitioning and have to move forward.

Moreover, in ancient mythology, werewolves usually appeared whenever there was a full moon. Hence, this was believed to represent our shadow or the dark side of ourselves.

10 Different kinds of the moon and their meaning

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Most of the time, we see more than just a full moon in our dreams. There is a wide range of phases of the moon that we may encounter in our dream. And they all have different hidden meanings.

1. Crescent Moon

Dreaming about a crescent moon symbolizes a stroke of good luck. A Crescent moon signifies that there will be a change or a transition in your life, may it be in your career, personal, or social life. It could also mean adaptations from things you are not used to, and you will get out of your comfort zone.

2. Falling Moon or Rising Moon

Whenever you see a moon that is beyond the horizon also signifies change. Oftentimes, the difference is usually related to work and social life. It is either about fame or a promotion at work.

On the other end, whenever you see a falling moon in your dreams symbolizes that obstacles will come your way and significantly affect your social and personal life.

3. Halo Around the Moon

Halo is a strong representation of holiness, as seen in religious images. A glowing circle of light which describes a halo, can also be used in non-religious contexts, such as when seen around the moon.

This halo around the moon signals the upcoming first snow or rain. Similarly, having a dream about it indicates impending hard days in the dream world.

However, the rain and the snow will pass, and the skies will clear up. These challenges will get past you as long as you stay resilient thru the rain.

4. Lunar Eclipse

It is believed that whenever you see a lunar eclipse in your dream, you have to be more conscious about your health. Take it as a warning from the universe that you must watch out for your health and the people you love, especially your closest family member.

However, some circumstances see a lunar eclipse in your dream that could signify a sudden major change in your life, especially when discussing your career, as you might experience some obstacles.

5. New Moon

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Dreaming of a new moon is a classic symbol of a fresh start. If you are contemplating starting a new project, regard this dream as an affirmative sign. You are ready for something brand-new. This dream is an invitation to put in your hard work.

A new moon can also signify more materialistic growth in terms of finance. The future will bring prosperity and good news.

6. Moon Fading

To dream of the moon gradually fading before your eyes may be symbolic of the fading beauty you feel within yourself. You could be at a low point relating to your self-esteem and confidence.

On a heavier note, dreaming of a moon disappearing is considered an ill omen relating to stress in your relationships. It is a sign for you to be aware of the problem at hand so you can stop the separations from happening.

7. Reflection of the Moon in Water

Dreaming of a moon reflected in the water is the dream you want to have, as it carries multiple positive meanings. It is an inspiring vision telling you that happiness is coming your way. Contentment and the beauty of life are appearing on your horizon. Appreciate it and enjoy every waking moment.

Additionally, if you are itching to travel to another country, this dream could affirm that that could happen soon.

8. Red Moon

There are a lot of meanings when it comes to the red moon. Since red also signifies blood, it could somewhat be related to danger, or sometimes, it is associated with femininity which is the woman’s menstrual cycle.

First, a red moon is associated with danger, misfortune, or even accident. Your emotions and subconscious could be torturing you by giving you anxiety attacks and by making you feel and think that there is something awful that might happen.

On the other hand, a red moon, also known as the blood moon, could signify the fertility of a female and the woman’s menstrual cycle.

But wait, there is more; another meaning of a red moon in your dream is that it is a hint that there is something that you have wanted to do that will make you regret it eventually, hence, something that is silly. Make sure to listen to your thoughts and follow your instincts and intuition by setting it as your guide in discerning right and wrong.

9. Orange Moon

Dreaming of an orange moon is essential to interpret as it serves as a warning for things that might get out of hand in the future. This unsettling meaning foreshadows danger threatening you and the people close to you. Similar to the beliefs of several cultures, the orange moon could bring chaos as it is close to how a blood moon looks like.

Be very careful, especially in controlling heightened emotions, and take additional care to avoid unforeseen accidents.

10. Two Moons

To witness two moons in your dreams indicates that you are being pulled in two different directions about something significant you are currently deciding on. Making the correct choice is vital despite being tempted to choose the opposite one. Enormous implications for your future rely on making the correct one.


So now that you know the different meanings and interpretations of the specific scenarios whenever you dream about a full moon, you will no longer have to wonder or overthink what your dream wants to tell you. Moreover, you also know the meanings of the different moon dreams, especially the full moon dream. After all, most of the time, our dreams usually represent our subconscious thoughts.

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