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7 Dream of Stealing Meanings

Robberies are some of the most common crimes committed around the world. Stealing was much more common in previous decades; however, in recent years, robbery rates have decreased, according to crime reports in the United States. This can be attributed to the increased security measures deployed in most countries.

It is no surprise that, since robberies are still so common in everyday life, they are also very common dream themes. People often dream about stealing or being stolen from, which leaves them with self-doubt and fear. After all, they would never steal in real life, so why are they dreaming about it?

While a dream about stealing can have a negative connotation, it can also show a positive aspect regarding the dreamer’s future. In this article, we’ll explore certain dream scenarios about stealing and their different meanings. Keep on reading to learn more about the dream symbolism of stealing!

7 Dream of Stealing Meanings

Dream About Stealing

Stealing  refers to taking something from someone else by force or intimidation. This can be a small or large item, cheap or expensive. Theft can also refer to something non-tangible, like identity theft. Since there are so many interpretations of theft, it leads to countless dream settings revolving around it.

People see themselves stealing from others and thieves stealing from them. They even see themselves stealing from people they know, like their parents. This makes them heavily question their morality and whether they would actually do this in their waking life.

When someone sees dreams about stealing, it usually indicates that their life lacks something and desperately wants it. It can also represent goals and ambitions that the person has not yet achieved and thinks are out of reach. Sometimes, a person will also see a dream about stealing and then being chased, which usually indicates future failure.

If your dreams include other people stealing from you, it is often a sign that you will lose something soon. The stolen item can be tied to future loss as well. For instance, if your money gets stolen, it could signify a financial crisis or a big loss of funds in your workplace.

Here are some common themes for a dream of theft, as well as the meanings of dreams involving stealing:

1. Dream About Stealing Money

Most people would assume that a dream where they stole money from someone would be a bad omen because they committed a crime. However, just like positive dreams that can have a negative interpretation, a negative dream can be a good omen for the dreamer’s future.

Stealing money is actually a good sign for your personality. It signifies personal growth on many different levels. It can refer to financial gain, thanks to your resourcefulness, which can translate to a more lucrative job or a positive outcome on an investment.

It also heavily indicates mental and spiritual growth in the near future. Your subconscious tells you that you will become much more familiar with your emotions and spiritual side. You may start actively practicing spiritualism, which will significantly affect your overall life.

Dream About Stealing

2. Dream Of Shoplifting

Dreams that involve shoplifting are usually related to your private space. If you find yourself shoplifting from a store in your dreams, it is an indicator that you need more time in privacy. Perhaps you are a famous individual or a prominent figure in your workplace with many responsibilities.

However, your presence in the spotlight takes away from your private time. You have not been treating yourself properly since you don’t have a lot of time alone. If you get caught shoplifting, it indicates that you are in the spotlight, and people expect great things from you. Nevertheless, you desperately need some space and time out of the public eye.

3. Dream About Stealing A Car

Thinking about stealing a car can signify that your life needs a new vehicle to move forward. Perhaps you have started to feel stagnant in your current life circumstances and want to pursue some of your dreams or goals.

Stealing this car in your dream shows your ambition and need to advance to bigger and better things. Take this opportunity to change something important in your life. Maybe you can look for a new and more lucrative job to take care of your financial situation.

On the other hand, if you find your car stolen in a dream, it means that someone is trying to interfere with your life journey. Perhaps you are taking the right steps and opportunities for your future, but someone attempts to sabotage your endeavors. Be careful of your surroundings and the moves you make soon.

4. Dream Of Someone Stealing From You

Being a victim of theft can be devastating for anyone. Even if you only lose something of little value, the worry and anxiety you feel can be substantial. Sometimes, people even have a hard time getting back to their everyday life and their work if they were a victim of a robbery.

However, if you fall victim to a robbery in your dreams, its meaning can be slightly different. The most common dream interpretation about someone stealing from you is that you are facing an identity crisis. Perhaps you have started to question some of your core beliefs and values. Or, there could have been an event that changed your view of life significantly.

People constantly change, sometimes for the better and other times for the worst. Trying to reevaluate your views on some issues is always welcome, but don’t forget to stay true to yourself.

Another interpretation of a dream about someone stealing from you is betrayal. If someone recently betrayed you, your subconscious mind treats it like something was stolen from you. If you can recognize the robber in your dreams, you might find that it’s the face of the person who backstabbed you.

Dream Of Someone Stealing From You

5. Dream About Stealing From Your Family

Whether it was something small or something important, most of us had stolen something from our parents when we were little kids. It could have been a small amount of money to buy candy, or even their credit card to buy a new pair of shoes we wanted. If you dream about stealing from your parents, it could be your mind reliving this childhood memory.

Another interpretation of this dream is that either you or your parents are hiding something from each other not to hurt others’ feelings. It could be a minor issue like not telling them you lost your job or a larger one like a health issue. In any case, if you are hiding something from them, consider telling them as they will appreciate your honesty.

Occasionally, a dream about stealing from your family could indicate imminent problems for someone close to you. This could be a family member or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Be careful of other signs that might relate to this and try to resolve any conflicts before they become a burden.

6. Dream Of Someone Stealing Your Partner

Dreams about losing your partner are some of the most common with many different scenarios. All of them indicate some sort of worry about your relationship ending. If you see a dream of someone stealing your partner from you, it could be that you are questioning their fidelity in the relationship.

Even if you are not certain that they are cheating on you, you have a deep suspicion about it. This could stem from a previous relationship where your ex hurt you deeply by cheating on you. Or, it could be that you have some general trust issues with people, including your partner.

In any case, you should talk about this with your current partner and try to find a solution. Living with a constant fear that your partner might leave you is unhealthy and can lead to toxicity in the relationship.

7. Dream About Stealing Jewelry

If you find yourself stealing jewelry in a dream, it is a sign of envy. You are particularly jealous of the achievements of one of your acquaintances. Remember that feeling envious of someone else’s accomplishments rather than trying to fulfill your own ambitions is toxic behavior. Not to mention that it can damage any new relationship you try to form.

If you found someone else trying to steal your diamond jewelry from your apartment, it’s usually a warning sign that someone close to you is envious of your own accomplishments. Be careful who you trust as they might try to take advantage of you, especially if you have a lot of money.


All in all, a dream of stealing is so common that there are countless interpretations of this dream’s meaning. If you steal something from someone else, it is normally a sign of your inability to achieve something on your own and your regret about it.

If you are the victim of theft, then the person stealing from you is important. If it is a stranger, it doesn’t usually have any specific dream meaning behind it. But, if you get a good look at the burglar and recognize the identity of the person, it could be significant. If it’s a close person, like a good friend, you need to be careful, as they might try to double-cross you!

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