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16 Dream of Green Snake Meanings

Snakes are scary creatures that can harm our humans, with their venom. They come in different shades, including the more common black snakes and the unique white snake.

Today, however, we’ll talk about the color green serpent. In real life, these creatures can often be seen in meadows, pastures, and prairies.

And yes, you may see them in your sleep as well.

As to why you dream of a green snake, here are 16 possible reasons:

Dream of Green Snake 1

What does it mean when you dream about green snakes?

1. You’re Blessed With Good Luck

You should be happy if you killed a green snake or saw a green cobra in your dream. It’s a sign that you’ll be lucky in your pursuits.

If you’re considering getting a lottery ticket or playing in the casino, then go! This dream means that lady luck will be at your side.

That being said, you shouldn’t rely on just luck alone. If you want to be unstoppable, you need to work hard too!

2. You’re Working on Yourself

Snakes are symbols of transformation. Expectedly so, seeing one in a bathtub shows your dedication to improving yourself.

You’re working on building your knowledge and wisdom. In fact, you may even end up discovering a skill you didn’t know you had!

At the end of the day, these improvements will help you have some outstanding achievements. Before you know it, you’ll be reaching the pinnacle of your personal or professional ambition!

3. Your Environment Will Be Conducive

Killing a green snake means that the obstacles in your waking life will eventually start to come down.

If you have a love or career adversary, their attempts to undermine you will fail. You’ll always be ahead of them, no matter what they do.

This doesn’t mean that you should flaunt your success in their face. It pays to remain humble.

4. You Will Find Love

Having snakes around your body is a scary sight to behold. That said, this scenario actually brings good news to some dreamers.

If you’re single, then this means that you’ll find the love of your life soon. In fact, this may happen just when you least expect it.

Just keep your eyes open, for they may already be near you!

5. You Will Be Healthy

If you suffer from a chronic illness, killing a green snake or seeing a green boa constrictor is good for you. This is a sign that healing will happen soon.

Your new treatments will kick in – and they’ll work better than the previous ones. Eventually, you’ll feel this relief – and you will become healthier.

Although this dream is very positive, you must be careful, for this can also be a bad sign. For some people, this means that alcohol will enter their lives. And, if they’re not careful, this can affect them health-wise, relationship-wise, and money-wise.

6. You Will Be Prosperous

Dream of Green Snake 2

If you dream of a green boa constrictor or a snake enclosing your left hand, it’s a sign that you’ll have good fortune.

The same promising interpretation can be said about a green-yellow snake. Yellow is a color of opportunity, while green is the shade of money.

Your newfound prosperity can result from a job promotion, a new business, or a lottery ticket. As mentioned above, a green snake dream can bring you great luck and success!

7. You Will Be Powerful

A lime green snake is a sign that you’ll hold much power in your life. For example, you may get elected to a high post. Alternatively, you may get promoted to the highest rank at work.

This power you hold, of course, will make people respect you more. However, you need to be mindful of your status. These people look up to you, so you need to be a good model.

8. Be Prepared for a New Life Chapter

A green cobra or a green snake in the bathroom will bring a lot of transformations in your life. It means you’ll start something new – be it a job, relationship, or any other opportunity.

Spiritually speaking, the latter could mean that your intuition will become stronger.

All these new things will bring about change and make your life better.

9. You’re in a Bad State

An attacking green snake reflects every emotion you feel in your real life.

Perhaps you’re fearful of a particular situation or individual. You may also be feeling vulnerable or grief-stricken.

On the other hand, a biting green snake symbolizes the sadness you feel inside. Maybe someone has left you, and you’re finding it hard to get over their absence.

If you keep on seeing a green snake on the sand, then you may be doubting someone.

The same interpretation goes when you dream of a green cobra. They change into different colors, just like this person you find suspicious.

Indeed, your hunch may prove to be true. This is especially the case if you see a standing green snake. According to this dream interpretation, somebody is conspiring against you.

While distrusting some people may leave you lonely, it’s best to trust your gut. It’s telling you something, so listen to it!

10. You’re Trying to Escape Something

Your dream is a reflection of your subconscious mind. So if you’re dreaming of running away from a green snake, it means you’re trying to get away from something.

Maybe you’re trying to escape some problems – or your relationship, even. But no matter what you do, you remain trapped.

A dream of green snake bites says the same as well. It represents your fears and worries and how you try to suppress them.

No matter what green snake dream you have, the best thing to do is to face these issues once and for all.

11. Temptation is Everywhere

In many cultures, snakes are viewed as evil. After all, they tempted Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. In the end, this act got them banished from paradise.

Just like this story, dreaming about an attacking serpent means you’ll be surrounded by temptations.

And yes, psychologists view this dream the same way. Sigmund Freud, for one, has cited the snake as a sign of uncontrolled passion. Carl Jung, on the other hand, has deemed the snake a phallic symbol.

If you don’t want to give in to your weird or unhealthy sexual desire, you need to keep your spiritual power up!

12. Exert Some Control

Dream of Green Snake 3

You’re impulsive. More often than not, you do something that you end up regretting right away.

In a nutshell, a green boa constrictor or an attacking green snake dream is a warning sign. It means it’s time for you to control your emotions and impulses.

For example, if you keep making seemingly wrong decisions, you need to be careful next time. Take it slow and think things through the next time.

13. It’s Time to Move On

Dreaming of green snakes attacking you is a reminder for you to pull yourself up and move on.

You’re dealing with many issues in your personal, social, and professional life, among many other things. These challenges are stressing you out and letting you down.

Challenging as it may seem, you need to shake the negativity off and make a positive change in your life. Doing so will help you move on to something (or someone) better.

14. Your Relationship May Suffer

While being wrapped in snakes promises new beginnings for single dreamers, it can mean the opposite for those in relationships.

For one, your relationship may get more complicated. There may be lots of jealousy, or you (or your partner) may be tempted to cheat.

Whatever the outcome may be, it could end up testing (or breaking) your partnership. However, if you’re determined to make things work – there’s always hope for the two of you.

15. You’ll Suffer From Financial Setbacks

Although killing a snake means you’ll be blessed with good luck, being wrapped in one means you’ll have some financial troubles in the near future.

You need to be more prudent with your spending to prevent this from happening. If you’re used to splurging on expensive stuff and luxurious vacations, then it’s time for you to scale them back.

Unexpected expenses may come, and they can drain your bank account. Being thrifty will help ensure that you have something saved for a rainy day.

16. You’ll Have Issues at Work

If the green snake is wrapped around your neck, it’s a sign that you’ll have some issues in the workplace. There may be problems in your performance – or you might end up embroiled in work politics.

You may lose this precious position at work if you’re not careful.


A green snake dream, although terrifying, may bring good news. It can symbolize luck, wealth, power, and good health, among many other things.

That said, this dream comes as a warning for some people too. If you’re not careful, you may lose your job, money, or relationship, to name a few.

We’d love to hear about your green snake dream. Make sure to share your experiences and insights below!

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