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11 Dream of Being Chased By A Snake Meanings

Dreams seem mysterious and hard to decipher, especially when they’re a strange or rare occurrence. But, while they’re not always easy to interpret, they provide important messages that can help you understand the psyche of your subconscious.

Dreams are best interpreted through patterns and common symbolism, but what if the pattern doesn’t exist? What if you’re experiencing snake dreams?

Luckily, we have compiled a snake dream interpretation guide to help you understand why you’re being chased by a snake in your dreams.

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Dream About Being Chased By A Snake

While these experiences can introduce unnecessary worries, it is a common dream. These visions are one of the many ways your anxieties come to the surface, which means you need to pay attention to your dreams so you can implement the meaning in your waking life.

1. Trying to Avoid Responsibility

Everyday life can really get to you, and it’s no surprise that with the stresses of the world and our growing responsibility, we will often feel overwhelmed. So, it is commonplace that we would try to avoid what we are, in fact, required to do.

Whether at work or in your personal life, a snake chasing you in your dreams means you have unresolved issues with responsibilities you are trying to avoid. Maybe there’s an extremely difficult assignment that you need to complete, and you just can’t get yourself to do it. Maybe your boss is breathing down your neck to finalize that paperwork you’ve been putting off.

Whatever it is, dreaming of a snake chasing you means your subconscious mind is telling you to take your responsibilities a little more seriously and find a way to relieve the stress. Find a way to tackle the tasks you’re putting off and relieve yourself from the unwanted burden.

2. Negative Thoughts and Insecurity

Unfortunately, many of us are plagued with negative thoughts and insecurity. With real life taking its toll on us, it is common for us to feel like we’re not up to the tasks at hand, or that our worth is not as valuable as we might have thought it to be.

Maybe there’s something bad happening to you, and the dreams are displaying these worries and insecurities. You could be facing serious emotional turmoil because of a decision that has backfired, or maybe a confrontation has left you feeling less confident about yourself and your abilities. Either way, these types of dreams serve the purpose of letting you know that your subconscious is trying to bring these insecurities to your attention.

One thing you need to remember is that snakes are generally symbols of transformation and healing. So, yes, even though being chased by a snake in your dream reflects inner strife, it would be advised to take this as a chance to do some introspection. Use your newfound wisdom of what’s plaguing you to find the courage to invoke some positive reflection and change.

3. You’re Avoiding Someone

Whether you’ve just stepped away from a serious relationship or broken ties with a significant person in your life (friend, spouse, or otherwise), dreaming about a snake chasing you often reflects your need to avoid someone.

It doesn’t only have to mean relationship loss. It could also signify your desire to avoid toxicity and negativity. Dreaming of a rattlesnake or a cobra, for example, can mean you’re avoiding someone whose behavior and presence in your life is hurting you. Maybe there’s a coworker whose bad attitude is greatly disturbing your peace. It could even be a strong desire to avoid bullies at school.

Whichever the case, don’t sweat it. See the dream for the warning sign that it is, reflect upon its meaning, and take the necessary steps to alleviate the pain.

4. Your Feelings towards Others

Dream of Being Chased By A Snake 2

Usually, dreaming of a snake is a representation of a certain aspect of yourself. When it comes to this reptile, it usually means that the dreamer is plagued with negative emotions toward someone. This could be envy, anger, hate, jealousy, or a myriad of other evil feelings.

Now, the first thing to be aware of is that this is still a dream. You haven’t acted upon these feelings. You might not actually wish any harm upon anyone. But, you do have to take responsibility for the fact that you’re harboring this negativity, and you need to find a healthy way to let it go. The dream is a wake-up call, and you should definitely heed it.

5. Problems with Sexuality

Psychologists like Sigmund Freud have posited that a snake is a phallic symbol related to sexual desire. It makes complete sense, then, that dreaming of a serpent chasing you can be reflective of sexual frustration or problems.

If you are having problems with your significant other, this would be the time to try and find some way to reignite the passion. Maybe plan something romantic and spontaneous that would be a welcoming surprise. And, of course, don’t hesitate to talk about it. Trust and communication are two things that would definitely alleviate this burden and help you avoid similar issues in the near future.

6. Unnecessary Fear

Dreaming of garden snakes can actually be a little comforting if you understand the meaning behind it. Sure, any dream of snakes can feel like a real nightmare, but these particular snakes usually represent a fear of something you shouldn’t actually be afraid of.

Garden snakes are usually harmless, and being chased by one in your dreams is basically the universe’s way of telling you to calm down and take a breather. Whatever it is that’s troubling you shouldn’t trouble you at all!

7. Avoiding the Truth

Being chased by snakes in your dream can often reflect the inner turmoil you have of accepting something you don’t necessarily want to accept. In this time and age, who we are and what we stand for is always being questioned, and having to deviate from a deep-rooted belief system can often be jarring. However, that snake chasing you around is your subconscious showing you that the inner conflict is real, and maybe you need to take a closer look at what you believe is “right and true.”

This could be anything from needing to change the way you do things to a deep-seated belief in certain opinions that are being challenged by facts. Either way, the dream should be a sign that you need to take a second look at the situation and really give it some serious thought, even if it’s difficult.

Snake Chase Dream vs. Color

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Being chased by a particular type of snake can also enlighten us about issues in our waking life. Here are a few of these:

1. Blue Snakes Chasing You

Being chased by a blue snake usually means avoiding something or someone in your life that will ultimately cause you severe depression. By understanding the value of what it is you’re avoiding and facing it head-on, you can kiss this blue snake goodbye!

2. Yellow Snakes Chasing You

Yellow snakes usually represent betrayal, and being chased by one can often be interpreted as trying to avoid a negative person in your life. However, the color yellow is representative of hope and strength, so rest assured that this is your subconscious assuring you that whoever it is you’re avoiding, you’re doing the right thing!

3. White Snakes Chasing You

White snakes represent purity and faith, and dreaming of one chasing you usually can be interpreted as you straying off the right path, ultimately indulging in something negative and hurtful. It’s a warning sign that you need to find your way back.

4. Black Snakes Chasing You

Being chased by a black snake usually refers to the same interpretation of avoidance. However, in this case, it signifies that someone in your life is trying to entice you back into a relationship (romantic or otherwise). The key here is to recognize that you are avoiding this person for good reason and to act accordingly. Maybe a long overdue confrontation is necessary to end this once and for all.


It is no surprise that dreaming of snakes chasing you can be a real heart-stopper. After all, we’ve always associated them with the bible’s story of Adam and Eve, apples and temptation, and the first sin in the Garden of Eden. It also makes complete sense when most of the interpretations of this dream relate to some of the 7 sins, like envy and sloth.

If you’re able to interpret what your dreams mean and apply that knowledge in your waking life, you can change your future. You can improve your reality.

The dream’s interpretation is unique to everyone, and we would love to hear yours in the comments below!

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Thursday 11th of May 2023

Dreaming small snake with colours following me meaning trying to avoid it but it keep on following me

Keeshann Jones

Tuesday 4th of April 2023

In my dream I was standing at the kitchen counter talking to my two brothers and one of thier girlfriend. The back door was open, the eldest brother spotted a large black snake coming through the door towards me. I seen the snake and immediately ran around the counter. My brother yells the snake is chasing you. Which scared me more. I ran once around the counter. Seeing the snake behind me I jumped on the counter. The snake went into the living room. My brothers aimed guns at the snake but didn't fire. I could hear my husband talking to one of our children. I began to yell for him telling him there is a snake in the house to get a gun. He didn't respond to me, the snake returned to the kitchen and stopped at the counter I continued to scream for my husband to bring a gun. The snake looked my way turned white and lifted itself up to my height on the counter. It looked me in the face. I screamed for my husband to help but he never came. I grabbed a knife and stabbed at the snake, at which time I found myself in the woods wrapped in vines swinging the knife still yelling for my husband to help me. I seen flashing lights from an ambulance. I couldn't see anyone just the ground and leaves. I didn't see my husband but heard paramedics saying I stabbed him. Then my phone rang and woke me up.