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12 Dream Of Moth Meanings

Moths are interesting creatures and seem almost mystical even in real life. So, if you have been dreaming about moths, it may be an indication that you are undergoing some changes in life. This is talking about massive changes like the loss of life or monetary loss. The appearance of moths in the dream depicts how you are under stress due to life-changing truths that have just appeared and your ability to deal with your new circumstances.

Moth dreams also show your motivation and energy that how willing you are to change your situation if it is a cause of concern for you. But more on that later; let’s start with the dream symbolism of seeing moths.

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Interpretations for Moth-Related Dreams!

In folklore and everyday conversations, moths are always used as symbols to represent solid emotions and situations. The circumstances of your dream are always the most crucial part if you need the exact interpretation. You can’t possibly remember each and every detail but try to do as much as you can to get a proper conclusion.

Themes and types of moth dreams can alter the meaning entirely if there are slight changes in the way you see them. So, we are going to be discussing the most repetitive meanings, symbolism, and interpretations of moth dreams.

1. Death

Death and decay are the most widespread symbol of moth usually referred to. Even in real life, the legend of moths is always somehow related to death. Along with death, the moths are also symbolic of rebirth, like butterflies. This means the problems of a person lead to his transformation and later overcoming those problems in real life.

2. Helplessness

Death, helplessness, and weakness are also symbolized by moths, primarily because moths enjoy a very vulnerable status in real life as well with a strikingly short life. If a person is surrounded by tons of stressful things, he may feel helpless or weak in the face of such problems. His moth dreams then indeed point toward his mindset that he feels pessimistic and things seem out of his control.

3. A Hint Towards New Problems

Moths in huge quantities represent problems. This isn’t new. Moths show emotional or financial loss that has occurred to a person, and now he is at his wit’s end as to how to eliminate these newfound problems from his life.

4. Wisdom

Moths appearing in your dreams is not a coincidence. Rather they signify your journey towards meeting your new, spiritual self. It is believed that newer mental faculties emerge as a result of new problems arising in your life. Maybe you can’t solve these issues, but they do exist to change your perspective on life. This imparts you wisdom.

5. Hinting Toward Issues of Awareness

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As you become wiser in your new circumstances, your awareness naturally increases. You know that you are going to have to deal with new things and get your life together. You are motivated as you can do this; why? Seeing moths is not a coincidence rather, they appear to show your internal energy to fight off any problems that you are going through.

6. Intuition

Moths represent self-knowledge for you as they can actually survive in the dark. This shows that you will be able to fend off for yourself and resolve any existing issues. But more importantly, they are concerned with your intuition or psychic abilities. You may not have known until this time that you have any special psychic abilities, but now you will discover them. Moth dreams are symbolic of the opening of the third eye.

If you really want to take advantage of this ability, you must meditate and allow yourself to experience the positive energy around you to improve your spiritual powers. Trust yourself with this and leave the rest to astrology.

7. Role of Colors

Now the type of moths that haunts your dreams also tells you something about the interpretation. If you are looking at a dark moth in the dream, you are most probably being hit by something that is in your unconscious mind.

But, what does this mean? You are not directly thinking about your problems or their solutions, but on some level, they exist at the back of your mind. The dark moth dream has varied interpretations depending on how you see the dream. It can be positive if it encourages you to pursue a new path to end your problems. On the other hand, it can be negative if it is irritating or attacking you in the dream, which can mean you have pressing issues at hand that you can no longer ignore.

If you see a white moth in your dreams, it changes the meaning of the dream entirely. White color usually represents purity or innocence. In the dream world, a white moth can be symbolic of femininity for both men and women. This may mean that you are looking to change your identity, and that is what is confusing you.

8. Dreams of Moth Attack

A moth attack is when you see swarms of moths in your dream. This shows your emotional state and how chaotic your emotions are with your changing circumstances. You may want to express yourself frequently instead of bottling up your emotions, which can help relieve some of your stress. In addition to this, the dream indicates that you are not just emotional but also anxious and stressed as you feel like you are helpless in your new conditions. If this is it, do not ignore the dream rather use it to help yourself overcome stress.

Trying to catch moths is another side of this type of dream. If you continue to capture them, it shows you are trying to boot your problems, but you are somewhat having difficulties. They may be because of the magnitude of the problem or lack of personal energy to deal with the problems. This is because you may be facing multiple challenges all at once. A considerable number of moths indicate multiple challenges in your dream.

9. Moths on Different Things

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The location of where you see moths partially tells you about the interpretation. Like if you happen to see moths in your bedroom, it may hint at an impending crisis or your fear of one that may occur in the future. As you see moths in your bedroom in your house, house or family conflict in the recent past may have triggered such a dream. If you think you can resolve this problem to end disturbing moth dreams, do discuss it with your family. If you specifically see moths on walls, they are more to do with your personal flaws. A good self-analysis will prove beneficial for your personal growth.

Similarly, you can see moths on your face or on your body. Where the moths land, is indicative of the dream’s meaning. If it is in your mouth, it means you keep a check on yourself. You are nice to people. This is a good interpretation. But if the moths are in your hair, it shows that someone is planning to hurt you, to do something evil. You can try to keep yourself from harm by acting well.

10. Dreams of Killing Moths

It is quite possible that instead of the moths attacking you, you kill them in your dream. If this happens, it shows that you are battling a severe disease. If you kill by eating moths, you will definitely deal with an illness or be tempted into doing something that isn’t like you. This may be a love affair or anything you haven’t done before.

Feeding moths to other animals instead of eating them shows that you are covered with jealousy, and somehow, that is negatively impacting your happiness. You may incur a financial loss as well if you are killing moths in your dream.

11. Dreaming of a Dead Moth

Experiencing dead moths means you are going to lose a connection with a loved one. If you want to overcome this, you must deal with any relationship problems that you are having with your other half. This can really help with re-establishing the relationship and hence ending moth dreams.

12. Dreaming of a Giant Moth

This one is scary. A giant moth may represent the fear of death. Like death, it is about larger forces, and if you find yourself afraid in the dream, these forces are evil. It may also show a hidden enemy who is plotting to hurt you in some way if the giant moth attacks you.


There are tons of meanings of your moth dreams depending upon your personal circumstances and how you see them in your dream. Moths can represent wisdom and a way forward for you. But at the same time, they can highlight your issues and make you aware of the severity of your problems. From death and decay to wisdom and intuition, moths can mean anything at all. To get an accurate interpretation, you must focus on every detail of your dream and go ahead by interpreting them on a personal level.

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