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9 Dream Of Lizards Meanings

Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles found in the wild and on homesteads. They come in different varieties of species, all of which bring chills to many people. Whether small or huge, they can be fascinating creatures.

When it comes to dreams, seeing a lizard can be a good omen or a bad sign depending on the scenarios in your dream and the situations in your waking life. Did you recently dream about a lizard?

Today, we give you nine spiritual interpretations of dreams about lizards and their symbolism.

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What Do Lizards Symbolize?

Different communities have varied beliefs about what lizards symbolize. These species are one of the closest reptiles to humans, living harmoniously with them. The most common symbolisms of lizards among communities include:

  • Sensitivity
  • Creativity
  • Rebirth
  • Psychic abilities
  • Intuition
  • Revitalization
  • ​Deceit

In some cultures, lizards are a symbol of your love life. There are myths surrounding how some of these communities would remove poison from the reptiles and mix it with their spouse’s drinks to make them madly in love with each other.

Others use it to symbolize changes in natural phenomena, such as tides. Still, some cultures associate lizards with material gain, good fortune, passion, and nobility.

In a nutshell, lizards represent the relationships among humans and their attachment to nature and the future.

Dreaming About Lizards? General Interpretation

The most general interpretation for lizard dreams is intended change in the future. These changes can cause a significant improvement or deterioration of your personality.

Further, you may experience deception or betrayal. Through the dream, you will discover certain personalities you didn’t know you had in you.

According to lizard dream dictionaries, lizards in dreams are usually not a good sign. But it may eventually turn into something positive in your future. In other cases, you may find new opportunities in your personal or professional interactions.

In addition, the dream may be a moment of spiritual awakening that may leave you feeling strange. For women, this dream may mean they might encounter betrayal from their relatives, leading to losing focus. But because of the spiritual awakening, you will overcome this betrayal, among other life’s challenges.

Lastly, dream psychologists believe lizard dreams reflect the dreamer’s everyday life. Through dreams, a person can identify hidden insights in their daily life experiences.

9 Lizard Dream Interpretations

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Sometimes, lizard dreams don’t necessarily have any significance but are usually a result of external circumstances.

The interpretations of such dreams depend solely on the scenarios in your waking life. Everything happens for a reason, and this applies to dreams as well, including dreaming about lizards.

Below are some of the most common dream scenarios about lizards.

1. Dreaming of Lizards Mating

Dreaming of lizards mating symbolizes relationships, love life, purity, and youth. The dream means that in your pursuit of love, it’s essential that you pay close attention to someone or something in your life.

If there’s anyone in your life that you continually neglect, it’s time to start taking better care of them. Further, it may warn that someone close to you is plotting to attack you. Stay alert and aware of your relationships with people.

2. Dream About Lizard Fighting

Seeing lizards fighting in your dream is your subconscious mind informing you of the changes you must make to improve your personality. Understanding what aspects you need to work on may seem challenging, but your instincts will guide you. This way, you’ll overcome fears and make sound decisions.

It is also a moment of spiritual cleansing. If you are working on a project, this dream is a sign that it may all work out in the end.

The same case is seen if you are going through certain dark situations in your life. If you remain optimistic, you will find your way through the darkness.

3. Dreaming About Lizards Hatching

Such a dream reflects the issues you’ve been holding back wanting to come out. Whatever you’ve been holding in has had you feeling unloved and unworthy. It’s time to open up to your family members to get a sense of direction.

Clearing your mind now and then allows you to make more sound decisions. Your mind will be less foggy, saving you from unnecessary stress.

It’s time to make more sound decisions and keep yourself first. Stop prioritizing other people’s welfare too much.

4. Dreaming That You’re Killing a Lizard

Such a dream represents your inner self and interactions with the people around you. When it comes to spirituality, you are being braced for forthcoming changes in various aspects of your life.

In your changes, you may encounter cold-hearted and hypocritical people. The encounters may make you feel overly sensitive. Seeing the lizard symbolizes your desire to be appreciated and noticed. You must face your challenges with endurance and strength.

Lizards being cold-blooded may also be a reflection of you being cold-blooded towards someone or something in your waking life that requires your attention.

5. Dreaming About a Giant Lizard

Dreaming of a big lizard is a sign of bad luck. Seeing it in a dream reflects your communication issues with those around you. Sometimes this communication may be brought about by some people bringing your confidence down.

Due to this, you end up seeing a large lizard in your dream as your subconscious mind is reminding you of your relationship and work challenges.

In addition, this dream can reflect the conflicts you may have with your relatives or workplace. These conflicts are causing a lot of stress in your life.

After having this dream, you can be assured that the situation will pass and you’ll come out strong. This will become possible if you are aware of the intentions of the people around you.

6. Dream of a Single Lizard

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As we’ve seen earlier, dreaming of a lizard can be a warning sign as it may be associated with attack or betrayal. However, there’s a little bit of positivity in this dream.

Seeing a single lizard in your dream could signify the renewal of lost energy or spark. It shows that you are grounded and can make creative decisions.

It also reflects how well you communicate with others in your waking life. Seeing a single lizard shows how you react toward sex and relationships.

7. Dream of a Green Lizard

The lizard’s color greatly impacts the interpretation of the dream. If you see a green lizard in your dream, it shows a relationship between you and nature. It reminds you to reconnect with yourself as you also reconnect with nature.

Connecting with nature in real life allows you to seek calmness and rationality. The dream prompts you to seek these traits by resolving external and internal conflicts.

Other than reconnecting with nature, the dream may also signify financial difficulties. It’s time to be more cautious about the way you handle losses. Rationality also applies in this case; you must make rational decisions to avoid careless spending.

8. Dreams About Lizards Staring at You

Such a dream is usually a warning of an incoming betrayal. It is a very unpleasant experience seeing a lizard staring at you. This betrayal may come from any corner of your life.

Whether it’s your professional or personal circle, pay more attention to your surroundings. Keep an extra eye on your relationships.

However, this does not mean you start acting weird around them. Try and act normal as you brace yourself for potential disappointment from the betrayal.

Instead of being afraid of seeing lizards in your dream, focus on what changes are required in your life. As you do that, keep an eye open for the people in your surroundings to know their true intentions and gain clarity.

9. Dream of Lizards Changing Color

A lizard changing its color is a warning of someone close to you being on the verge of ruining your reputation. This may come from a coworker, especially someone on a senior rank than yours.

The dream shows you how you are surrounded by people who constantly find fault in you. These people are usually fed up with your excellent work ethic and discipline. As a result, they may try to discredit you.

Avoid taking up projects or signing contracts around this period. These backstabbing coworkers will try every way possible to pass blames and faults out of malice in the event of a downfall.


Seeing lizards in your dreams signifies betrayal, change, incoming danger, creativity, tenacity, new beginnings, and possible loss. While some cultures view a lizard as a spiritual guide towards renewal and realization, others view them differently.

Some cultures see them as bad omen. Generally, lizards can be both bad and good omens. Seeing a green lizard, for example, symbolizes an effort to make peace with your inner and outer conflicts to achieve calmness and rationality.

Change is necessary to achieve greatness in your relationships or personal growth. Your subconscious is reminding you to embrace that through dreaming about lizards.

Have you ever had a dream about lizards? What was its color, and how did it make you feel? Tell us more about it through the comment section below.

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Wednesday 19th of July 2023

My dream felt very real but I just remember in my dream, that I was in the house and seen lizards everywhere I turned my head. They were coming out of no where and they were all different colors

Shawner McNeal

Monday 10th of July 2023

I dreamed about a red and black squared snake that was jumping at me I was terrified, I locked it in a room that someone opened I didn’t see their face but when the snake wrapped around their leg it shed its skin and became a brown lizard at that moment I was like what the hell then woke up


Tuesday 27th of June 2023

Saw house lizard in my dream, it was, I coming out of my hall toward Varanda and saw 3-4 lizards on the wall & then observed that several are lying wounded & or dead on the ground, & then suddenly I was awake.