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10 Dream of Swimming Meanings

Ever since humanity first existed, we have experienced the joy (and sometimes fear) of swimming. A dip in the pool, lake, or ocean is just part of the way we live life. It’s easy to see why people have plenty of beliefs involved when they dream of swimming. 

Whether it’s a pleasant dream about a nice vacation stay or a dream where you’re struggling to keep afloat, dreams involving swimming can make a huge impact on your waking life. Let’s talk about the meanings behind this oh, so common dream. 

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What Does It Mean If You Dream About Swimming?

1. Dreams about swimming in a pool often mean that you won’t have many obstacles in real life.

Is there anything more relaxing than a dip in the pool? Not really. There aren’t any spooky critters ready to bite you. The water is clear, free of waves, and sometimes even heated. Pool swimming is easy swimming. 

Most dream interpreters agree that swimming in a pool is a sign that the dreamer is in for smooth sailing. While you may have struggled in the past, this is not going to be the way things are in the future. 

2. The color of the water can also offer a lot more nuance to a dream’s meaning. 

Swimming in water can be good or bad, depending on what the water is like. Clean, light colored water tends to mean that you will not have a difficult time in the future. Who would say no to clear blue water? Clear water always looks appealing, no matter what. 

If the water is a deep blue, then this could be a sign of your intuition and emotions. You may have a lot of unknown feelings about a certain topic that you may need to address. Or, it could be a sign that you are just starting to explore your inner self. 

Dirty water, or even swimming in a dirty swimming pool, is bad news. That murky water is a sign of your emotions getting the better of you. Watch out for mental illness, risk taking behavior, or physical problems. 

If you’re dreaming of swimming in murky water, there is also a chance that you are in the middle of a lot of unknowable dangerous situations. Be careful! This is a warning that not every friendly face means you well. 

3. Swimming in the ocean can be a sign of obstacles. 

Unlike pools, the ocean has a lot of waves. There are animals there that aren’t always nice to humans. Sometimes, the ocean can be a nice thing to experience. Other times, you can die from one foolish swim or a freak wave. 

In dreams, the wave size can often be a reflection of the type of struggles you feel you are facing in real life. Did you dream that you swam into a giant tidal wave? If so, you may feel like you’re going through insane levels of hardship. 

On the other hand, simple waves that you would see in a normal body of water can be a sign that you have a fair amount of frustration and uncertainty ahead of you. It’s not catastrophic by any means, but it’s not as easy as dreaming of a swimming pool.

In other words, most dreams about swimming in the ocean are indicators that your life is filled with ups and downs. As long as you aren’t drowning, you’re good to go. Some cultures also see this as an omen of getting a new inheritance. So, there’s that too.

4. Swimming in rivers can be an indication of how you see change. 

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Rivers are unique when it comes to bodies of water because they have a specific direction they flow. This makes them an excellent allegory for change. A rapidly-running river can be a sign of fast changes in your waking life. 

If you are “going with the flow,” then it’s a sign that you will be happy to accept change in the near future. It may even bring you good fortune and launch your career. It’s good to swim downstream as long as you’re enjoying it. 

On the other hand, swimming upstream can be a sign that you are fighting the change. You don’t want things to be different! Unfortunately, you can’t always fight the way life unfolds. This will only lead to more struggles if you keep it up. 

Watching others swim in a river suggests that people around you are dealing with change, but that it doesn’t necessarily affect you. You’re just watching it unfold by the sidelines.

5. Indoor swimming suggests that you might be hiding from yourself. 

Most dreams of swimming involve going outdoors, but not all do. Did you dream about swimming in an indoor pool? If so, the meaning of the dream could change. This may be a sign that you are hiding your emotions in your waking life. 

At times, it can also mean that you are hiding your unconscious mind from yourself. If you find yourself in a lot of denials, this dream could be asking you to be more honest with yourself. 

6. Swimming toward someone often is a sign of sexual attraction. 

Did you dream about swimming toward a person you know? Were the waters unusually hot and steamy? If you got some romantic vibes about the dream, this could be an indicator that your subconscious finds them attractive. 

It’s important to note that this interpretation doesn’t hold water if you are swimming toward someone to save them from drowning. (That often is a sign that you are worried about this person in real life, and that you may want to play the hero.)

7. Diving head first into water can mean that you are handling a lot of emotional issues well. 

You might have water dreams where you are diving right into high tides or rough waters. Believe it or not, these types of dreams have a pretty upbeat meaning. You are taking the turbulent waters of life and facing them head-on. 

This dream symbol suggests that your choice to face those issues will lead you to a successful ending. Your luck will change as long as you confront issues head-on. 

8. Dunking in cold water is actually a good omen. 

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Cold water is rarely ever pleasant in real life, especially when you’re neck deep in it. However, it’s actually really good to dream about swimming in icy water. As we all know, drinking icy water is very refreshing and invigorating. 

Dream interpreters typically believe that a dream of swimming in icy water is a sign of renewal and rebirth. In many cases, it heralds a new beginning to a part of your life that you thought was gone for good. 

Cold water dreams are particularly good for people who want their financial situation to change. You won’t be thirsting for cash soon. 

9. Swimming with sea life tends to be a good omen as long as they aren’t attacking you.

You know how people say things like, “Fish are friends?” Yep. This tends to be the truth when it comes to dreaming interpretations. If you recently dreamt of swimming alongside whales, dolphins, or fish, expect lots of adventures featuring new faces.

Fish tend to be friendly acquaintances that you will meet in passing, such as new coworkers or some cool people you meet at a bar. Dolphins tend to represent honest, loyal friends who help you out in times of need.

Dreams of swimming with whales tend to indicate that you will meet someone who will help you out as a mentor in business or as a financial provider. If you have been working on your career, this can indicate you’ll get the big break you need.

10. Of course, it’s also worth noting that water dreams tend to indicate anxiety and worries.

For the most part, dreaming of a swim isn’t a bad thing. However, water itself tends to be an indicator of your emotions in real life. For many people, water is a symbol that denotes worries and anxiety.

Be honest with yourself. Have you been worrying about all the little things in your life? Do you stay up at night because you’re nervous about how life is going? Dreaming about treading water is a sign you’re a stressed out mess.

It’s okay to take a deep breath and relax. You may even need to talk to someone about how you feel. Life is too short to keep living with anxiety. 

Last Words

Have you recently dreamt of swimming in a lake or river? It can be a pretty jarring experience at times. Or, it could be a blessing in disguise. Tell us your dream interpretations in the comments below.

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