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17 Dream of Monkey Meanings

Monkeys are always associated with playfulness, trickiness, innocence and good luck. This is the same when you had dreams about this creature. Although it’s associated with positive attributes, some interpretations might make you raise your eyebrows.

If you dream about a monkey, you should expect both positive and negative meanings so you can prepare yourself for what’s to come. If you are wondering what your dream means, here are some of the monkey dream meanings that you should know.

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What does it mean when you dream about monkeys?

When you dream of a monkey, it is a dream symbol of deceit, betrayal, playfulness, instincts, intuition, childish behavior, and immaturity. Well, there are so many traits that can be attributed to monkeys, especially if you see them in your dreams.

There are a few simple explanations if you encounter a monkey in your dream:

1. Trusting your Intuition

One reason why you suddenly dream of monkeys is that you are confused about whether to follow your intuition or not. Seeing a monkey in your dream serves as an encouragement to always trust your gut feeling, especially when you need to make important decisions.

2. A Different Approach to Solve your Problems

When you’re having second thoughts on how to solve a specific problem, monkeys usually appear in your dreams. This would signify that you have to change your approach when you are dealing with your problems.

It means that the current solutions that you are thinking about won’t be able to solve your problem. It’s best to identify the problem and find a different approach.

3. Dishonest Friends

Dreaming of monkeys may also mean that you have fake or dishonest friends in your circle. If you only have a small circle of friends, you won’t have a hard time pointing out the friends who are not honest with you.

This will also imply that some people are only pretending to be friends with you because of various reasons. They might be trying to befriend you because they need you or they are getting benefits from you.

4. Removing Negativity

Monkey dreams may also mean that you have to start removing the negative people and things in your waking life. They will have a strong influence on you and they might bring more problems in the future. By removing your bad habits, you will have more blessings and you can prevent health issues.

5. You’re Still Immature

Sometimes, dreams will tell you something about yourself. When you dream about monkeys, it may mean that you are still immature and very childish. This is an indication that you have to start making mature decisions for your life.

6. Lack of Focus

Dreaming about monkeys can also mean that you start to lack focus on the things that you do. You might be doing so many things at the same time that you can’t even focus on one task. This will lead to the work not being done properly. This may also affect your well-being.

Monkey Dreams: Specific Scenarios and Interpretations

When you dream about monkeys, there are specific scenarios in the dream that would help you figure out their meaning. Here are some of the circumstances in your monkey dreams and their interpretation.

1. Baby Monkeys in your Dream

This is a very positive dream because once you dream about small monkeys, it means that there would be a new member of the family. Take note that someone in your family might get pregnant or you might adopt a child. It can also mean new beginnings.

If you are planning to adopt a child, this is a good sign as it would mean that doing so would bring good luck to your family. Since you are the dreamer, you will have an important role in the life of this child. This would be a blessing for you and your family.

2. Dreaming of a Black Monkey

Since the color black is often associated with bad luck, is this something that you should worry about? Well, it’s not completely bad luck, but it is a warning sign that somebody in your circle is too cunning. There is a chance that this person will betray you in the future.

Always be careful of the people who are too friendly with you and those people who are giving too much without asking for anything in return.

3. Group of Monkeys

Dreaming of a single monkey has a wide range of meanings, but what would happen if you dream of a group of primates? Basically, this type of dream is not a good sign. It means that your life would encounter a lot of difficulties.

It also means that something evil is pretending to be someone else or they are trying to deceive you. You have to be careful because these people will try to take advantage of you.

It can also mean that you are looking at your life like it was just a game. You are not serious about the situations that you are experiencing.

17 Dream of Monkey Meanings2

4. Dead Monkey

If you see a dead monkey in your dream, the first thing that you will think about is bad luck. Dreaming about a dead monkey means that someone will challenge your love relationship.

This is also a sign that you should never face their provocation, especially if you are starting to get jealous. Always trust your partner because if you allow your emotions to overwhelm you, it might affect your relationship.

5. You’re Torturing Monkeys

Again, this kind of dream indicates that you have to be careful with the things that you say or do. When you dream about torturing monkeys, it means that you are saying a lot of bad things to your relatives.

This will have a negative effect on your relationship with them. Whether you are close or not, make sure that you always pay attention to the words that come out of your mouth.

6. A Monkey Climbs a Tree

Looking at this kind of dream, most of you might think that it’s harmless since monkeys always climb trees. However, the truth is that this dream is a bit negative as it means that you will experience humiliation.

It also means that you will experience a huge disappointment in your life. It might be in your love life, career, or business so you need to be wary of the people around you.

7. Monkey Sitting on your Shoulder

If you are having a friendly chat with the monkey while it is sitting on your shoulder, this is a positive sign. It means that someone will come to visit you soon.

Take note that the person who’s going to visit you is either a long-lost friend or someone who will have a positive effect on your life. It is often related to reconciliation because you might be reunited with your friend.

8. Putting Monkeys in a Cage

What does it mean to catch monkeys and put them in a cage? This signifies that you are trapping your emotions inside the cage. Instead of letting it out, you are trying to suppress it.

You may have your reasons, but this dream is a reminder that doing this can negatively impact your life. It’s better to let out your emotions, but make sure that you control them to prevent hostility.

9. Feeding the Monkeys

When you’re feeding a monkey in your dream, it signifies prosperity and abundance. This would mean that your life will prosper and you will succeed in your endeavors. There is also a chance that you will have a promotion in your job.

This is also a good sign that new love is coming. If you’ve been in heartbreak and you are still mending your broken heart, dreaming about feeding a monkey means that someone will come into your life.

10. Angry Monkey

If you dream about an angry monkey, it is a sign that you will have a problem with your neighbors. This is something that you don’t want to happen so make sure that you control your emotions and pay attention to the words that will come out of your mouth.

This dream also means that your reputation will be ruined by someone. It might be someone close to you. They will do this because of jealousy.

17 Dream of Monkey Meanings3

11. Dreaming of a Jumping Monkey

Dreaming about a jumping monkey, especially when you felt uncomfortable when you wake up is a sign that something bad will happen. You need to be very careful because there is no specific interpretation of the bad things that would happen to you.

It might be a problem with your job or career, love life, or family, or it might be related to your friends. If you dream about this, make sure that you prepare yourself and always face these problems with a calm heart.

This type of dream may also mean that you will have unstable support from your life partner. It might imply that the person will leave you alone during a difficult situation. Always strengthen your bonds with the people around you to prevent this from happening.

Final Thoughts

Dream interpretation will depend on the perspective of the person. Dreaming about monkeys can either be negative or positive depending on how you view it.

The best thing that you can do is to always have a positive outlook in life and stop yourself from making hasty decisions as they would negatively affect your life.

If you have any questions about these monkey dreams, you can comment down below and we will help you out.

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