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10 Dream About Shoes Meanings

Most people wear shoes every day of their lives and we have shoes for every occasion. There are fancy, often impractical shoes for parties, comfortable, performance-enhancing shoes for exercise, protective shoes for working on construction sites, fur boots for cold climates, and many, many more.

We wear them every day yet pay little or no attention to the symbolic meaning of shoes. So what does it mean when you dream about shoes? There are many interpretations depending on factors such as the context of the dream, the type of shoes, and what is happening in the waking life of the dreamer.

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General Interpretations of Dreams About Shoes

Even though shoes are everyday objects, it is not very common for them to feature distinctively in our dreams. While the details of the dream, such as the color or type of the shoe, can be significant, dreams about shoes have some key symbolic meanings.

1. You Have a Desire to Travel And Explore

If you have been thinking a lot about traveling and wish to explore new places and meet new people, you can dream about shoes. Here, the dream reflects your waking thoughts. However, the meaning can also be metaphorical and refer to a life journey you wish to undertake.

2. New Beginnings

Have you been feeling stuck recently? If you would like things to change in your personal or professional life, this can cause a shoe dream. If you desire to choose a different life path, the dream is a sign to take steps to create the life you want to live.

3. Take a Stand For Yourself

In our waking life, wearing the right shoes can give us confidence. Therefore, your dream can be a sign of self-confidence issues in your real life. If you often let other people step on your toes, you need to become more confident and assertive. Positive affirmations can help you improve your self-esteem.

4. You Put Too Much Weight on Other People’s Opinions

We often judge people based on the shoes they wear and a shoe dream can be a sign that you have low self-esteem and fear that other people will judge you. You should not be so worried about what other people think. Trying to please others will only make you unhappy while being your authentic self will lead to a fulfilled life.

5. You Need More Balance in Life

Because shoes give us support and balance, your shoe dream meaning can be to have more balance in your life. This can refer to work-life balance or the balance between body, mind, and soul.

Shoe Dream Scenarios

Different scenarios in your dream can change or enhance its meaning. The below scenarios are common variants of shoe dreams.

1. Wearing Someone Else’s Shoes

A dream where you are wearing someone else’s shoes is a metaphor for you living a lie. You are not being your authentic self, and this is making your life stressful and unfulfilling. The first step is to accept yourself imperfections included. When you accept and respect yourself, you dare to be who you were meant to be.

General Interpretations of Dreams About Shoes

2. Old Shoes

This dream can be a warning dream, telling you to watch out for deceit. Someone could be scheming to take something valuable from you and they could be prepared to tell lies to get what they want.

3. New Shoes

A new pair of shoes in your dream is symbolic of a new path in your near future. There will be new opportunities coming your way and they will lead to growth and progress. Your subconscious is sending you this dream because it wants you to be ready to make the most of these opportunities.

4. Mis-Matched Shoes

When you dream about wearing shoes that do not match, it is a metaphor for choosing in a rush in your waking life. The dream is warning you against rushed decisions. Sometimes the dream can appear when you have already decided. Then, the dream is a sign that you need to live with the decision and learn important lessons from it.

5. Losing Shoes

A dream where you lose your shoes symbolizes something you have lost. For some dreamers, it may be a friendship or the end of a romantic relationship. Others may be mourning the death of a loved one, while for another group of dreamers this dream can represent the loss of something valuable or a lost opportunity.

6. Stolen Shoes

This dream also represents a loss, but more specifically lost opportunities that are taken from you by your rivals. The dream is asking you to be on your guard as these rivals may not fight fair. Instead, they may try to sabotage your chances.

7. You Are Not Wearing Your Shoes

A dream where you suddenly realize you are not wearing your shoes reflects your inner state. It is a sign of emotional trauma, shame, and guilt that is rooted in your past, possibly as far past as early childhood. This has hurt you and led you to struggle with a negative self-image and low self-esteem.

The dream’s message to you is that you need to let go of these negative feelings as they are holding you back. People often carry guilt over past events that were not their fault. When you realize that, you can forgive yourself, improve your self-esteem, and make better progress in your waking life.

You Are Not Wearing Your Shoes

8. Torn Shoes

This dream is also a sign of shame you feel. You feel that you have disappointed others and you have not achieved what others expected of you. You cannot live your life trying to match other people’s ideas about you.

To achieve happiness and satisfaction in life, you need to live according to your idea of yourself and accept yourself as you are, yet always strive to become the best version of yourself. But do it for you, not for anyone else.

9. Dirty Shoes

A dream about dirty shoes means you have developed some bad habits that are hindering your progress. Often it means that you have become lazy and are not putting the effort in with your work.

You need to ask yourself why that is. Is it because you have lost motivation or you are going the wrong way in your career? Identify the issue and take steps to rectify it.

10. Holes in Your Shoes

When you dream about holes in your shoes, it is a sign that you feel out of control in some areas of your life and this is draining your energy. It is important to address this before it is too late. Reassess your priorities and direction.

If you have given others too much control over your decisions, you need to be more assertive to regain control. The others may have your best interest at heart or they may lead you astray for their gain. Either way, you alone know what is best for you.

Different Types of Shoes

The type of shoe in your dream can also be significant. Whether you dream of high heels or slippers, they can tell a lot about your personality and approach to life.

  • High heels can be a sign of your desire for increased power or status. For others, the dream may mean the desire or a start of a new romantic relationship,
  • Sandals in your dream mean you have a relaxed approach to life. This can be good as it allows you to go with the flow. However, it can also mean you let important opportunities slip through your fingers.
  • Slippers are a sign that you desire more comfort and time to relax. It could mean that you need to reassess your work-life balance to make more time for fun with family and friends.
  • Baby Shoes for some dreamers can be about having a baby. However, for many others, it is about their hopes and dreams. Dreams about baby shoes can also be a sign of unexplored potential.
  • White Shoes symbolize you feeling good about something new in your life. Maybe you have entered a new phase that is more relaxed and happy or it could refer to a new job or a relationship.
  • Black Shoes in a dream are symbolic of power and authority. The exact meaning depends on the dreamer. For some, it means their desire for power, while for others it can mean they feel dominated by someone.
  • Red Shoes are about passion. It can be a warning dream about entering a love affair. Perhaps you have already entered one or are considering one. The dream is warning you that it is not a good idea and that people can get hurt.
  • Right Shoe / Left Shoe: While the right shoe represents a masculine approach to problems, the left shoe represents a feminine approach to life. Everyone has a male and female side and it is important to accept both.


Dreams are a window to the inner workings of the mind. When we pay attention to our dreams, we can learn important lessons that we can apply in the physical world to achieve stability, success, and happiness.

Hopefully, the article has answered all your questions about shoe dreams. If you have any questions about such dreams, you can write them in the comments section.

10 Dream About Shoes Meanings pin 1


Monday 27th of March 2023

And my mother, who passed away years ago, was in the dream. It was a hectic dream, and I want to know the meaning of it.


Monday 27th of March 2023

My dream was about being robbed three robbers and they took a pair of black men shoes