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11 Dream Of Keys Meanings

Have you ever had a dream about keys? Sometimes, a lot of things are happening in your dream simultaneously and you won’t even notice a key in the background. This is a very important detail because seeing keys in your dream signifies new opportunities, movement, progression, and wisdom.

Although keys are often neglected in your dreams, this tiny detail brings a huge impact on your waking life. If you have no idea what your dream means, we listed down some of its general meanings and a few key dream scenarios with interpretations.

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Key Dreams – General Meaning

When you dream about keys, there are general meanings that you can look up to. You can rely on these interpretations if the other parts of your dream are hazy. If you can only remember the key in your dream and nothing else, these general meanings will fit perfectly.

1. Sign of Strength and Authority

Seeing a key in your dream means that you have the strength and authority to take your life into your own hands. It means that you don’t need anyone’s approval or validation and you are strong enough to handle your weight. You are in control of your life and you can make responsible decisions.

This is a good sign because it can also be considered independent. When you are independent, you are also free and unhindered. You don’t rely on anyone and probably, a lot of people rely on you. However, don’t let this get in your head. Stay grounded and don’t look down on others.

2. The Answer!

Yes, they have considered your gateway to knowledge, which also means that you can get access to all the solutions that you need for your current predicament. If you see a key in your dream, it means that you will find the answer to the problem that you are facing right now.

If you are dealing with a problem with your work, you already have the key. You just need to find that specific keyhole to open the answer that you’re looking for. You already have what it takes to deal with the problem. It’s just that you don’t have the courage to look for it.

With this, you can achieve success in all your endeavors.

3. Transformation

This is probably the most important interpretation that you have to look at because this will completely change your life. An unexpected change can happen to you. There’s no indication if it’s good or bad, but you should expect that it would depend on how you make your decisions.

Right decisions will definitely lead to the right direction and a positive transformation. Making a mistake can lead to frustrations and possibly, a negative change. Always assess the situation before you decide and make sure that you put more time into it. Never rush things as it would only lead to mistakes.

4. New Doors are Opening

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If you see a key in your dream, it means you are going to open something with a keyhole. These are new opportunities in real life. You’ve probably stayed in your job for a long time doing repetitive things over the years. Seeing a key in your dream means that a new opportunity will open up for you.

Take note that these opportunities will appear before you, but you need to grab them and act if you want them to happen. You are an achiever. It takes a lot of courage to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you’re up for it, you can grab the opportunity and see yourself in a more successful situation.

Dream Scenarios and Interpretations

If you dream of keys, you can expect that they would always be under different circumstances. Did you only dream of the key or you are doing something while the key is there? There are specific scenarios inside your dream and we’ve got the interpretations to help you out.

1. A Broken Key

If you dream of a broken key, this is a bad sign and it’s full of uncertainty. It means that your relationship is going to end. Remember that it might be your relationship with a friend or a romantic relationship with your partner. It is because of a lack of control over your emotions. You ended up saying or doing things that led to the demise of the relationship.

This may also mean that you had a lot of bad feelings deep inside. You failed to realize your dreams in the past and you don’t feel good about it. You realize that you cannot control everything around you. The best thing to do is to watch your behavior and wait for the next opportunity to come up.

2. A Rusty Key

When you dream of a rusty key, it means that you are suffering from a medical problem. You are the key and rust is the medical issue. You have to look for a doctor as soon as possible and get yourself checked. If you are not feeling anything unusual in your body, getting a full-body checkup will help you figure out what’s happening inside your body.

You are starting to neglect your health, which is why your subconscious mind is doing its best to tell you that you have to go to a doctor for a checkup. This is a warning and you will be very lucky if your medical problem is not yet severe.

3. A Gold Key

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If you see a golden key in your dream, it means that you are the type of person who always has a solution for every kind of situation. You are always prepared no matter where you go so you don’t get frustrated easily. You are also very confident in everything you do because you are always ready.

The golden key is like a sign that you are very confident with your actions. This is the key to success, but you have to be extra careful not to overdo it. This is also a reminder that being overconfident can lead to selfish ideas and it will definitely backfire on you.

4. Getting a Keychain as a Gift

If you received a key chain in your dream as a gift, it is a signal for good well-being and success in life. It might be true that getting to your goal is not smooth sailing, but it’s not about the journey; it’s the destination that matters. Don’t give up midway and just continue grinding and you will get there eventually.

Keychains also symbolize responsibility. A lot of people are relying on you and they trust you to do the right thing. Always be aware of your duties and responsibilities and always think about your friends and family members when deciding.

5. Lock and Key

In this particular dream, you are the key and there’s a lock that you need to open. This is bad news as this dream means that you will encounter a difficult situation very soon. You will be struggling to completely open the lock in front of you.

However, if you successfully opened the lock, it will only be a matter of time before you experience a life-changing event. A new opportunity will open for you. It might be related to a better financial life, growth in your professional life, a new romantic relationship, or a big break in your business.

This may also mean that you will meet someone who has a lot of secrets and doesn’t open up with anyone. You will consider this as a challenge and try to find a way to let that person open up to you.

6. Car Keys

If you dream about car keys or other vehicle keys, it means that you need to control everything in your life. Do not let other people dictate what you should do. You have to take charge of your life and make decisions for yourself.

However, it’s not a good idea to always be in control when it comes to your relationship. It takes two to tango so you need to let the other person handle the relationship with you.

7. Giving Keys to Somebody

Giving a key to someone in your dream is a sign of good fortune. It also means that you are ready to commit to a relationship. This may also mean that you are ready to meet new acquaintances.

This dream will also signify that you are now ready to share your private life with someone that you value deeply. Your love or friendship might be deep enough for you to open up to them. You’ll start sharing your passion with other people and this is a good thing.


There are so many things that can happen inside the dream which is why you need to remember even the tiniest details. As long as you notice a key in the background, the interpretations above can guide you.

Knowing what key means in your dream can help you prepare for what’s to come and find out if you are doing the right thing or not.

If you need help with your key dreams, feel free to leave a comment below and we will help you.

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Monday 2nd of October 2023

Dream about your ex guy brother give you his room key and you open the room and sweep it and you didn't sweep other room because you are rushing to go somewhere and on the way the brother met you and collected the key back.what does it mean please help me