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10 Dream of A Drowning Child Meanings

Did you know that downing is the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States? Every year, the country reports an estimated 3,960 deaths or approximately 11 drownings each day.

Drowning is something that all parents fear. And unfortunately, it’s a chilling situation that may happen in everyday life. And when you dream of drowning a child, the emotions processed by your subconscious mind could impact your waking life.

Dream of A Drowning Child 2

Main interpretation when you dream of a drowning child

When you dream of a child drowning, it is important to understand the main elements of the dream―the act of drowning and the child in your dreams. Drowning signifies your fear of losing control. It may further represent the emotional distress in your waking life or the feeling of being caught up in stressful situations.

Consequently, having a dream of drowning encourages you to step back and reassess your move so you won’t end up getting drowned by all your own emotions and negative feelings.

Meanwhile, a stranger kid in your dream represents your inner child or your feelings that are repressed. But if you know the identity of the child, this alters the meaning of your dream.

Different Interpretations of child drowning in your dream

There could be various meanings to a drowning dream. Therefore, it’s best that you figure out the context of such dreams, particularly the sequence of events, the persons in the scene, and the consequence of the accident.

All of the little details are relevant so you can easily grasp the best explanation for your dreams. To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the possible interpretations of a drowning dream for your reference:

1. You are going through a difficult situation lately.

A drowning dream is generally associated with your current emotions. And if it is a child that drowns, it is often considered an anxiety dream. You are wrapped up in your inability to accept a certain situation. As a result, you are filled with disappointment and guilt, which may soon lead to depression.

If you are experiencing some tough challenges in your real life, it’s best to take a break and reevaluate your choices. Does this goal still make you happy? What is the root cause of the problem? Knowing the details by heart eases your worries so you can make the right decision.

More than that, you need to believe in yourself and look at the bright side of every trial. It may be difficult, but acceptance and forgiveness are the key way to get yourself out of the darkness.

2. You are in need of soul-searching.

A dream of your child drowning is a total nightmare. And no parent would want their own child to be in this situation. But leaving the negatives aside, this dream may be a good sign for you to dive into a new aspect of your life.

Through a dream, your subconscious mind tells you that soul-searching may be relevant for your personal development―whether you are feeling uncertain or uninspired. Soul-searching helps in figuring out your main purpose as well as the things that you need to change in your everyday life.

Another interpretation when you see your child drowning is that you have to focus more on your personal relationships. Try to communicate with your partner and child so there would be peace and understanding.

3. You are overwhelmed with everything that has been happening lately.

Dream of A Drowning Child 3

If in the dream, your husband rescues your child from getting drowned, it implies the importance of asking for help from the people around you. Seeking help is not a symbol of weakness nor an indication of your vulnerability and lack of knowledge.

Asking for help means that you are strong enough to face possible criticisms. In this world, where many are pressured to know all sorts of things, to accomplish all kinds of achievements, it’s important to know your worth.

Focus on your own improvement and surround yourself with the people who truly know you and who are willing to lend you a hand. With your determination and the help that you get from others, it’s easy to surpass every storm that may come your way.

4. You are being judgmental of other people.

People always have something to say―be it good or bad. And when dreaming of your child drowning in a swimming pool, this bespeaks your own character of being critical about other people’s actions. You may be anxious about a person’s own behavior.

One of the best ways to help them is to open up the issue and try to calmly discuss their concerns. However, if they don’t want to listen, don’t force them. It’s okay to give them insights, but you also need to know when to draw the line.

Your remarks may trigger them to do even more terrible things. So, it’s best to get help professionally to give you peace of mind as well as extensive help to the person.

5. Your emotions are taking their toll on your decision-making.

What about if the location of the dream happened in an ocean or particular body of water? The dream interpretation would relate to your emotions that are already hindering your own, positive thoughts. These negative emotions could be drawn from your failures or disappointments in life.

As a result, your feelings are befogging how you deal with the people around you and even how you treat yourself. And in reality, it’s not easy to keep yourself together, especially if you don’t have someone to talk to. That is why it’s valuable to have people who can give support and keep you calm.

In addition, you need to take this dream as a warning to prioritize your happiness above all. Other people may give you criticisms, but don’t take it against you. Instead, make use of their insights as a learning opportunity to be better.

6. You are trying to fit into others’ lifestyles.

If the setup of the dream is during a swimming lesson, competition, or any other water activity, it could mean that you are trying too hard to fit in.

As a result, you are pushing your limits to compete with others. Although competition is good, you have to know your ground so you won’t drown in your own worries.

7. You are at peace or at war with your emotions.

Another meaning of the dream could be interpreted if the water is clear and calm. Despite the drowning situation created by your subconscious mind, it actually tells you that you have peace of mind and you are sensibly using your emotions. Because of your positive outlook, you are happy with your life.

On the other hand, if it is dark and dirty water, it portrays anxiety and turmoil. There are various factors that affect your emotions. It could be childhood traumas or relationship problems. While overcoming your fear is not a walk in the park, it can be achieved with a solid support system and your willingness to grow.

8. You are equipped with all the tools to solve your problem (so use them!)

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Dreams can be as fascinating as they can get. And if you’ve got some rescue equipment in your dreams like a float or a life jacket, then it corresponds to the availability of different tools, waiting to be maximized. These can be in the form of family support, financial resources, and friends.

Accordingly, all you have to do is make use of these so you can get through the trying times of your life. Sometimes, you get too preoccupied with all the problems that you tend to forget about life’s little wonders. It really pays off to be appreciative of the things and the people around you.

9. You have fully acknowledged your emotions.

When the child in the dream is saved by someone, it symbolizes your success in controlling your emotions. This may be a tough challenge but always remember that emotions vary accordingly, depending on the situation. That being said, intense or even petty emotions are relevant to your well-being.

It’s definitely normal to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed. However, when these emotions negatively impact you or harm the people around you, this could be a sign that it may be getting out of hand. Thus, you need to assess your emotion. Identify the cause of your outburst or despair.

Once you are able to acknowledge and accept the changes in your emotions, you get in control of how you perceive life and how you deal with other people. So, try to focus on the regulation and not the repression of your emotions.

10. Your goals may be halted or diverted.

When the drowning was caused by a car accident, it means that some of your goals may not go as planned. Because of the changes, you may be filled with sadness or you may be at loss with the happenings in your life.

So, be ready for the ups and downs.  Failures are part of life, but you can manage the flow of the impact. Think sensibly for you to make the right decision. Knowing how to handle problems properly is relevant to your survival in real life.


Drowning itself is a terrible tragedy―much more if it happens to your own child. But since you know the dream meanings, this helps you not to overreact so you can manage your emotions appropriately. The interpretations above further give clarity for you to move forward in your waking life.

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