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8 Dream of Blue Snakes Meanings

The blue color is extremely rare in nature, and therefore there aren’t many blue snakes or other blue-colored animals, for that matter, wandering around.

Like other types of snakes, blue snakes will sting and inject venom (poison is inhaled or swallowed) into their prey or kill it by suffocation. They’re found almost everywhere in the world, although no blue snakes are known to humans.

The eyelash viper, a small snake native to Central and South America, the blue-lipped sea krait, an extremely venomous water snake, and the green tree python, which sometimes turns blue and is then one of the most expensive snakes money can buy, are some of the most famous blue snakes in the world.

Another popular blue serpent is the eastern indigo snake, the longest native snake in the US. This non-venomous snake swallows its prey, and at almost nine feet long, even a little child isn’t out of danger.

Dream of Blue Snakes 1

What does it mean when you dream about blue snakes?

Blue snakes aren’t just interesting to observe – dreams about them are also quite fascinating because they can have quite contrasting meanings.

Blue snake dream explanations aren’t in any kind of opposition; in many cases, they’ll be at the opposite ends of the dream-meaning spectrum. So, if you dream about blue snakes, prepare for extreme versions of either good or bad things if you aren’t already having these situations occurring in your life.

1. You’ll Be In Avowed Enmity Towards Someone

People very often associate the word enemy with wars, nations, states, and similar things, from which we can conclude that it is a word that has more to do with big-picture stuff and not so much with ordinary people and ordinary things.

Unfortunately, throughout life, many of us have met evil people who will do everything to make our lives miserable for no particular reason. People like this teach us what a real adversary can be on a small scale and in the private sphere.

If you see a small blue snake in your dream, this can be a sign that you suspect someone around you possesses these “qualities”.

A challenging period might be ahead of you, and it will be especially difficult if the person in question is a strong or rich enemy who has the power and resources to prevent you from having healthy relationships, doing good business, or just living your life like a normal human being. This person will become your sworn enemy, and you won’t have peace in life until you sort this out.

2. Someone Might Be Deceiving You

You’d think that skin of a snake with blue color would make for a pretty lousy survival quality. Yet almost none of the blue snakes are endangered or close to extermination. The reason for this is that they are masters of deceit and perfidy.

Dream of a blue snake can be a symbol that you feel you are in the presence of a deceiver. But unfortunately for you, just as a blue snake skillfully hides in nature, that person isn’t showing their true colors and is successfully avoiding every attempt to be found out.

The problem here is twofold. The first thing is that you don’t really know who the blue snake is in your life, and the second is that you don’t know their true intentions because, so far, they’ve deftly deceived you.

If you want to get rid of this poor feeling and dream, you’ll have to be on the lookout even more in the future and figure out who’s the trickster.

3. Positive Shift In Your Life

Dream of Blue Snakes 2

If you happen to dream of multiple blue snakes changing their skin, this could represent great times ahead of you as a result of your hard work and dedication since snakeskin is usually a symbol of positive change, transformation, and purity.

The long hours you have under your belt have led you to this powerful position, and now it’s finally time to eat the fruits of your labor.

You will feel like you’re in heaven as everything will go great in your private and professional domain. You will lead a happy life, have a profitable business, earn the respect of people and enjoy pleasant moments.

4. You’re Overwhelmed With Negative Emotions

To dream of a blue snake can sometimes be a sign that someone is terrorizing you, which in turn is filling you with negative emotions and thoughts.

Maybe your boss or someone who has considerable influence over you is an unjust person or contemptible person, and you just can’t take their tyranny and oppression anymore. It feels like they’re pulling apart your flesh and sucking the life out of you. You’ve tried reasoning with them, but nice words just don’t work with these kinds of people.

You have to make a verdict on whether you should stand up for yourself because if you continue to allow yourself to be tormented, more harm will be inflicted on you, and destruction and demolition will rule over your emotions.

5. You Have To Get Better At Decision-Making

Sometimes there can be more than one blue snake in a dream, which is why it should be emphasized that a dream of small blue snakes usually means you need to work on making better decisions.

People generally go through life relying on their intuition and not questioning themselves and their decision-making process; however, this is not always the best approach.

After all, none of us has all the knowledge in the world, and there are always many new things and skills to be learned.

Small blue snakes in a dream represent precisely all the wrong decisions you have made so far, which obviously bother you because they have crept into your subconscious and eventually into your dreams.

If you continue to make mistakes, this dream could repeat itself. You have to learn how to make the right decision, correctly weigh your options and not put all eggs in one basket.

6. Great Misfortune Might Be Ahead

Dream of Blue Snakes 3

Although we don’t have clear evidence for this, from time to time, we simply have a hunch that something terrible will happen to us, due to which our thoughts turn dark. When our inner state is of this sort, it gets reflected in our dreams sooner or later.

So, another possible interpretation of a dream about blue snakes is that a great misfortune regarding health, employment, or some other area of your life will strike you.

You might become a sick person due to illness. Maybe you will get a job, but it will be a bad profession that does not match your character. Either way, you’ll have to stay strong during these times.

7. Hidden Treasure

As we’ve already said, blue snakes are very rare in nature, which is why a large number of people don’t even know that they exist. However, that is why the surprise is even greater if you are one of the lucky ones to experience seeing them in person.

If you dreamt of a blue snake, this could symbolize that there is some treasure in your life that you are not yet aware of. For example, maybe you will become the owner of a new property or job, or perhaps someone will enter your life and make you extremely happy.

Maybe the hidden treasure is actually you becoming a completely new person!

8. Sleeping Enemy Isn’t A Weak Enemy

Surely you know that snakes are dangerous hunters and that many of them are apex predators. But did you know that they sleep up to 16 hours a day and that this number can rise to 20 during cold winter days?

A sleeping snake, especially a blue one, should be an easy catch for a lot of animals, yet snakes have very few animals who prey on them. That’s because blue snakes are very fast, agile, and nimble animals that can “hear” and “smell” danger, which is why it is difficult to surprise them. And they use these same abilities for hunting.

After all this information, it is probably clear to you that blue snakes should not be underestimated and that they do not, in any case, represent a weak opponent, even if they are sleeping.

Looking at it like this, the message of the blue snake dream is clear: we should not underestimate the people we come into conflict with because, very often, they are much more dangerous than they seem at first sight.

No matter how harmless or calm someone might be, know that often there is a lot hidden beneath the surface, and act accordingly.


A blue snake dream carries many unfavorable meanings: having a strong enemy or someone whose actions fill you with negative emotions and rule you, the presence of a deceiver, or impending misfortune.

Alternatively, this dream can be interpreted as a harbinger of excellent times because you’ll change for the better or come across an unexpected treasure.

Also, if you get visited by a blue snake in your dream, don’t forget to take a look at the decisions you have made so far and remind yourself that you shouldn’t underestimate people, especially those who are not well disposed towards you.

If you need even more info about blue snake dreams, use the comment section and ask us whatever you want to find out.

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Sunday 13th of August 2023

I had a dream about a white snake with blue markings. It was trying to bite me but couldn’t because it had wrapped itself my arm or something I can’t quite remember but I remember feeling it tightening every time it tried to bite me.


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

I did dream of a very large snake ( boa constrictor size) but it was not PURE BLUE. maybe 1/2 was. Didn't see other color.But his head and some body about 2 feet was coming off the floor as he moved forward. But not coiled up to strike. But I didn't feel comfortable in my dream neither. So that's not a good sign. I had a plumber here same morning that did answered me rather SHARPLY. Left a uncomfortable feeling that I had to shake off that bad feeling he projected to me. But he's a prideful JERK. Wasn't a pleasure venture. I hope he don't come back.

Martha Patricia Solis

Thursday 23rd of February 2023

I was with my mother and father and I see a dark blue snake with white and big light blue diamonds and was coming straight to us and I try to run and start looking at me .... immediately fallowing me very fast with his big mouth open .... I was terrified...and still when I wake up I was shaking and very scared... Iam having very bad health... do you know the meaning of my dream?


Sunday 12th of February 2023

Last night I dreamed I was outside and there were very long (like 12 feet) blue snakes that appeared to be migrating through a field that I was in. I was actually twirling them with my pant leg. They felt magical as the barely touched my skin in passing. They were moving extremely fast and all going in the same direction.