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10 Dream of Someone Kissing You Meanings

Why do we get dreams? Studies show that dreams are creations of your subconscious mind, representing a certain element of your real life. Therefore, if you dream about someone kissing you, it could be linked to your deepest thoughts and desires.

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The Symbolism of Kissing

The act of kissing itself is an impactful gesture that portrays a certain feeling. It may be a declaration of your love or just a sign of welcome. Likewise, not all dreams are connected to your emotions. Sometimes, visions like these have unique interpretations that may be helpful to your present situation.

That is why you need to make sure to remember the key details of your dream, including the person who kissed you, the location of the kiss, and the manner of the kiss. Identifying these elements helps you interpret your dream effortlessly.

10 Interpretations When You Dream about Someone Kissing You

Here are some of the most important things that you can take into account when you come across this particular dream in the future.

1. Romance is all you need!

If that someone in your dream is your lover, then it means that you long for romantic gestures in real life. This yearning is often caused by platonic love, wherein there is a drop in affection, limitation of passion, and inconsistency of plans, among others.

The above-mentioned elements are very important in nurturing a romantic relationship. And if these are nonexistent, there’s a high tendency of losing interest in your lover. Therefore, if you feel that the feelings are slowly drifting away, don’t hesitate to talk to your partner.

Communication is a key factor in every relationship that allows you to share your most genuine thoughts and vulnerable feelings. Once you have understood each other’s sentiments, it’s time to act out your plans. Get intimate while also keeping an eye on your partner’s desires.

2. There is something missing in your waking world.

On the other hand, a dream of kissing a stranger bespeaks an aspect of your life that lacking. This missing thing, however, is subjective. It could be that you wish for affection from your family, financial independence, or a peaceful mind.

Whatever it is, it all boils down to learning and understanding yourself in a deeper sense. Focus on your goal, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that life itself is full of surprises, which means trials may appear at the most unexpected time. So, you should be ready to face these obstacles freely.

And if you think you have achieved that level of satisfaction, stay humble. Humility keeps your feet on the ground and helps you extend compassion to people. Through this, you become more empathetic to others

3. Resolve the misunderstanding―ASAP!

How about if you get kissed by someone on the lips? It’s an indication of a misunderstanding in real life that you need to clear up as soon as possible. Discussing problems freely is a sign of a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, if you prolong an issue, this does not do any good to your well-being and your bond.

That is why if you think there is a possible confusion, talk to the person. Be the better person and open up your feelings to understand one another. Striking up a conversation limits negativity, which is detrimental to nurturing a strong bond with your partner.

So, if you encounter some misunderstandings with your boyfriend or girlfriend, make it a habit to exchange views. And of course, try not to keep secrets for your relationship to last longer.

10 Interpretations When You Dream about Someone Kissing You

4. You are clouded by memories.

If it was your ex in your vision, it implies that you are still gripping your memories. This could be a warning sign or simply a plain indication of your yearning. Therefore, you should be able to evaluate your emotion accordingly.

Do you still hang on to the past and hope that you and your ex-partner would get back together? Or is it just a fleeting memory that deserves no comeback? This particular scenario can only be solved on your own, so you need to reconnect with your inner self to understand your desires.

But just a piece of advice, holding on to the past is unhealthy for your mental health. It halts your present life and even affects your future. Hence, go over your past issues for you to move forward.

5. It’s an indication of your trust in someone.

Another dream meaning takes on how contented you are with someone, perhaps a newfound lover or your best friend. Romantic relationships or even friendship is such a pivotal aspect in human life as it gives you the opportunity to celebrate experiences and share different insights.

More than that, this offers you that sense of companionship and belongingness. So, if you come across that one person whom you can trust, don’t let him or her go. Build a solid bond and give them the appreciation that they deserve. Relationships thrive when you nurture them to the fullest.

So, make sure you support each other through good and bad times. And if there are some misunderstandings along the way, open up these to avoid further problems in the near future.

6. You crave fame.

If the dream is about a celebrity kissing you on the cheeks or lips, it’s a manifestation of your growing thirst for recognition. And unfortunately, this isn’t something to be proud of. It’s a negative sign that you’ve been disregarding the people around you for the sake of your own achievement.

Hence, a dreamer that gets this kind of dream needs to stay humble and not let fame take over his or her principles in life. Letting fame be the center of your life may backfire in the future. More than that, it keeps you away from your inner self, which is one of the most important aspects of human life.

You crave fame.

7. Be firm in setting up boundaries.

This particular kissing dream could also emphasize the importance of establishing boundaries, may it be your personal relationships or work connections. Creating a boundary is a vital element of self-love as it ensures that you get respected in accordance with your rules.

Therefore, if you want to be acknowledged properly, you should know how to set a limit. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions. Because if you continue letting other people disregard your choices, they would think that you are okay with the situation. In the end, you will suffer the consequences of your own action.

Hence, you should make use of such dreams to create a boundary and be firm about your limitations. Keep a close eye on your well-being without hurting other people.

8. You are doing something that you dislike.

Meanwhile, getting kissed by someone you don’t like may be considered a bad omen. It’s an indication that you are not happy with your current choices. Doing something that is not of your interest could lead to unsatisfactory results and disappointments. It also affects your passion in the long run.

Although acceptance of doing things that you dislike is commendable, you should be able to know your limits. Maximize your capabilities as much as possible and learn when to move to the next phase of your life if you believe your worth is already at stake.

Always remember that if you do what you love, you’ll be able to appreciate things more. Additionally, you won’t consider it as a chore rather than something done out of love.

9. Leave toxicities away and test the waters!

Now, if you dreamt of kissing someone else’s partner, it’s a sign to let go of your toxic relationship. The dream itself represents a possibility of a new love. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to leave your current partner, this is a definite symbol for you to leave the past behind.

Staying in a relationship that drains your energy and keeps you constantly stressed is very risky to your mental health. It limits your happiness, which in turn impacts how you handle your current circumstances.

So, choose someone that you are in harmony with. Don’t be afraid to test the waters because who knows, that someone is just over the horizon and is just waiting for your move! Get on with a new path that would make you happier and healthier.

10. It’s time to be true to yourself.

There are times in your waking life when you hide something because you aren’t ready for the whole world to know about it. And there’s no problem with that. However, if you continuously mask yourself to the point that you are living a life of a lie, then you need to assess your choices as soon as possible.

It’s because you are not just hurting yourself but also the people around you. Living your authentic self keeps you grounded and true to your core.


Now that you are already adept with the explanations of this particular dream, you won’t have a hard time deciphering the meaning of your next dream. Make use of our list and try to distinguish the possibilities of your dreams to the fullest.

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