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8 Dream of A Chipped Tooth Meanings

Some dreams are horrifying but others are just plain odd. Interestingly enough, trying to interpret dreams in the latter case is usually more complicated. For example, if you’re wondering what a chipped tooth dream means, there are about eight or so common interpretations and countless uncommon ones that are usually way too specific to the dreamer to just casually list in a broad online article.

Ultimately, however, a broken tooth dream signifies either a type of fear or social anxiety or is a result of a recent change. To make things at least a bit clearer, let’s go over the 8 usual explanations of a chipped tooth dream.

8 Dream of A Chipped Tooth Meanings1

What does your chipped tooth dream mean?

Chipped or broken teeth dreams are relatively similar to the common dream of going out with no pants – they symbolize a major change in your appearance, usually in a social situation. Whereas the no pants dream almost always signifies social anxiety, a dream of teeth with chipped edges on them can have more diverse interpretations:

1. You are self-conscious about your appearance – possibly to a fault

The first and most obvious interpretation of a dream about chipped front teeth is that you have some insecurities you need to look into. Those are typical of the lack of self-confidence and fear of embarrassment variety and are similar to the no pants dreams.

If you have either or both of these dreams fairly regularly and especially just before or after major social events you feel uncomfortable about, this likely means that you need to work a bit on how much you care about other people’s opinions of you. Being conscious of how you look is fine but if you’ve started having bad dreams about embarrassing yourself in front of others, you might need to find a way to calm down a bit.

2. You are worried about your health – both dental health and otherwise

Virtually every dream of something in your body going wrong can mean that you have health issues on your mind. Those health issues can be justified – for example, you may indeed have dental problems or adequate causes of concern. If you’re dreaming of having broken or rotten teeth, then maybe you’re subconsciously worried about gum disease, some other dental illness, or you just need some fillings done.

In that sense, you can take such a dream as a warning that you need to go visit a dentist about your gums or teeth. However, a dream like this can also signify anxiety about other, more general health issues too. Those may be justified if you’re worried that you’re not in that great of a shape or it may be that you have a bit of hypochondriasis – an illness anxiety disorder.

3. You are afraid of physical altercations

A dream of a broken or lost tooth can also be associated with worries about getting into physical altercations. After all, one of the most common ways to get a chipped tooth or mouth bleeding is to get punched in the face. So, dreaming of your teeth breaking may mean that you are getting bullied, you’re afraid of getting bullied, or you have some past trauma with bullies and getting hit in the jaw.

An inability to get past such an issue will not only result in more dreams of someone chipping your teeth but is generally a major source of anxiety and stress. So, it’s naturally best to sort out your fear of bullies or physical altercations so you can go back to better dreams.

8 Dream of A Chipped Tooth Meanings2

4. You feel fine about your physical appearance

Funnily enough, having a dream about broken or chipped teeth or about wearing false teeth can also mean the exact opposite of #1. Such an interpretation of this common dream would state that if you’re comfortable interacting with others with a broken tooth in your dream, then you have a much more carefree behavior about your appearance.

Whether the #1 or #4 interpretation of such a dream is accurate depends on your personality but the nature of the dream can also offer hints. Mainly, if the dream felt more like a nightmare or if you’d describe it as an “uncomfortable bad dream”, then the #1 interpretation is likely true. Vice versa, if you felt comfortable in the dream, then interpretation #4 is probably correct.

5. You are working on your health and getting better

Similarly to how #1 and #4 are opposite, so does this possible meaning of a chipped teeth dream stand in opposition to interpretation #2. According to interpretation #5, a dream about broken or fallen teeth can signify that you’ve been spending some time working on your health and it’s slowly getting better.

This can feel counterintuitive at first – why would you dream about having a health defect if you’re health is improving? The reason is quite simple, however – because the process of getting better is still actively on your mind.

Such a dream can be recognized by the fact that it’s not so much a nightmare but has a feeling of progression instead. In a dream like that, we tend to experience the chipped tooth as something annoying that will be dealt with, just like we’ve dealt with other previous health issues and causes of regret.

6. You have an important conversation you need to have with somebody

A dream of broken teeth can also be seen in regard to a conversation or interaction you are dreading. This is very common when it comes to workplace interactions such as important meetings with your boss or with human resources, annual performance reviews, promotion interviews, and so on.

When we are worried about conversations like these, we are often plagued by dreams related to feelings of social awkwardness such as the chipped tooth dream, the no pants dream, and so on.

While annoying, this is a pretty normal situation to be in. In this case, the chipped tooth dream is just a sign that you’re a bit overworked about a particular interaction and you need to find a way to switch your perception a bit and calm yourself down before the interaction in question.

7. You are going through some personal changes

Dreams about teeth falling or especially crumbling teeth also often symbolize the process of going through some personal changes, a change of your attitude, and either escaping or going through some momentary distress such as escaping poverty or being in poverty for a bit.

Crumbling teeth, in particular, are often associated with having a low economic status so such a dream can also be interpreted as a fear of going broke. More often, however, it signifies that you are going through certain personal and lifestyle changes. These can be anything from actually escaping poverty to just fixing your teeth.

Some people also interpret dreams about chipped, falling, or crumbling truth with a more spiritual bend – they say that the falling of teeth symbolizes changes in every aspect as people literally change their teeth when they transition from children to teenagers. So, whatever change you’re going through, a dream about your teeth falling can still be seen as symbolic of said change.

8 Dream of A Chipped Tooth Meanings3

8. You have a fear of loss

Lastly, the loss of teeth in a dream can also be associated with a deep subconscious fear of losing things. Losing your upper teeth in your dream is a common signifier that you’re still hurt by some past betrayal or trauma and you still have fear of getting backstabbed and stolen from in the future.

Sorrows such as these are common in people who are afraid of losing something valuable to them. So, a broken, falling, or chipped tooth dream tends to symbolize those things we are afraid to lose.

This interpretation is usually correct when you don’t just lose your tooth in your dream but there’s a noticeable emphasis on your distress over the loss – you spend a part of the dream looking for the fallen piece/tooth, and you carry it with you to keep it safe until you can reattach it, and so on.

In conclusion

For most dreamers, interpreting the meaning of a dream is crucial for discovering tips and insights about their waking life. Unlike many dreams and nightmares, however, a dream about chipped, broken, or falling teeth isn’t all that negative even if it sounds like it should be.

Such a dream can symbolize certain fears and anxieties but those are rarely as bad and unsolvable as the issues other dreams can signify. If anything, a chipped tooth dream often symbolizes a carefree attitude or a recent change in your view of the world. And if it does indeed hint at a negative emotion, then the dream can serve as a great hint to start working on it.

8 Dream of A Chipped Tooth Meanings4