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8 Dream of Train Meanings

Dreams are a sneak peek into the world of the unknown. Sometimes they open a window to the subconscious and help you understand what you haven’t been able to grasp in your typical routine life.

However, it is not always straightforward to elicit the underlying meaning of a dream. If you have been dreaming of trains, you may wonder what it really means. In this article, we are going to help you interpret your dreams. Once you understand what your dream represents, it will be much easier to relate it to your life and surroundings.

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What does It mean to See Train Dreams?

For some, dreams about trains may represent the very obvious, i.e., a journey or transition. While for others, it may be a sign of commotion, a search for a purpose, or even a symbol of consistency. You will be a bit surprised to know that according to some interpretations, dreams about trains may hold quite contrasting meanings. For instance, there are times when a train dream may represent ripe opportunities; at others, it simply symbolizes failing at something. In other situations, seeing trains may be an indication of anxiety related to time slipping by and you not being able to do something about it actively.

All these contrasting meanings related to seeing trains in your dreams may leave you flabbergasted because it seems nearly impossible to reach a conclusive interpretation. However, these meanings hold grounds in your real-life context. So, whenever you see a dream, you must interpret it according to whatever is happening to you in real life. Moreover, the interpretation depends on your understanding of this symbol, and your life experiences play a huge role in deciphering the hidden meaning based on your past experiences.

For some, trains may even represent gloominess, boredom, or stagnancy because, originally, a train simply has to move from one destination to another. All the routes are pre-decided, and there isn’t really any change, and all of this is quite a figurative way of representing a lack of growth. On the contrary, some people find train journeys to be fascinating and almost like experiencing life at its best. For such individuals, the symbol of the train may stand for adventure and exhilaration.

What Do Train Dreams Denote In General?

Although seeing trains in your dream may hold different meanings for different people, there will also be some commonalities. Below are a few common themes that may emerge. However, you have to be careful when interpreting your dreams about a train because not all of these meanings will apply to your situation.

1. Your quest for growth and change

Dreams have a strong connection with real-life situations, which also applies to dreaming about trains. When you’re on a train ride, you are actively moving toward a new destination, and the scenic display is also actively changing. This would also apply when you’re interpreting your dreams about a train. It denotes your quest for change and growth to overcome challenges or resolve conflict. When you constantly ponder how to change your life situation, it will manifest in your dreams, and often it takes the form of a train.

2. Your desire to have control

So, imagine what happens when you are traveling on a train. Well, the first thing that is very obvious is a lack of control (unless you are the train driver). Similarly, when you see a train in your dreams, it also has some significance towards the control that you have (or don’t have) over life situations. Although, different aspects of the train or related things have unique significance for representing the “control” dynamic.

What does It mean to See Train Dreams

3. Perspective Towards Decision Making

One popular interpretation of seeing a train in your dreams is related to sifting through different aspects of making a decision. If you are at a crossroads regarding an important decision in your life, dreaming about trains indicates that you are actively contemplating the available options and which you should select. It is also indicative of the innate need to be more aware of the overall direction in your life, and seeing a train may even help you decide if you feel good about a decision that you are about to take or have already made.

4. The Are About Establishing Connection

Think about it, what do trains really stand for? Well, they are ‘connecting’ two destinations or people from one place to another. The trains are even built-in chained connections where the individual passenger cars in a train are linked or connected to one another. Therefore, trains stand for a powerful representation of “connection.”

However, it may be that you seek connectivity in your life or relationships or that you need to shed some thought on the connections around you or how to add value to the existing connections. On the other hand, it may not be about ‘people’ or relationships at all, and it can be a slight pointer towards a decision you are about to make and help you connect different aspects together and reach the best possible decision.

Different Aspects of Seeing Train Dreams

When we are considering train dreams, it does not always include merely trains because there are other related things as well. While some may think that other aspects may not be necessary, they hold quite a significant place in your dream interpretations. Below we are going to review some of the most prominent elements or themes that often appear in dreams related to trains.

1. Seeing Yourself as a Train Driver

It may have contrasting meanings when you dream of yourself driving a train. Sometimes it represents a strong indication that you have control over the critical aspects of your life and everything is going as you have always wanted it to be. This type of interpretation has a largely positive connotation. However, sometimes this theme may point towards the prevalence of chaos in your life and show your need to regain control. In short, these dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious dialogues that you are having with yourself about different life situations.

2. Seeing a Train With Nobody Onboard

If you’re dreaming about a train, where you see no other person as a traveler, or if you see an empty train slowly passing by a crowded platform, it may be an indication of how lonely you feel. It may make you look around you and introspect about your situation because the dream indicates that despite all the crowd around, you are making a long journey in life. This may be surfacing due to recent relationship issues or a significant shift in your life that has left you feeling stranded or alone.

3. Missing Your Train in the Dream

If you have ever had such a dream, you can relate to the feelings of extreme anxiety and hopelessness. It is a state of strong panic, and even in a dream, you can feel yourself sweating in a hypothetical situation. Such dreams serve more like an omen or an alarm to wake you up before you miss an opportunity. These dreams may nudge you towards reconsidering your stance about something and breaking out of your comfort zone to avail an opportunity that life presents you with.

Seeing a Train Accident

4. Seeing a Train Accident

If you are dreaming about an accident, it may be a manifestation of something traumatic that has already happened to you. Perhaps you have been in an actual accident or witnessed one recently. However, it can also indicate losing control in your life because accidents are events that denote an absolute lack of control. Now, this is something that requires you to develop a perspective about the problem at hand (whatever it may be for you). You must come to terms with the things you can and cannot change.


For people who are searching for meaning in the train dreams, it may seem a bit overwhelming to try to conjugate all the themes or aspects. However, not all the themes would apply to every dream related to a train. Moreover, in addition to the themes and interpretations shared above, there are several other theories about train dreams because it is pretty diverse. All in all, it depends a lot on your real-life situation, past experiences, and understanding of a train’s symbolic significance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do train dreams always mean something?

No. It would be an exaggeration to say that seeing trains in your dream would always mean something. Sometimes, seeing a train in your dreams is nothing more than a mere recall of whatever happened the day before. Perhaps you recently traveled on a train or are about to travel, and that may be the only reason for seeing a train in your dreams. So, you have to be cautious when interpreting your dreams, as every dream may not hold hidden meanings.

2. Is there any sexual aspect of seeing trains in dreams?

Interestingly, train dreams have some aspects that may indicate a person’s sexuality or sexual needs. It is especially true for women, according to some interpretations, that when a woman dreams of a train and a train station, it may be a representation of her sexual needs that have been suppressed deep down. Some people see it as a train entering a tunnel.

3. Dreaming about train tracks vs. train stations, what does it signify?

When you dream of a train platform, it may be an indication of something that is on the verge of change in your real life. This may be a call to action or a nudge to be proactive in your everyday life and perhaps a good time to do some introspection and adjust your goals accordingly. On the other hand, seeing rail tracks in your dream mainly indicates a path in general.

This may be something that you have been hesitating to follow because of the perceived challenges. Moreover, if you are dreaming about a train, train tracks, and stations in one dream, it may need to be interpreted with a combined meaning because all three elements appear at the same time in a single dream.

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