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17 Dream of Finding Money Meanings

If you’ve just had a dream of finding money, it’s quite natural to wonder what it means for you in real life. Money dreams are pretty common and can seem self-explanatory at first but actually have numerous different possible interpretations based on your life’s circumstances, your emotional state, your dreams, desires, and regrets, and much more.

We thought we’d help a bit by shedding some more light on what does it mean when you dream about finding money, how such dreams can help you understand your subconscious mind better, and how can you use this realization in your day-to-day life.

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So, you dreamt about finding money somewhere – here are 17 likely interpretations

Dreaming about finding money on the road can often feel like the answer to your prayers but can sometimes be pretty depressing too. To figure out which is which, we’ve compiled a pretty exhaustive list of the 17 main explanations for what your money dream meant below.

Finding money on yourself

A very common experience we’ve all had is to occasionally find some loose change in our pockets, wallets, or purses that we didn’t think was there. Such experiences are as joyful as they are common and relatively minor but they are arguably even more significant when they happen in our dreams.

Any dream about finding money in your wallet or pocket can mean much more than the actual real-life loose change you found last week as all three of its possible interpretations are quite insightful.

1. You have started to feel better about yourself and your own self-worth recently

The most direct and also often correct interpretation of a dream about finding money in your own pockets is you’ve recently started feeling better about the current state of your life and you are fuller of self-confidence than you used to be before.

Such a dream directly indicates that the former lack of balance in your life is getting behind you and things are looking up – or at least that you feel they are. This interpretation is especially true if you dream of paper money in your pockets rather than coins.

2. You have been feeling a bit down and inadequate

In stark contrast to the above interpretation, dreams about finding money in your pockets can also be pretty depressive sometimes. Such an interpretation is usually true when the money you find is clearly insufficient for the problems you’re facing and when you’re still lacking the funds you need.

A dream like that tends to have very somber tones and ends on a depressive note, indicating that the money you feel you have is not at all enough for your needs.

If you’ve had such a dream – especially if it repeats itself often – this indicates a rather poor emotional state, feelings of insecurity, loss of energy, and tendencies toward severe depression.

3. You feel the need to be more self-reliant

A more neutral interpretation of such a dream would be that you are feeling more self-reliant as of late or you’re feeling that you need to be more self-reliant. Such a dream can have either a slightly positive or slightly negative tone but is rarely overly joyous or devastatingly depressive as in the two examples above. And, it’s usually correct as people who dream it often do need to be a bit more self-reliant.

Finding money in old clothes

A key variation of the “finding money in pockets” dream is the dream about finding money in an old coat’s pocket rather than in your current coat or purse. This seemingly small difference can actually tell us quite a bit more about our subconscious mind and it needs to be seen as its own thing.

4. You feel that your life used to be better before

Dreams about going through old clothes are usually steeped in nostalgia and that feeling gets doubled when you dream of finding something rare, special, or valuable in said old clothes. A dream of finding money in your old clothes is even clearer than that as it usually indicates a feeling of pride in your past life as well as a feeling that you’ve lost track of the important things as of late.

5. You get the notion that your past deeds are reaping rewards

An alternative and more positive interpretation of that dream can be that you’re happy about both your past and current deeds as you feel like you’re reaping the just rewards of your past actions. Such a dream can symbolize that you feel you’ve made the right decision with your chosen life path and you have few if any regrets.

Finding money outside

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Probably the quintessential version of this dream that most people think about first is the scenario of finding money while walking outside. This is something that also happens relatively often in the real world but is pretty significant in dreams.

Whether it’s about finding paper money, gold coins, heaps of buried money, or a penny, a dream about finding cash in the mud and dirt of the outside world is always significant with a few key variations.

6. You need a lucky break

Finding money outside tends to indicate that you really feel like you need a bit of extra good luck these days. The emphasis on the “outside” as a location symbolizes that your psyche feels the need for outside help and that what you need can’t be found in your home and your immediate surroundings.

7. You feel borderline broke

Dreams of finding not just a penny but piles of coins or suitcases with paper money outside tend to indicate that you are growing desperate about your financial situation and life’s circumstances. Unlike the joyous occasion of finding a random coin or banknote on the road, a dream about a major find indicates that you feel pressed to the wall financially and you need help rather urgently.

8. You’ve recently been noticing the many nice little things in life

Back to a nicer interpretation, if you dream about finding a coin you don’t really need outside, this can symbolize your newfound appreciation for the little joys of life. Such a dream shows an abundance mentality one has toward life which is always a nice thing to realize and remind yourself about.

Winning the lottery

Dreaming of finding a lot of money all at once and suddenly reaching prosperity very often happens in the form of dreaming of winning the lottery. As joyous as such an event would be in real life, however, in a dream it can have rather mixed interpretations.

9. You’re feeling lucky

Winning the lottery is a matter of luck – astronomical quantities of it too. So, such a dream tends to show that you have a rather positive attitude toward your future material gains and financial stability. A dream like that can be an acknowledgment that you are doing all right in life or an example of your belief in your imminent success.

10. You want to restart your life but feel like you just can’t do it on your own

Dreaming of winning the lottery isn’t just about money, however – it’s also about the exact manner in which you won them. The lottery is very much about just dumb luck and dreaming of it can indicate a need to restart your life but a perceived inability to do it on your own.

As such, a dream like that can actually be pretty distressing once you wake up as it comes with the realization that you don’t believe in yourself and are desperate for a sort of divine intervention.

11. You have a fear of success

Another common alternative includes dreams of winning the lottery but not feeling great about it. In such dreams, the win isn’t so much seen as a good omen or a symbol of your creativity and spirituality but rather as an undeserved success that brings more trouble than benefits.

On the one hand, this does reflect the experience of winning the lottery for a lot of people in real life but it also indicates a severe fear of success.

Being given money by others

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Receiving money from others is another example of a dream that should be fun but can be rather mixed in its feel and interpretations. This is because receiving money from others doesn’t just symbolize the gain of the money themselves but the act of being given something you don’t have.

12. You feel that you need help

When you dream about receiving money from others, you often dream of yourself in poor or often desperate circumstances, with a major lack of energy, and in need of another person’s help and wisdom. Such a dream often leaves us with mixed feelings as we often feel glad we’ve received the help but we still feel like we haven’t deserved it.

You can wake up from such a dream either sad that it didn’t actually happen or happy as you feel like it would have been embarrassing to receive help from others. Both of these variants may merit some soul-searching.

13. You are feeling inadequate and unhappy with yourself

Some dreams of getting help from others feel even more depressive than that. In such dreams, we tend to try our best to refuse the support or to return it afterward. We also sometimes dream about seeking forgiveness for having had the need for financial help in the first place.

A dream like that shows a rather severe lack of confidence and a need to prove your own self-worth to yourself.

14. You feel grateful for the help and support you’ve been getting

The flip side of the above interpretation is a rather heart-warming satisfaction of having the fortune that is the presence of supportive and helpful family and friends. The money we receive in this type of dream is usually a small sum as they are purely symbolic of the gesture we’re getting and not the major need we may or may not be in.

Stealing money

Lastly, a dream about stolen money presents a whole different dilemma – you dream of getting the money you need or want but you also commit an unacceptable act to do so.

15. You’ve been feeling desperate as of late

Stealing is an appalling act in the real world and it symbolizes just that in the dream world too. Dreaming of stealing money shows how desperate you feel to make some gains and to make up for the financial setbacks you’ve been experiencing. It also indicates that you feel so downtrodden that may be on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

16. You have some feelings of resentment toward others

The act of theft often isn’t just about the quick acquisition of funds but about “balancing the scales” in a way. People often do that – and dream about doing it – in an attempt to seek justice from the victim and the universe as a whole. Such a dream does also indicate a lot of bottled-up feelings of resentment and disdain for others, however.

17. You feel like you’re owed more by the world and society around you

Dreaming of acquiring the resources you need through theft can also symbolize a self-perception of yourself as a rebel-like character. How accurate that is doesn’t really matter here but the realization that your subconscious feels you’re alone against the world ought to result in some soul searching if you want to bring your emotions back in balance.

In conclusion, what does your dream about finding money mean?

As you can see, the meaning of this dream can be pretty nuanced and the differences between these nuances can seem minor at first but are actually very significant at times.

Understanding dreams as common and symbolic as those about finding money is an absolute must on one’s quest for self-discovery and improvement so we hope we’ve helped you along at least a bit.

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