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9 Dream of Worms Meanings

When you dream about worms, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Basically, you’ll immediately think that these worms are bad news. Yes, they are usually associated with negative thoughts and feelings, which is why worm dreams usually serve as a warning to you.

You wake up feeling disturbed and frustrated because you saw a scary worm in your dream. You don’t have to panic. Let’s find out what it really means to dream about these worms and how it would affect your waking life.

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Worm Dreams – General Meaning

Worms in your dreams symbolize negative energy. They are also associated with rejection, weakness, betrayal, negative emotions, dishonesty, and envy. If you don’t remember much about your dream and you only know that there are worms, here are the general interpretations for this.

1. People are Waiting for your Failure

If you dream of worms, you can expect that there are a lot of people that you can’t trust around you. Well, you have no idea who they are, but they are definitely very close to you. They might be hiding in the form of close friends or relatives.

The moment you fail and your deep dark secrets are revealed, they will jump right out and take you down. They are waiting for you to make a mistake so they can bring you down further.

Are you supposed to get scared? No! Don’t let them trample all over you. No matter what happens, you need to be strong and never give in to their antics.

2. New Growth and Life

If you think that worm dreams are always negative, you’re making a mistake. Worms are also associated with healing properties. If you see a worm in your dream, it is possible that the health issues that you’ve been dealing with will now be healed. This is a good omen, especially if you are troubled by a specific illness.

This dream also implies that you will experience growth in your life. You may grow emotionally and be much stronger or it might be related to career growth. A new opportunity might be coming to your life in the future that would change you. This is a form of renewal as well.

3. Wealth, Abundance, and Fortune

If the worms are fat and big, it means that you are very close to more wealth and fortune. This is one of the best symbols of worms. If this is actually the one in your dream, you will probably want to sleep more and see these jumbo worms.

This means that whatever path you take, it would always lead to wealth and fortune. Although there is no assurance to this, making the right decision will always lead you to a wealthy future. Worms can also be a sign of good luck depending on the situation.

Worm Dream Scenarios and Interpretations

Aside from seeing worms in your common dreams, there are a lot of details and circumstances that may happen alongside it. This is very important as the interpretation of the dream will change depending on these details. Here are some of the sample dream scenarios about worms and their meanings.

Worm Dreams – General Meaning

1. You See a Lot of Worms

If your dream is pretty straightforward and you only saw a lot of worms, it means that you have to resolve the worries that you currently have. Maybe you are neglecting some of the minor issues, but if you don’t fix them, they will turn into bigger problems.

Instead of leaving them out of the equation, make sure that you find a way to resolve these minor issues one by one. Once you’re done, you can start handling the bigger problems. This way, you won’t have to suffer anxiety because of the multiple problems that you’re facing.

2. Dreaming of a Yellow Worm

Looking at the positive aspect of this dream, it means that you will have some luck when it comes to wealth. If you have any pending contracts, you can expect that they would be signed not long after this dream. If you are waiting for a blessing, it will surely arrive in just a couple of days.

As for its negative meaning, yellow worms usually indicate jealousy and shame. It means a lot of people are envious of your achievements. They want to have what’s yours so they will try their best to harm you and bring you down.

3. Seeing a Black Worm in your Dream

It’s black so you should expect that bad times are coming. This is considered a bad omen because it means that you are thinking about things that may harm you emotionally or physically. Your low self-esteem and depression are eating away the joy of your life.

This is a way for your subconscious to tell you that you need to start looking at life more positively. Always remember that life is not always cupcakes and rainbows. Problems will always be present so try to find some positivity in your life and resolve your issues one at a time.

4. It’s a White Worm!

This is a bit tricky because you need to know if it’s an actual worm or if they are the ones that look like maggots. If it’s the latter, it means that some areas of your life are starting to fall apart. This is definitely an ill omen as it would mean that something bad is happening to you.

It might be related to your career, love life, or you have a pressing problem with your family. It may also be a health problem, which is why you need to change your lifestyle as well.

If you dream of white worms and you see them turn into butterflies, it means that a beautiful change is coming to you. This is a good sign as your life will experience a huge transformation in the future. You have a happy soul so expect that Prosperous days are coming.

5. You’re Killing Worms

What would happen if you dream about killing worms? Well, it means that something is bothering your life. It might be a problem that you’re having a hard time dealing with or it might be a person who wants to hurt you emotionally.

Your subconscious mind works in mysterious ways and it shows you this dream so you can deal with this bothersome problem or person. Make sure that you only focus on yourself and don’t let other people destroy your peace in real life.

Dreaming of Silkworms

6. Dreaming of Silkworms

As a dreamer, seeing a silkworm is definitely a sign of good luck. This creature is known to symbolize strong and healthy bonds, especially with your family members. There are no negative feelings involved because this is mostly about the improvement of your relationship with others.

This is also a reminder that you need to put in more effort in nurturing the relationship between you and your friends. If you take them for granted, they will leave your side and you won’t have anyone to support you.

7. Seeing Green Worms

This is a negative omen for anyone. Having such dreams can definitely bring a lot of pain to you because someone will disappoint you in the future. This would be very troubling because the person involved is very close to you.

Green worms can also mean that you will have a problem with your finances. If you have any financial dealings, you have to look out for this because this is a warning that financial losses can happen anytime.

8. Worms and Ants!

Now, this is a bad combination in your dream. They might look harmless, but when it comes to interpretations, this is totally negative. With regard to handling problems, you don’t take them seriously. This is bad behavior that you’ve been doing for a long time.

This is where the problem starts. You need to fix these bad habits because if you start dreaming about worms and ants, it means that you will lose out on many opportunities that would change your life for the better. You will surely feel guilt and regret if you miss out on these opportunities.

9. Worms on your Floor!

The floor is a symbol of stability and balance so if there’s a worm in it, you can expect that there would be conflicts between you and your family members. This is a warning, which means that it would eventually happen.

The only silver lining is that you can still prevent these conflicts from occurring. You have to pay attention to your actions and you need to be more careful about the things that you say.


Worms are dirty and they don’t usually have a positive meaning inside your dreams. Well, a worm is a parasite so it makes sense why it is often associated with negativity.

However, everything changes depending on the situation in your dream. Don’t be alarmed if you see a worm in your dream. You have to relax, think about the details of your dream, and try to figure out what your dream is trying to tell you.

If you have any questions or you have some worm dreams that you want to share, feel free to comment below.

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Wednesday 12th of July 2023

what does it mean when you dream that the thing you are stepping on has small holes until the bridge itself gets shorter and you fall but when you open your eyes someone helps you and when you get up you realize that you are in a long you ply wood and the person helps you suddenly dies, until you see a big green worm and it also leaves but leaves a yellow liquid


Monday 8th of May 2023

In a dream about to have sdx I grabbed the man's penis and I felt something wrap itself around my thumb. I waited a while because other people were in the home. When I finally uncovered my hand I was holding a glass with a worm on it and it attached it self to me and I was pulling worms out if my left hand. They were thin and long. Can you decipher?


Wednesday 29th of March 2023

I was laying down and lots of kind like a dark color worms underneath my body and once i heard that i should turn my body down yet i found too much of worms at the back of myself.


Monday 13th of March 2023

I dreamt of plants and to make the pots and soil so the plants lived happier and longer, you filled the bowl with these big long black worms and also another creature that would then eat the worms and create something in the soil to make it better. All the plants were these intricate looking succulents. This dream is happening during a time of stress and pain from a failing marriage and health issues.