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8 Dream of Drowning Meanings

The dream of drowning can be a terrifying experience and one of those nightmares that you will certainly remember for a long time.

But what is the dream interpretation of drowning during the night’s sleep? Does the meaning vary if you drown in the ocean, in a swimming pool, or in the middle of a tsunami?

Usually, these dreams are related to hopelessness, negative emotions, or a big burden in your waking life. But depending on the circumstances and the scenario, such dreams can represent creativity and new beginnings in your life path.

Keep reading to discover all the meanings of a drowning dream.

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8 Spiritual Meanings When Dream About Drowning

1. Life overwhelms you

This is a great warning to all dreamers in real life. It seems that the daily obligations of life are overwhelming you and do not let you breathe. You feel overwhelmed by so many problems and responsibilities. You are so saturated with obligations that you feel like you are drowning.

It is there where your subconscious mind intervenes through your dreams so that you realize your current situation and take measures to remedy it.

You may feel overwhelmed by your work, family, or your relationship. It does not matter what the area of your personal life is or if there are several at the same time. You need to pause, analyze the problem and come up with a concrete solution.

You must learn to give yourself some time and do a personal review of how your life is going. Are you happy with what you do? Are you happy with the environment of people around you? Are you giving yourself enough time to enjoy life?

It is very easy for us to lose the compass of our life thanks to the many worries of daily life. But it is our duty to know how to take care of ourselves and take time to reconnect with our inner selves for better decision-making.

2. You’re losing hope

Are you going through moments of sadness and loneliness? Dreams where we drown, show an emotional state of hopelessness due to a particular situation.

They are usually situations in which we do not have control of things and even if we put all our effort, it is not up to us to find a solution to the problem.

It is possible that a family member is in trouble, or that a situation at work has gotten out of control, but you can no longer do anything to avoid it.

It is at these times that dreams of drowning make their appearance in our lives. But is important that we do not get carried away by these feelings as they can lead to a state of depression and undermine our spirits completely.

We must be able to overcome circumstances and never lose hope. No evil lasts a hundred years. The bad moments of our lives have a beginning and an end, just like the good moments.

It is our mission to learn to navigate the emotions and situations of life with grace and serenity. Remember that after the storm, calm comes.

3. You’re losing control of your life

Drowning is one of the dream symbols related to anxiety and panic that makes you see your life adrift and out of control.

This dream is the clue you needed for you to understand that you have let certain situations in your life go too far and now you feel unable to resolve them.

First of all, you should know that it is never too late to overcome obstacles in your own life. But you have probably been very passive for a long time.

These dreams also appear when you feel that you are losing yourself. You may have surrendered to social norms or behavior patterns that do not reflect who you are. Many times we sacrifice who we are to fit in socially with a group of friends or at work.

This happens when we are not clear about who we are or fully appreciate our personality. We may lack self-esteem and self-confidence and that is why we give in to behaviors with which we do not agree.

But if you are dreaming of drowning, it is a sign of help from your subconscious that does everything possible to rescue you.

Do not get carried away by others and take control of your life again. End that toxic relationship or put an end to that job that makes you unhappy. And don’t let others change who you are. Love yourself and be proud of who you are as a person, regardless of the opinion of others.

4. Rebirth stage in your life

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Not all dreams of drowning are a reflection of negative feelings. You may have dreamed of being submerged in the water without feeling overwhelmed or desperate.

Being submerged in water is related to birth. When we were in our mother’s womb, everything around us was amniotic fluid.

That is why dreams with water or being submerged in water represent a rebirth in our lives. You are about to live a stage of discoveries and you will experience a rebirth of feelings and personal aspirations.

This stage likely comes after having gone through difficult times, which have brought out the best in you and this has made you discover truths about yourself that you were not aware of before.

We must take advantage of these moments of life to take new impulses and set new goals and objectives. Always hand in hand with what makes us happy and helps us grow as people.

5. Don’t suppress your inner child

The dream of a drowning child or watching your own child drowning refers to the fact that you are suppressing your inner child.

Probably adult life has taught you to mature, but you have related maturity to be a serious person who leaves aside the playful aspects of life.

It is possible that at this stage of your life you need that inner child that you have suppressed for so long. Remember that one can be mature, but at the same time have the heart and attitude of a child.

If you are going to have a child soon, this ability to know how to maintain the spirit of a child will help us a lot to connect with our children and for them to relate to us more easily.

In general, people who maintain a connection with their inner child have a better idea of what they like and want in this life. Do not lose that connection and remember that maturity does not mean sacrificing our inner child.

6. You are betraying your values

We don’t always have to be drowning in water. The meaning of the dream changes depending on the elements. Dreaming of drowning in a pond full of mud refers to betraying your values as a person.

Mud is related to dirty or dishonest actions. It is possible that you have committed some bad action and your subconscious is warning you about this situation.

You must do a deep meditation on your actions and recognize that you have done something wrong that does not go according to your values.

7. Problems with friends

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If in your dreams you see a dog drowning, it means that you have a problem with your friends. Friendship is one of the most important aspects of our life, as they are like the family that one chooses.

Dogs are a symbol of unconditional loyalty, so this dream reminds you to fix any problem you have with one or more of your friends.

8. Loss of innocence

A baby drowning is a sign that you have lost or are losing innocence in your life. It may be that the harsh reality of life is hitting you very hard and that is affecting you.

It also refers to new ideas or projects that may be in danger of not coming true if you don’t take care of them.


Drowning is one of the most common dreams of all. They usually appear in difficult moments of your life to give you resources and guidance to solve your problems.

Remember that dreams serve to change your mindset and make you aware of your mistakes. They are a very useful way to know our true feelings and emotions.

Always listen attentively to what dreams have for you, since they hide a lot of wisdom about yourself and are a reflection of life situations that you may be dealing with or that you do not want to face.

Do not be afraid to face your fears and difficulties, no matter how complicated they are to solve.

And you, have you ever dreamed of drowning? In which life situation did these types of dreams become present? We would love to hear your story and share your experiences with us. So we can all grow more and more in the interpretation of dreams.

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