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8 Dream Of A Stranger Meanings

If we do not count dreams in which we see ourselves, dreams about strangers are certainly the most frequent dreams we have.

And since we are dealing with persons unknown to us and these dreams are such a common occurrence, there is probably no person who has not asked themselves what it means when you dream about a stranger or does this dream have any meaning at all.

Of course, it has – lots of them. To find out what they are, keep reading!

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Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About A Stranger

1. Going Into The Unknown Is Not Always Good

Whether it is our friendly, family, academic, professional, or love life, sooner or later, we all find ourselves in some relationships that we only know we want to have in our lives.

When we think like that, we don’t care what these relationships will bring us tomorrow, in a month or five years. We simply tell ourselves, “You only live once”, or “I will deal with the consequences later”.

However, that is not the healthiest way to go through life. Luckily for you, your subconscious is aware of this, so it uses unknown people as a metaphor in your dreams to send you a warning that you should think about whether you really need to behave so irresponsibly. We have a brain for a reason!

2. You Feel Lonely

Technological progress in the last hundred years has brought many benefits to humanity.

However, as people rely more and more on technology, they rely less and less on each other, be it to perform some menial physical tasks or do things that are of vital importance for our species, such as human interaction.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of real communication between humans, the number of people who have no friends is increasing day by day, and soon enough, we will have a global loneliness problem.

Of course, virtual reality, online gaming, and similar things will help make this issue more bearable, but they will never replace a real person.

The stranger in your dreams represents your desire to have any person come into your life with whom you could come into contact.

You could have also dreamt of your mother or a friend from elementary school, but you long so much for any interaction with other people that you dreamed of a random stranger who basically means nothing to you.

You will have to get out of your comfort zone and look for a new person with whom you can talk and socialize, and not wait for that someone to come to you.

3. You Crave Adventure

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Dreams of strangers can also symbolize dissatisfaction because nothing worth noting is happening in your waking life. For this reason, you should not focus on the stranger, their looks, or their personality traits but on what they represent. They are a stranger – something unknown to us.

There are few, if any, unknown things or persons that are a part of your everyday life, so you are getting increasingly bored with your life.

This feeling burdens our subconscious mind, which with this dream, wants to tell us that it is time to throw ourselves into the unknown and go on an adventure. You will be introducing something new into your life by doing that.

Will you decide to travel to a place you’ve never been, go to a bar you haven’t visited, or maybe eat a dish you’ve been avoiding for years just because you like to go with what you know is not so important – what matters is that you simply try a new and different thing.

4. You Are A Stranger To Yourself

A dream of a stranger can represent the struggle you have with yourself because you started doing things that are out of your character.

Lately, you have been behaving in such a way that it seems to you that another person has taken over your body. Your relationship with your boss and other people higher than you in terms of hierarchy suddenly changed. You even treat your best friends as if they were unimportant people.

If you do not count the “robotic” aspects of your life, such as waking up, eating, going to the bathroom, sleeping, etc., everything else you do seems to be done by some stranger, and you are just a mask that they use in real life.

The inner and the outer you are not the same anymore. You wonder what happened to the old inner you. Is it hiding in the shadows of this new and strange one, or is it completely gone? You will have to dig deep inside to find out the answer to this.

5. You Are Dealing With Unknown Emotions

You were a happy person who could not get deeply hurt by almost anything. You were ready for a new day and new victories even when something happened that would make other people cry and not leave their beds for a week. You seemed invincible.

And then something happened to you that wounded you so much that you started to feel pain, sadness, anxiety, and even fall into depression.

But that is not the end of your troubles. Not only are you dealing with these difficult negative emotions for the first time, but you also don’t know how to behave now. Should you cry? Should you talk to someone? You’ve never been in this position.

Of course, these emotions are not unknown to humanity, but for you, they represent something new and strange because you have not had such problems until now. It is this incomprehension that appears in your dreams in the form of a stranger.

6. You Feel That You Do Not Belong In Your Current Environment

Throughout life, we find ourselves in many situations and environments, as much by our own will as by a set of circumstances over which we have no influence.

Of course, this is nothing out of the ordinary, but when we look around after a while, sometimes we will notice that we have ended up among people with whom we have little or no common things and interests. We then start to feel like strangers.

This feeling torments us during our waking hours,  which is why it makes sense we also start seeing a stranger in our dreams.

But that stranger in your dreams is actually you. Do not despair, though, because there is always room for hope and optimism. Until one point, you were not aware that you were a part of an environment that did not suit you, but now you are, and that is the first step in solving the problem.

7. You Are No Longer Attracted To Your Current Partner

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Would it not be great if the butterflies we feel in our stomachs at the beginning of a romantic relationship could stay with us throughout the entire relationship? Well, it would, but we all know that it is impossible because what makes that feeling special is that it is different from how we usually feel.

When the desire and passion between two people fade or disappear (and it will, the only question is when), some people realize that the attraction they felt toward their partner is not there anymore.

What was between them was only lust and desire, and when that disappeared, well, not much remained.

So, if a stranger has recently visited you in your dreams, you may be dealing with the problem described above. You want someone new because you think there is nothing more to be done in your current relationship. It is time to move on!

8. Is Someone Really Following You?

Have you ever thought that someone is following you? Even though you don’t have any concrete evidence, you just can’t shake the feeling that someone is always behind you, either literally or figuratively.

You regularly turn behind you while waking, listen carefully for unknown voices and noises while talking on the phone, and peek through the window in hopes of catching someone suspicious but to no avail.

All this has a negative effect on your brain, which after so much worry and stress, starts to go crazy as well. Because of that, a stranger begins to appear in your dreams.

This person means nothing to you because they are a stranger to you, and trying to unravel their identity will lead to nothing. Just like your search for the person following you didn’t lead to anything.


To conclude but also to reiterate, dreaming about a stranger can mean you feel lonely, do not belong in your environment, have no attraction to your partner, or that you are a stranger to yourself.

This dream can also be a warning not to go into every unknown relationship without thinking, a signal to go on an adventure, or a symbol for the unfamiliar emotions we are dealing with.

Finally, this dream can tell us that no stranger is following us.

Do not forget to use the comment section with your questions for more info or interpretations!

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