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10 Dream of Colorful Birds Meanings

Most of us dream of birds once in a while, even if they are just a “background character” in the dream scenario.  Birds are always a treat to see in pet stores, in movies, or even as pets, but what do they mean when they make an appearance in a dream? 

If you recently had a dream involving colorful birds, it may be time to take a look at what dream interpreters have to say about it. 

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The Meaning Behind Dreams Of Colorful Birds

1. Birds are generally regarded as a good luck symbol, especially if they are pretty and colorful.

Seeing a flock of birds of different colors is never a bad thing, unless the birds typically have ominous implications like vultures. The general consensus among dream interpreters is that you will have good luck and success in your goals. 

What your birds mean can depend on their colors. Here’s a quick run-through of the meanings of different colors:

  • Yellow birds are a sign of fun, enjoyment, and friendship. This may also be a sign of a”golden opportunity.”
  • Red birds are more likely to represent love, passion, and warm energy. They often have similarly adventurous power to yellow birds. On a similar note, orange birds tend to represent courage in the face of adversity.
  • Blue birds may mean innocence, true love, or even a holy blessing. If you remember the phrase “bluebird of happiness,” you’ll be able to see that this is a sign of joy and opportunity. 
  • Green birds often indicate a certain amount of wisdom and fertility, often after a period of hardships. This makes sense, since they tend to be found in lush forests.
  • Violet birds are known for being a sign of psychic abilities. Now would be a good time to follow intuition. You also may be hiding your capabilities or refusing to do much-needed introspection.
  • White is the most common color of birds, and it tends to be a sign of divinity and purity. Doves, white owls, white eagles, and even swans are known for being associated with gods. Expect good omens and blessings if you see a white bird. 

2.  If the colorful birds in your dream are flying free, it’s a sign that you are going to see a lot of freedom in your future.

There’s something to be said about the beauty of seeing colorful birds flying free in nature. This comes with a feeling of freedom that we really can’t experience as human beings. If you see a lot of flying birds, expect to see things pick up. 

If you recently quit a bad habit, then this could be a sign that you have gotten freedom as a result of kicking that bad stuff out of your life. 

3. Caged colorful birds may be a sign that you feel stifled.

If you see a colorful bird in a cage, this might not be as good of an omen for you. Creatives who dream this may feel artistically stifled or feel restricted by the circumstances that they are facing. If your waking life feels strict and regimented, this is a sign you need a break from the norm.

4. Dreaming of birds of prey could indicate good fortune or bad fortune.

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There are two ways to interpret dreams of birds of prey like hawks or eagles. If you see these birds soaring through the sky, guiding you, or protecting you, it’s a sign that you have divine protection here. You may also be far more likely to succeed in your career goals. 

In some cases, a bird of prey dream means that you will fulfill a role in a leadership position. You may also have more strength and courage than you think you do. So, don’t be surprised if you show your inner falcon at work. 

However, if you have an ominous dream, such as birds attacking you, this is a sign of negativity in your midst. This could be a sign of gossip that is used against you at work or among friends. In some cases, it could also be a sign of theft or deception.

If you dream about killing a bird of prey, this often means that you will overcome any obstacles your enemies put in your way. 

5. Dreaming about a colorful bird’s egg is a sign that good things are coming your way. 

If you are dreaming about beautiful birds in a nest, then you definitely have a good omen on your hands. Birds, in general, are a sign that you have good things coming your way—either socially, spiritually, or financially. 

If you see a colorful bird’s egg in a nest, then it means that a long-term goal is going to start to manifest itself in your life. This is often the result of work or investments that you made a conscious effort to start. 

Of course, this dream does come with a caveat. While this is a great omen to see in a dream, the “egg” will take a while to hatch in your waking life. Be patient, and good things will come.

6. Dreaming of birds that look metallic or jeweled may predict prosperity.

Green and golden birds tend to be omens of prosperity and increased wealth. If you have been dealing with struggles in the finance department, then you should be quite relieved to see this in your dream. 

On a similar note, seeing birds that look like they are made of gold, silver, or jewels is a sign of great wealth. This may be anything from an unforeseen promotion that skyrockets your income to a legitimate lottery win. 

7. Hunting colorful birds and injuring them is a negative omen.

If you see colorful birds in your dreams, you want them to be alive and happy, and maybe even make a bird nest near you. They are meant to be omens of good fortune, wealth, and happiness. 

Needless to say, seeing an injured or dying bird is rarely a good sign while seeing them alive is a good omen. If you dream of dying birds, then you probably are going to incur a major loss in your business or personal life. 

If you were the reason that the bird died or got hurt, then the loss that you incur will be partly your fault. This could be that the dreamer may have been vindictive as a manager, or just spent too much frivolous stuff. 

8. Certain black birds can be bad omen.

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In pop culture, black birds have a certain negative connotation. They are seen as spooky, omens of bad luck, and just morbid. Think about it: ravens, crows, and black owls are all seen as omens of impending doom. 

If you dream about birds that have links to curses or death, then it’s very likely that dreaming of a black bird could be a bad omen. Owls, for example, tend to be an omen of death because they are a connection between the world of the living and the dead.

Not all black bird dreams are a sign of problems for the dreamer. Sometimes, a black bird can also signify that an inner truth is coming up to the surface. 

9. If the colorful birds are very exotic, you might be seeking a way to travel abroad.

Do you see a bunch of parrots, cockatoos, and cockatiels? This could be a sign that the birds are a symbol of the travels that you want to take a trip abroad. Exotic birds signify the exotic locations that they live in. 

Have you been planning a trip? Do you want to go abroad and study in exotic places? These colorful birds are a quick sign that you might want to start planning. Your traveling spirit is calling you abroad and it’s time to go, go, go!

10. If you see a large flock of birds chirping around you or flying nearby, you may have a party in the future. 

Birds are generally an omen of good things to come. This could be anything from new friends to new relationships. However, if you see them tweeting and chirping away as they fly around you, you might be in for a party or celebration of sorts. 

With that said, this is definitely a dream interpretation that needs to take mood into account. Good omens come with good vibes, bad ones come with bad vibes. 

If there is a more ominous feeling to the dream, then this could be a sign that people are going to gossip about you and treat you unfairly. This can be a warning that people might not be as friendly and loving as they appear to be. 

Last Words

Bird dreams are common for people of all ages. If you recently had a dream featuring birds of every color lately, it may be time to talk about it. Give us the full story in the comments section below.

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Wednesday 3rd of April 2024

Yesterday had a dream of a big blue bird and I could touch the 🐦. Today had a dream of little bluish bird flue free from the cage.