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9 Dream Of Getting Shot Meanings

Being shot or witnessing a shooting is a traumatic experience that has long-lasting psychological effects on mental health. It changes the way you perceive the world, and your sense of predictability and safety disappears.

So, having the dream in which you are shot is not something you should dismiss. On the contrary, dreams represent a connection between the subconscious and conscious, revealing your suppressed and forgotten emotions, desires, and goals.

Being shot usually pertains to the notions of security, fear, and guilt. However, depending on the scenario and the dream’s details, it can have different interpretations.

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What Are The Meanings Of The Dream About Getting Shot?

While trying to interpret your dream, you must consider that every dream you have is a unique collection of memories, emotions, and experiences.

That said, this dream might have different interpretations for you and completely different meanings for someone else. So, think about the details of the dream and the feelings- that is your clue to discovering the meaning.

1. You Lack Security and Safety

Most of these dreams have negative meaning and serve as a bad omen or a warning sign, which is logical given that being shot is not something you ever want to experience. The dream of being attacked is related to insecurity and compromised safety.

When someone shoots you, the sense of the world’s predictability slowly diminishes, and suddenly your normal activities, which include going out and visiting places, do not seem like a safe option for you.

That is why this dream is a sign that you do not feel safe and protected in your real life.

Maybe you have experienced a similar situation where you felt threatened, and now this dream keeps happening to you. It can also mean you do not feel safe and secure in your relationship or workplace, which causes anxiety, worries, and distress and hinders your daily activities.

Therefore, if you have this dream, it is vital that you talk about it and the way it makes you feel in order to get to the bottom of it.

2. You Feel Guilt

Dreams of getting shot can also mean that you have a secret or have done something that you regret, and now you are experiencing guilt. This dream is a way your subconscious mind deals with the sense of culpability.

You feel that you should be punished somehow, and you see yourself being shot in dreams. It can relate to a bad or shameful experience or a poor decision on your behalf that had far-reaching consequences, and now the guilt is consuming you.

Living in the past never helped anyone, so try to focus on the present and future. If you feel terrible about something you have done, try to talk to someone about it. You can always come clean if you believe it relieves you of this burden.

3. You Are Being Played

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Dream meaning of being shot is a powerful warning that you should direct your attention to your love life or your inner circle of friends. Why? Well, this dream can be your unconsciousness telling you that someone around is manipulating you or has ill intentions.

Sometimes we get certain feelings about some people that we do not register consciously, but our subconscious mind is aware of it! For example, think if you have recently met someone new or started a new relationship and this dream keeps happening to you!

Take is a sign that you should reevaluate your relationship and reflect on the feelings you experience around that person. Maybe, your subconscious is telling you that they are a terrible influence on you and that it would be best to sever ties with them. Trust your intuition!

4. You Have Been Hurt

Experiencing being shot in your dream can symbolize having experienced some sort of emotional disturbance or turmoil that has had far-reaching effects on you! For example, emotional distress can result from a loss of a family member, failed relationship, or a terrible accident.

Surviving such an event can disrupt and change your entire mindset and condition your behavior, so it does not surprise that the trauma will manifest through a dream. This dream is further marked by negative energies and feelings of misery, vulnerability, and helplessness.

Getting shot in the dream symbolizes your emotional wound and how you deal with it, which is usually a suppression. Ignoring your trauma will only cause you more problems and might later pose a threat to starting a new relationship. Take baby steps, work on your feelings, and most importantly, express them!

5. You Feel Helpless

Often we dream of getting shot and then simply lying there trying to move and ask for help but somehow, we are not able to do so! If you have experienced such a dream, that is your hint from the waking life that you feel weak, powerless, and exposed.

This helplessness and tension usually come from failed goals and unfulfilled potential. You feel that you could have achieved more, and now you seem stuck, unable to move forward. This can relate to your romantic life or career.

On the other hand, it can be a sign of your fear and anxiety. Maybe you feel that you are not in control of your own environment, or you subconsciously think that you have some threats from your waking life, which manifest as a shooter in your dream.

6. Your Health May Be Deteriorating

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Some dream experts claim that getting shot is a clear sign of potential sickness coming your way. But, of course, the disease can be mental or physical. So, seeing yourself being shot means you have let yourself go and led an unhealthy lifestyle.

Think about your diet and whether you have experienced some strange symptoms that you easily dismiss, telling yourself it will pass and it is not a big deal! You never know when that ‘no big deal’ can become a severe health issue.

There is a good proverb, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ On the other hand, maybe you have perpetuated some habits that have an adverse effect on you and your mental health. Reflect on your behavior and habits; perhaps you have been sabotaging yourself.

7. You Might Progress

When we think about being shot, our mind immediately jumps to death and immediate danger! Although the symbolism of a dream of being shot is connected to a negative experience and is usually considered a misfortune, it can be a sign of some resolution and a good omen!

If you are struggling emotionally or financially, or you have been under a lot of stress at your job, this dream hints that your struggle will end. Even though it might seem unusual, being shot in your dream pertains to that problem, not you.

Symbolically, whoever is shooting you is actually ending your struggle. This dream is not permeated with a sense of helplessness and fear but rather some relief and confusion.

8. Someone Might Betray You

If you dreamt of being shot in your back, someone around you would betray you, or they have already done it! Sometimes we are not as observant as we claim to be, and things could happen in front of our eyes without us seeing them!

When you have a close relationship with someone, you usually trust them, and betrayal is the last on your list, which is why it hurts us so profoundly. Some people experience seeing their friends shoot them.

This also has a similar meaning- you have unresolved problems with that friend probably caused by a misunderstanding.

9. You Have An Internal Conflict

If you are highly indecisive, not in tune with yourself, and have unreasonable expectations, you might see yourself shot in a dream, especially in the neck! This internal struggle can be a product of your battles between your heart and mind.

You feel that you should follow your heart, but fear of failure and infamy blocks you. So, you continue going back and forth between your options, delaying them, hoping they will solve themselves.

This will probably not happen, so it is best that you rely on your gut and your capabilities. The longer you continue this battle, the longer you will feel stuck and miserable!


Dreaming of being shot has numerous interpretations and signifies fear, guilt, betrayal, insecurity, emotional distress, and progress.

Given that this dream has an abundance of different meanings and potential scenarios, you must think about the shooter, where they shot you, their weapon, and where it happened.

These details can change or complete the dream’s meaning, especially if you consider their particular symbolism for you. Also, keep in mind that sometimes we experience these dreams after watching a movie, especially an action film with plenty of gun violence.

So, your dream can result from a movie, but it can signify your stifled feelings, ideas, and struggles! Have you ever had a dream of being shot? How did it make you feel? Share your dream with us! If you have any questions, don’t be shy; ask away!

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Haruna Joshua Augustine

Thursday 27th of July 2023

I recently had a dream I was shoot in the neck and died immediately but I woke up in waking life


Sunday 16th of July 2023

Thank you for helping me interpret my agonising dream. Nothing made sense and was starting to feel helpless as there's so much going on, yet I couldn't associate it to anything until I read this. Thank you