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12 Dream of Shooting Meanings

Whether you’re familiar with a gun or not, dreams about shooting may show up in your life. We are all aware of the general idea of shooting and have strong feelings, both positive and negative, surrounding the subject.

These dreams often relate to strong emotions and your feeling of control. The meaning of the dream differs depending on who is shooting, what they are shooting, and other details that affect the situation and mood of your dream.

This can be a difficult subject to run through, especially on your own. This list provides the most common spiritual meanings from dreams about shooting and explains how you can use context clues to translate your subconscious mind.

12 Dream of Shooting Meanings1

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Shooting?

It seems like shootings are everywhere nowadays.

On the positive side, many are inspired to learn about responsible gun ownership and use. There may be a shooting range opening near you, or you may see a flier for a firearm safety course.

Of course, there are negative connotations attached to guns and shootings. It may seem like the media reports about a new mass shooting or gun violence incident every day, and it’s sometimes hard to escape these things.

Regardless of your familiarity with guns and shooting, this kind of dream ties into your feelings of control. They often have negative meanings, but some people may perceive a dream about shooting to mean they are finally in control.

Whichever meaning you land on, understand that you need to proceed with caution. These dreams are surrounded by powerful emotions and sensitive situations that may falter when faced with inconsiderate actions.

1. Unexpected News Is Coming Your Way

A dream about a shooting or hearing shots is often a warning sign to prepare for unexpected news in your waking life. This dream usually won’t feel like a threat, but you will feel the exhilaration and anxiety that comes with unknown circumstances and obstacles.

If you suspect this is the meaning of your dream, focus on keeping yourself safe and general preparation. You need to ground yourself in these moments to prevent upheaval later on.

2. You Are the Victim of Someone’s Jealousy or Professional Conflict

Dreams about getting shot symbolize conflict you have with others in your waking life. Instead of witnessing the event, you are smack dab in the middle of the action.

The offending party may be a family member, coworker, or friend. It’s important to use this information to proceed with caution when it happens, and prepare to back yourself up.

You don’t need to respond with the same aggression in the situation to survive. Instead, you need to use this insight to solidify your relationship with yourself.

3. You Are Hurting Someone with Your Actions

Dreams in which you are shooting another person highlight your tendency to harm others. Whether you are using a machine gun or a pistol, your weapon hurts them. The same can be said about minor offenses, and you need to be honest with yourself about your intentions and the consequences of your actions.

Understand that this behavior brings harm to you as well, and step back. Figure out why you are acting in this way, and determine whether the relationship is worth salvaging.

You should attempt to reconcile if possible, but respect others’ decisions to cut you out even after this revelation.

4. You Misunderstand a Situation

If you dream of shooting a gun but there is little structure to your shooting or your dream, you may not understand a situation in your waking life. Moving forward can cause damage to anything you are involved in, much like irresponsible gunshots can cause unintended harm.

Consider which situations this dream may hint at, then redirect your attitude in this area. Make sure you are responding with a rational mind and clear intentions. If you’ve already done something wrong, make amends and move forward.

This is a hidden conflict that you failed to recognize, but it does not excuse your responsibility to do right.

5. Someone Is in Trouble and Needs Your Help

Dreams about a school shooting or someone else being shot warn you that others in your life are in danger. These are heartbreaking circumstances, especially if the victims are classmates or relatives.

Sometimes, the offender in real life is holding the gun in your dreams. The specific person may be obscured, or they may not be present in the dream. The absence of the shooter indicates that the issue transcends personal relationships.

Reach out to the victim of your dream to see if there is anything you can help them with and keep a close eye. Even if they refuse, you may notice something that requires quick action in the future.

12 Dream of Shooting Meanings2

6. You Are Anxious about Family

Sometimes, dreams of shootings and witnessing others being shot mean more about our own feelings. We may feel disconnected from them and worry about their well-being.

If you have a strained relationship or haven’t touched base in a while, now is the time to reach out. We’ve usually orchestrated this stress without a logical foundation, and a simple conversation or going to lunch can solve the issue.

7. Someone Wants Control of Your Life

Dreams about being shot by someone may identify them as an enemy in your waking life. They might be vying for something you have, such as a relationship or a position you hold, and you need to be aware of their attempts to gain control.

Don’t let them get the upper hand. Stand firm in who you are, what you believe, and what you hold dominion over. It only takes a small concession to let them in.

These are often minor threats, but they will grow the more opportunity you give them.

8. Your Strong Emotions Are Irrational

Dreams about being shot in the head or shooting someone in the head relate to potent emotions, often beyond the point of rational thought. These dreams warn you to take a step back from a situation to see it clearly.

This type of shot leaves little room for repair, and moving forward without consideration may take you past a point where you can fix things. If you don’t deal with your anger, fear, stress, despair, or any other strong emotion, you may regret your decisions.

Face these emotions head on and refuse them control of your life. Reestablish yourself as the one in power, and do what you need to hold this position.

9. You Feel Guilty about a Situation in Your Life

Dreams about surviving a mass shooting or any other shooting where others die relate to personal guilt. While this says nothing about you as a person, survivor’s guilt is difficult to avoid.

This may come from decisions you’ve made, but it’s more likely related to separation or sorrow in your life you had no control over. Understand when things are not your fault, and focus on connecting with others to move forward.

Surround yourself with loyal individuals and focus on spiritual and emotional growth to process these emotions in a healthy way.

10. You Have Goals You Are Trying to Reach

Dreams of shooting at a target symbolize your goals and aspirations. Your accuracy in the task relates to how successful you are (or how you perceive your success).

This may urge you to return to a goal you’ve shirked or lost sight of. If your behavior appears obsessive, it may also urge you to take a step back and balance the distribution of your attention.

Understand that the target is still there, and you can reach it at any time with the right dedication. In many cases, the reward of the target is not the point, but the work that it takes to reach that goal.

12 Dream of Shooting Meanings3

11. A Sudden Change Is on the Horizon

Dreams about mass destruction, usually dreams that involve mass shootings or end-of-the-world scenarios, hint at sudden change on the horizon. This is difficult to process, and you may not know how to respond until you can first deal with the associated emotions.

Make sure you clear the way for this change by dealing with unresolved or suppressed feelings, emotions, and situations. Ground yourself and make sure your relationships are solid so you can stay rooted.

12. There Are Liars or Gossipers in Your Midst

Dreams about shootings often hint at the fallout from liars and gossipers in your life. These dreams may be soundless, but the damage is clear.

These dreams often place you as a witness to the tragic event, and you’re stuck in a fuzzy state of shock and confusion. Take time to inventory who is involved in your life and how much you trust them.

Unfortunately, someone close to you may not be communicating responsibly, and your only course of action may be to sever ties.


When you dream about shooting a gun or witnessing a shooting, take time to really root yourself in your waking body. The strong emotions that come with these dreams make it difficult to process the meaning, and you need a calm foundation to start.

Remember that dreams about shooting are rarely straightforward. Even if you cannot discern the true meaning of your dream, taking time to solidify your spiritual connection and healthy relationships in your life will go a long way.

Are dreams about guns or shooting showing up in your sleep? How do they make you feel, and what do you think your subconscious is trying to tell you?

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