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13 Dream of The Devil Meanings

We usually consider devil dreams as nightmares because, generally, the devil is terrifying. But, you should understand that devil dreams are a result of the processes made by our subconscious minds.

For some people, devil dreams mean something – they are messages that we should consider as we live our daily life. In this article, we will discuss some of the common dreams about demons and what they are trying to tell us.

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Common Symbolisms About Devil Dreams

The devil was once an angel but was descended from the heavens because of sin. This means that when you dream of the devil, this can represent both the good and the bad. In this section, we will discuss the symbolism of a devil’s dream.

1. Pressure

When you encounter the devil in your dreams, this represents the pressure you feel in your waking life. This pressure may be related to your job, education, relationship, or family obligations.

You want to explore but you still have other duties that stop you from enjoying the things you want to do. Remember, nightmares about the devil represent negative emotions and one of these is the burden you are carrying in your mind.

2. Strength

The devil is a powerful creature and this is the reason why it is associated with your inner strength. When you dream about it, it represents the skills, abilities, and talents you have. 

If you are going through something, you are reminded that you are capable of conquering life challenges, whatever they are about. You are born with a strong behavior and positive mindset to surpass the barriers that hinder you from achieving your goals.

3. Danger

The devil is also a representation of danger. This is the reason why you get terrified when it appears in your dream.

When you encounter a dream like this, this is a message that you are surrounded by dangers. Understand the dream and use it to step ahead against the people who want to harm you.

13 Messages For You When You See Devil in Your Dreams

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It is also essential to know the messages of devil dreams. These are warning signs about your personal life, your behavior, and others’ behavior towards you. In this section, we will discuss the different types of devil dreams.

1. You are suspicious and aggressive

When you dream about the devil, this dream is associated with your negative traits and habits. In real life, you are filled with suspicion and aggression, and you do not easily trust even your family members. 

You think negatively about others and this is something you should change. Because of these dark sides, you tend to accomplish many things in life without seeking help from others. However, this will only slow your progress.

If in your dream, you are fighting with the devil, you might be going through inner battles in your waking life. Your mental health issues make you harm yourself physically. 

Remember, dreams represent your personality. When you dream about the devil and you are helping the devil do something wrong, this represents your self-centeredness.

2. You cannot resist temptations

Indeed, it is hard to resist temptations in real life. Even in the event in the Garden of Eden, the temptation was hard to resist. Unfortunately, these temptations are usually those that harm our spiritualism.

If in your dream, you are communicating with the devil, this can symbolize dangerous events that your shadow is about to partake in. 

This is also a message that you are easily influenced by other people. So, when you get an opportunity to mingle with others, make sure that you know how to step back from the bad activities and wrong paths these people are introducing to you.

When you dream about the devil, take this as a warning sign that your deceitful acts will soon be known. Be ready because you can get disciplined because of them. 

When you are caught doing bad things because you got tempted, take the consequences and do not be like Adam who blamed Eve in front of Jesus because he ate the apple. Also, do not be Eve who blamed the serpent because of deceit.

3. You should stop worrying about finances

We all worry about finances, especially when we already have a family. We tend to think about how we can provide for the needs of our children.

However, this attitude attracts negative energies, and when you dream about the devil, and in your dream, you are possessed by it, this is a sign that you should let go of your negative thoughts, especially about finances.

Worry not because these financial problems will be resolved by working harder and seeking help from others. 

Lastly, you should remember the details of your dream. If the devil smiles at you, this is a sign of good luck with the improvement of your finances.

4. Be mindful of dangerous friendships

When you dream about the devil, and in your dreams, the devil is inside your room, this is a powerful symbol of dangerous friendships.

In real life, you might have welcomed some people whose goal is to harm you. Additionally, this dream can also represent your loved ones turning their backs on you.

So, you should pay attention to these people, and if you can, focus more on the people who are continually helping you grow. There is this quote that says, “the smaller the circle, the better”.

5. A reminder for you to be honest

When you dream about the devil and this devil is disguised, take this as a bad sign. This is a representation of your dishonesty to yourself and others.

Dreaming about a disguised devil symbolizes lies, greed, lust, secrets, cunningness, treachery, and deception. If you are doing something immoral, understand that you will get punished for these acts.

Sometimes, the black devil also represents your fear of punishment and this might be the reason why you cannot stay honest and true to yourself and others.

6. Sickness is approaching

Aside from death, the devil also represents sickness. If you dream about the devil, and in your dream, you are in an unfamiliar place, this is a sign that you and your family are at risk of illnesses.

If ever you encounter this dream, you are encouraged to go for a medical consultation. Remember there are illnesses, such as cancers, that can only be recognized during their chronic stage.

7. A warning to secure your family

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One of the common devil dreams is when the devil is terrorizing your family. When you dream about it, take this as a message to guard your family

If you can, provide more sympathy, especially to the members of your family who are likely to harm themselves. Learn to understand one another and follow your instincts whenever you feel that member is in danger.

Additionally, take this as a message to teach your family to look for one another.

8. You are encouraged to avoid conflicts

When you dream about the devil and in your dream, this devil is fighting with angels, this dream represents conflicts about your job or with your boss, education, and relationship. In real life, if you encounter these arguments, you might only experience severe consequences.

So, if you encounter this dream, use it to keep yourself away from conflicts that can destroy your career, relationship, and peace. As much as possible, introduce forgiveness, especially in your family.

9. Someone is stopping you from success

When you dream about the devil and in your dream, this devil blocking your way, this is a clear representation of the people who want you to lose life’s battles. They are the people who are envious of you that is why they try to drag you down.

10. You fear death

In the Bible and common religious beliefs, Christians consider the devil, known as Satan or Lucifer, as a representation of the fear of death. 

Carl Jung, a dream psychologist who masters the connection between dreams and the subconscious mind, states that the dream about the devil is associated with your fear of being punished.

This dream also speaks about your sense of guilt, resentment, and fear of failure, that when you fail to do something, you become guilty of it. So, instead of mourning about your indecisions, learn to move forward and forgive yourself.

11. Stop procrastinating

When we were students, we tended to procrastinate because we failed to focus on what needed to be done. When you dream about the devil, this is a sign for you to stop wasting your time on unimportant things.

If you need to finish your work, do it as soon as possible. Take action and when you fail, learn to accept your faults. 

12. You feel guilty and full of doubts and remorse

Dreaming about demons is associated with feelings of guilt, doubts, and remorse. Sigmund Freud, a dream psychologist, believes that demon dreams represent how we feel in waking life.

If in your dream, the devil is in the form of a woman, this represents your insecurity and your determination to do bad things just to get the things you long for.

13. You remember your traumas

Dreams are associated with traumas and when you dream about the devil, and in this dream, you are in a close relationship with the devil, this represents your anxieties and fears because of your childhood trauma or unpleasant experience that destroyed your confidence.

If you ever feel these bad experiences and they still make you upset, find ways to resolve them. This will not only help you boost your self-confidence but will also make these devil nightmares stop.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, dreams about devils are mostly terrifying as this figure resides in the underworld called hell. When you dream of it, it’s common to sweat and shout because of fear.

However, you should learn as well to take them as positive signs because they can serve as warnings to keep you away from dangerous places, events, people, and decisions.

Although demon dreams are mostly associated with death and evil doings, they can also be related to hope and new life – your ability to transform yourself into a new person by getting rid of your unhealthy attitudes and moral burdens.

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Thursday 6th of April 2023

i dreamt of being captured by the devil with my dota


Thursday 23rd of March 2023

this was a first experience scary and very fear but i pray everyday and i have faith in my almighty god im 47 years old and never ever had a nightmare like this because i boleive to much in my savior cause with God everything is possible


Thursday 9th of March 2023

i dreamed tht the devil wanted me to join him and my sister had already joined himand my mum was begging me not fmto do it but i did anyways and regreted it instantly but i couldnt get away from him


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

I dreamed that the Devil was floating on the sky and he created a big circle of fire and a bunch of military guys came to fight him but the fighter fighters came to try to take out the fire but that didn't work it just kept replacing more fire


Saturday 25th of February 2023

I dram I was about to sleep with a beautiful woman, an A list tv and movie star. When I kissed her lips, she bit down hard on mine. Then I heard a male sinister laugh and she squeezed my testicles so hard that I was awakened by the pain. It was the worst nightmare that I've ever had.